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Scope of this taskforce[edit]

This taskforce, part of WikiProject Women's History, aims to improve the availability and quality of articles on Wikipedia about women involved in technology. We seek to analyze not only how technology has impacted the lives of women, but also how women have shaped the technologies that have become a part of modern life. The following are explicitly included as within scope:

  • women as technical workers (examples: women as telegraph/telephone/railroad workers)
  • women in engineering (examples: women as civil engineers, computer programmers, mechanical engineers)
  • women's thoughts and reflections on technology in the fields of literature, history, and philosophy

This taskforce is not intended to address women's contributions to related fields such as science, healthcare, and politics.

Women of all nations are explicitly included in this taskforce's scope.

Overall goals/tasks to be done[edit]

  • Ensure that existing biographies of women in technology are included in WikiProject Women's History.
  • Where necessary, improve the quality of articles about women in technology
  • Create new articles about notable women in technology, if they do not already exist
  • Create general articles about technology that focus on women's involvement

Collaboration with other WikiProjects[edit]

We should look into collaborating with related wikiprojects/taskforces on this subject.

  • Women in Science taskforce
  • Women in Healthcare taskforce

General starting points[edit]

Work to be done[edit]

Overview articles by country[edit]




List of organizations:


  • Create/update entries on organizations related to women in technology



  • Create categories for women by country
  • Bring article level for each woman up to at least "start" (not a stub).
  • create articles for notable women who don't yet have them.
  • create and/or improve entries for women in the following special categories:

Engineers/Inventors - 19th Century[edit]

Telegraph/Telephone/Railroad Workers[edit]

Wireless/Radio Pioneers[edit]

ENIAC Programmers and Developers - 1940s[edit]

(Note: Stubs exist for many of these biographical entries, but they need to be expanded and improved with additional references and cites)

Computer Engineers/Programmers - 1950s-1960s[edit]

Video Game Developers - 1970s - present[edit]

(Note: these are mostly living persons, but now is the time to document their lives and achievements)

Activists/Social Networkers[edit]


General resources[edit]

Online sources[edit]

The following sources are sufficiently reliable to use as references, and may be of use:

Books etc[edit]