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Task Forces[edit]

New (April 2017)

We need help building the new task forces out. Add your name to the task force's participants page and help build it out by adding task lists, resources, etc. and invite other editors who work on related articles. See Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Women's football task force as an example. There's currently a bot running to help tag women's sport articles (w/ the new task forces if applicable) to help sort and assess and get started building these areas. Feel free to propose any ideas you might have or just add them to the task force if they're in line with existing guidelines. Once you've made changes, post a message to Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Women's sport to bring other members' attention + increase activity in the new task force. Thanks!

Other areas that might be of interest for creating tasks forces include:

  • American football
  • Cycling
  • Fastpitch softball
  • Motorsport
  • Paralympics
  • Roller derby
  • Rugby
  • Track