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Imagine a world in which every single person is given free access to the sum of all knowledge related to women. That's what we're doing.

We invite you to take part whenever and however you wish. There is no requirement to participate in everything we do, or even to sign up. If the objective and scope of our project interest you, please join in the discussion on our talkpage or jump in and create articles. You might like to start by participating in March's online editathons in connection with March's Women's History Month either in English or the language of your choice. We also have a Role Models editathon focusing on the alumnae and teaching staff of women's colleges around the world. We welcome you.

  • women's biographies (real women, fictional women)
  • women's works (broadly construed, such as their paintings, books, schools, conferences)
  • women's issues (such as health, activism, and so on).
  • On-wiki:
  • theme-focused, online editathons where we create new articles
  • collaborations with WikiProjects, "challenges", competitions, wiki events (Women's History Month in March; Asia Month in November)
  • collaborations between language communities, and/or other wiki properties, e.g. Wikidata and Commons
  • development of lists of redlinks organized by topic and/or country
  • metrics: statistical measurement of progress
  • editor outreach: invitations, thank yous, barnstars, mentoring
  • environment: creation and maintenance of a safe space to discuss what we do
  • Off-wiki:
  • collaborations with institutions
  • presentations at meetings and conferences
  • socialization: we talk about our work with the press, in podcasts and blogposts, and via social media


Content gender gap mentioned in the press? Add it to the list.






Mozilla Internet Health Report, Who's Online and Who Isn't





Academic research on Wikipedia's content gender gap? Add it to the list.

  • Graells-Garrido, Eduardo; Lalmas, Mounia; Menczer, Filippo (2015). "First Women, Second Sex: Gender Bias in Wikipedia". Proceedings of the 26th ACM Conference on Hypertext & Social Media. p. 165. arXiv:1502.02341. doi:10.1145/2700171.2791036. ISBN 978-1-4503-3395-5. (Important finding: an analysis of the DBPedia Wikipedia subset shows that 15% of biographies are of women.)
  • Klein, Maximilian; Konieczny, Piotr (2015). "Gender Gap Through Time and Space: A Journey Through Wikipedia Biographies and the "WIGI" Index". arXiv:1502.03086 [cs.CY]. (Interesting study, currently under peer review)
  • Wagner, Claudia; Garcia, David; Jadidi, Mohsen; Strohmaier, Markus (2015). "It's a Man's Wikipedia? Assessing Gender Inequality in an Online Encyclopedia". arXiv:1501.06307 [cs.CY].

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