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Welcome to the Women's Sport (and Women in Sports) WikiProject!

If you want to participate, please sign up at Participants. If you generally want to discuss women in sports or engage with fellow collaborators, please post a message at the projects' main talk page aka the Watercooler.


  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of women in sports.
  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of transsexual and transgendered sport.
  • Improve the coverage of women in general sport articles that should address both genders.
  • Create guidelines, essays and instructional materials to help people improve content related to women in sports.
  • Increase participation on articles related to women in sports on Wikipedia.
  • Identify and promote quality articles about women in sports to bring them to GA, GA, FL, FP status.
  • Assess and tag articles should be part of this project.
  • Coordinate with other women-related projects.
  • Maintain the Women's sport portal.
  • Add the portal link on more articles about women in sports.


  • The project covers all articles, lists and portals about women in sports.

Article alerts[edit]

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To tag an article with this project, add the following to its Talk page.


To add the userbox to your userpage or talk page, simply add the following into the appropriate place; {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Women's sport/Userbox}}. That will produce:

WikiProject Women's SportThis user is a member of
WikiProject Women's Sport.
Invite others

Recruit more members by posting {{Women's Sport-invite}} on the talk page of editors who may be interested in joining. That will produce:

WikiProject Women's Sport

Thank you for your contributions to articles related to women's sport! We'd like to invite you to learn more about Wikipedia:WikiProject Women's sport, a collaborative effort to improve Wikipedia's coverage of women's sport. If you would like to participate, join by visiting the Participants page. Thanks!

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