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How to add names to Women in Red lists

This page provides advice on how to add women's names to Women in Red lists

WikiProject Women in Red (WiR) maintains several hundred redlists – lists of the names of women who do not have a Wikipedia biography, but may be notable enough to have one.

The complete set of lists are set out on the Redlist index page. There are two types of lists: Crowd Sourced (denoted by (CS)) and Wikidata-based (denoted by (WD)). Sections below set out how to add to each sort of list.

If you are completely unfamiliar with wikidata and do not want to learn how to add names to it, add the name to the final section of this page and a WiR member will transfer the name to Wikidata for you.

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How to add to crowd sourced lists[edit]

Adding to Crowd Sourced lists is straightforward. These are ordinary Wikipedia pages. Click into the page, click on the Edit link at the top right of the page, add a new name following the pattern of the other names on the page, save, and you're done

How to add to wikidata-based lists[edit]

Adding to Wikidata-based lists is done by adding or editing records on Wikidata, a sister project to Wikipedia

Advice for those familiar with wikidata[edit]

WiR wikidata-based redlists are based on wikidata items that have:

  • instance of (P31) = human (Q5)
  • sex or gender (P21) = female (Q6581072)
  • No sitelink to en.wikipedia

and then, depending on the sort of redlist:

  • occupation (P106) = an occupation covered by the set of WiR redlists
  • country of citizenship (P27) = an appropriate country value

Presuming a name is not found on a redlist (and there is no Wikipedia article for the person) then first do a search and check whether a item for that person already exists, and if so, check & add the necessary property statements as above. If there's no item for the person, add a new item and again ensure that the requisite properties are added.

Not all occupations have corresponding redlists, and it's beyond the scope of this page to list which of the thousands of occupations are covered by redlists. We hope most of the more common occupations are. If you have any doubts, drop a note on the WiR talk page.

Lists are maintained by Listeria, effectively a bot which updates the list on a daily basis; so a name added following the rules above will appear on the redlist within 24 hours. All wikidata-based redlist also have a link at the top right allowing you to refresh the list instantly – although you should note that it sometimes takes minutes, sometimes hours, before information entered or amended in Wikidata becomes available to the reporting service used by Listeria to generate pages.

Advice for those unfamiliar with wikidata[edit]

If you're unfamiliar with Wikidata ... where to start? It's far from the most intuitive place.

Wikidata is a sister project to Wikipedia. It's a database of structured data, which has millions of records (or items, as they tend to be called).

The record for a person, or a planet, or a book, or a concept, or pretty much anything that can be identified, is an item.

Item records have a number (e.g. Q42 for Douglas Adams). Each numbered item has a Label and generally a Description both in English (and will probably have Labels and Descriptions in many other languages). And Items have Statements – the structured data which makes Wikidata so useful. Statements are made up of a Property and a Value. By way of example, an Item for a human will typlically have:

  • An "instance of" property with a value of "human"
  • A "sex or gender" property with a value of "male" or "female" or some other gender designation
  • Perhaps a "date of birth" property, with a value of the person's date of birth
  • Perhaps a "country of citizenship" property, with a value of the person's country of citizenship
  • Perhaps an "occupation " property, with a value of the person's occupation

In the terminology of Wikidata's database, statements are 'triples', so called because they take a subject-predicate-object form. If we look again at Douglas Adams, some triples that apply to him are:

  • Q42 – label – Douglas Adams
  • Q42 – description – Author & screenwriter
  • Q42 – instance of (P31) – Human (Q5)
  • Q42 – sex or gender (P21) – Male (Q6581097)
  • Q42 – country of citizenship – UK (Q145)
  • Q42 – occupation (P106) – author (Q482980)
  • Q42 – occupation (P106) – screenwriter (Q28389)

Wikidata provides a user interface allowing the creation and editing of items, and the addition of statements to items. It does not work like Wikipedia, where you can edit a complete page. Rather, a wikidata item page provides a means of editing the item's Label, Description and Alias; and then means of adding or editing Statements, one at a time.

There are two tutorials available on Wikidata to explain more about editing it; it's probably beyond the scope of this page to try to describe the wikidata user interface in great detail. Understanding how to edit wikidata can be hard, just because it is completely unfamiliar. But once appreciated, it's actually all quite simple (as well as being dangerously addictive). The tutorials allow you to experiment in a sandbox record where you can do no damage!

Presuming you've read this far and are interested in adding a name or several to wikidata, check out the 'Advice for those familiar with wikidata', above, which explains in more detail exactly what information must appear in the wikidata record before the name will appear on a WiR redlist.

If you have a basic understanding of the above, a tool that can help you quickly add new people to Wikidata is the New Q5 tool: It automatically adds gender based on many common first names, but in some cases you will have to manually add gender yourself to the item created by the tool.

Please add the following names to Wikidata for me[edit]

Please list names you want adding to wikidata here. preferably including an external reference.

Such names will only be useful if you can indicate either a country of citizenship or an occupation of the listed person – without these, even if added to wikidata , the person will not appear on a wikidata redlist. Additional info, such as date of birth & date of death, is also handy. The suggested format is as below; names that have been added to wikidata will be removed from this list;.

To do[edit]

Recently added[edit]

  • Jennifer Down, Australian author (born 1990) - Q113159926


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