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Ada Lovelace Day editathons
Coordination page for the 2012 Ada Lovelace Day editing events on Wikipedia.


London event - created or significantly expanded the day of[edit]

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Before the event[edit]

Harvard event[edit]

London event[edit]

Wikimedia UK and the Royal Society organised a Women in Science themed editing event for Ada Lovelace Day on Friday 19 October 2012 in London.

We had an afternoon editathon bringing in new contributors from academia, and some existing volunteers. Female editors were particularly encouraged to attend. It was hosted by the Royal Society, who have a very strong history-of-science and biographical library which they made available to us for the day. The Society's library holds a rich collection of printed works about women in science, including biographies and works authored by scientists. At the event the Society's librarians were able to explain more about the collections and provide guidance on finding sources.

London participants[edit]

Online participation[edit]

Online participants were encouraged to pick an article below. We have tried to list online resources for individual articles below, to make it easy to participate without needing to be in the library.

We welcomed participants to communicate with us online:

Online participants[edit]


A supporting event in Oxford, United Kingdom, attracted contributions to expand or improve Mary Somerville, Bertha Swirles, The Million Women Study, Cynthia Longfield, Thekla Resvoll, Sydney Mary Thompson, Edith Bülbring, Marthe Vogt, Ida Mann, Joyce Lambert, Rosalind Pitt-Rivers, and June Almeida, and create Julia Bodmer.


On Ada Lovelace day, Indian women organised an online edit-a-thon in association with Wikimedia UK and Royal Society.

  • Date: Friday 19 October, full day IST
  • Etherpad:
  • Twitter hashtag: #WomenSciWP
  • Participants: Women, new editors, all those who relate to women's history or women's issues, those who want to learn how to edit or can teach others how, and anyone with an interest in women's history were particularly encouraged to attend.


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Report by Netha Hussain, 24 October 2012

The Ada Lovelace Day Edit-a-thon was conducted on 19th October 2012. Six users signed up for the event. 6 articles were created, and one article was copy-edited and expanded. User:Bishdatta created the article about Kamal Ranadive. User: Hisham created the article about Shubha Tole. User: Djembayz created the biography article about Darshan Ranganathan. User: Netha Hussain created articles about Anna Mani, Bindu Bambah and Kamala Sohonie, and copy edited the article Janaki Ammal.

User:Gobonobo added images to these articles. User: Victuallers copy-edited the articles. Razibot, operated by User:Razimantv added interwiki links to the articles in English and other languages. Administrators and other interested users also joined the edit-a-thon by adding categories, references and inter-wiki links. A new category, Category: Indian women scientists, was created.

A similar event happened in Malayalam Wikipedia, which spanned over 3 days from 19 October to 21 October, during which 9 articles about women scientists were created or expanded. User:Georgekutty created or expanded 6 articles and User: Netha Hussain created 2 articles. Administrators joined the participants by adding interwiki links, categories and infoboxes. A new category, Category: Women scientists (വർഗ്ഗം: സ്ത്രീ ശാസ്ത്രജ്ഞർ), was created.

The articles created/expanded in Malayalam (ml) Wikipedia are:


Led by Анастасия Львова, the following articles have been created:

Other regional events[edit]

  • Harvard, 16th October
    • Date: Tuesday, October 16th, 3:00pm to 8:30pm
    • Venue: Harvard University Law School, Wasserstein Hall/Caspersen Student Center, Room 4062; 1585 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, USA
    • Registration: Space for the physical gathering is limited. To register, please email

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These are themed by event (RS people are predominantly UK and Irish, etc) but please feel free to add suggestions or add new sections!

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