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Education | July 2019

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Hello! and welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR), whose objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our project's scope is women's biographies and women's works, broadly construed. Did you know that, according to Humaniki, only 19.50% of the English Wikipedia's biographies are about women? Not impressed? Content gender gap is a form of systemic bias, and this is what WiR addresses. We invite you to participate, whenever you like, in whatever way suits you and your schedule.
Women in Red warmly welcomes you!
Online event
1–31 July 2019
Teachers in Simleu Silvaniei
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  • Choose applicable Categories including relevant subcategories of Category:Women.
  • If applicable, add a stub template at the foot of an article:{{stub}}.
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In July 2019 Women in Red is focusing on women in education, not just teachers, educators, administrators and researchers, but schools founded by women, schools for girls and women, and notable women alumni.

We hope both inexperienced and seasoned editors will join us in creating biographies and other articles about women in education, including their achievements, writings, organizations, and awards. This virtual editathon encourages enthusiasts from around the globe to participate. You are of course also welcome to add articles on any other notable women who deserve to be covered, for example under our #1day1woman priority.

The main goals of the event are:

  • to encourage inexperienced editors and show them how they can contribute to Wikipedia by creating biographies of some of the world's most prominent women
  • to draw the attention of more experienced editors to the need for concerted action on a specific area
  • to support Wikipedia in combating the systemic bias against the coverage of women and women's works
  • to promote the new/improved articles and images through social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)

What else?

  • Below, you'll see a section where you can list the articles you create this month, and another section where you can add the images you have uploaded to Commons.
  • This essay on creating women's biographies and our Ten Simple Rules might be helpful to newer editors.
  • If you tweet about any of the articles, or upload any of the images to Pinterest, please indicate you have done so next to the article name.

Redlists (lists of redlinked articles to be created)[edit]

A wide variety of redlink lists can be found on our Redlist index. Those relating to education include:

Academics (CS) Academics (WD) Educational specialists (WD) Educators (CS) Educators (WD) Researchers (WD) University teachers (WD)

Add other red links here, if possible with a source:


Outcomes (articles)[edit]

Promote our work[edit]


  • Add FB after the article if you mention it on Facebook
  • Add PIN after the article if you pin the image on Pinterest
  • Add TW after the article if you tweet it on Twitter

New or upgraded articles[edit]

Most recent on top, please, specifying upgraded if not new

  1. United States Norma Marcere
  2. Canada Doris Bergen
  3. Russia Nadeschda Gernet
  4. United States Carmen L. Rivera-Medina
  5. United States Leona Farris
  6. United States Olga L. Mayol-Bracero
  7. Spain María Antònia Canals
  8. United States Christia Brown
  9. Spain Eva Díaz Pérez
  10. United States Yomaira Pagán Torres
  11. United States Tania López Marrero
  12. Brazil Adelina Lopes Vieira
  13. Philippines Carmen de Luna
  14. Puerto Rico Elvira Cuevas
  15. United StatesIndia Kaumudi Joshipura
  16. Andorra Meritxell Palmitjavila Naudí
  17. Philippines Librada Avelino - PIN
  18. United States Pamela Raymond
  19. United States Grace Crosby Hamman - PIN
  20. United States Jennie Porter
  21. Italy Eliza Mazzucato Young
  22. Canada Krista R. Muis
  23. Canada Lindsay LeBlanc
  24. United States Felecia M. Nave
  25. Spain Gabriela Serra
  26. Ecuador Cecilia Ansaldo
  27. United States Miriam Butterworth - PIN
  28. Canada Thérèse Gouin Décarie - PIN
  29. Canada Katherine Gray upgrade
  30. EnglandAustralia Edith Bryan - PIN
  31. Mexico Irene Robledo - TW
  32. United States Judith Gamora Cohen - continued upgrade of article, reassessed from stub to start class and added WIR banners
  33. Peru Mercedes Indacochea - TW
  34. United Kingdom Ella Al-Shamahi TW
  35. United StatesBrazil Martha Watts - PIN
  36. Mexico Helena Espinosa Berea - TW, PIN
  37. Denmark Margrethe Christiansen
  38. Spain María Rosa Alonso - TW
  39. United Kingdom Fiona Stafford
  40. Spain Nélida Zaitegi - TW, PIN
  41. Spain Elisenda Alamany - PIN
  42. Andorra Anna Zamora Puigceros
  43. Belgium Véronique Dehant - PIN
  44. Ecuador Mery Zamora - PIN
  45. Vatican City Slovakia Olga Krizova
  46. SpainCatalonia Elisenda Paluzie - TW, PIN
  47. LatviaSweden Velta Ruke-Dravina - TW
  48. Vatican City Spain Rita Calvo Sanz
  49. Mexico Lidia Camacho - pIN
  50. United States Marie Hicks - upgraded from stub to start
  51. United States Agnes Irwin (educator) - upgraded from stub to start
  52. United States Cynthia Jones
  53. United States Linda McCauley
  54. IranFrance Fariba Adelkhah
  55. Spain Gloria Giner de los Ríos García - PIN, TW
  56. BelgiumBrazil Marie Rennotte - PIN, TW
  57. Finland Ester Ståhlberg - PIN, TW
  58. Vatican City France Françoise Massy
  59. United States Gretchen Kalonji
  60. Canada Japan Martha Cartmell TW
  61. United States Japan Mary Eddy Kidder - PIN, TW
  62. United StatesHong Kong Janice Tsoh
  63. United States Mary E. Larimer
  64. United States Carolyn A. McCarty
  65. United Kingdom Alice Walker (scholar)
  66. Canada Marie-Pascale Huglo - PIN, TW
  67. United States Eleanor Tinsley
  68. United States Sarah A. Anderson - upgraded to start class from stub; please feel free to help with this one; she deserves a B-Class article, PIN
  69. Chile María Teresa del Canto
  70. United States Zerna Sharp - upgraded
  71. Japan Sae Tachikawa
  72. Argentina Andrea Giunta - PIN
  73. United States Harriet Newell Haskell - upgraded, PIN
  74. Spain Dolors Terradas
  75. United States Jean E. Schaffer
  76. United States Donna Schwartz-Barcott
  77. United States Ginette Gosselin Ferszt
  78. United States Emily Gilmore Alden - TW
  79. Israel Mina Evron
  80. Hungary Irma Keméndy
  81. Uruguay Teresa Amy - PIN, TW
  82. United States Deborah Gewertz
  83. United States Carolyn Sufrin
  84. Mexico Aurora Correa
  85. United Kingdom Alice Seymour
  86. Vatican City France Yvonne Reungoat
  87. Sweden Gertrud Maria Mell
  88. Ecuador Piedad Moscoso
  89. United States Suzanne Eaton
  90. Ecuador Lucía Sosa (politician) - PIN, TW
  91. Transylvania Adele Zay - PIN, TW
  92. United States Amelia Minerva Starkweather - TW, PIN
  93. Chile Irma Salas Silva
  94. Spain Mónica Pérez de las Heras - PIN, TW
  95. United States Cynthia Bauerle
  96. Chile Nelly Meruane, TW
  97. United States Sarah Veatch
  98. United States Mabel S. Ulrich - PIN, TW
  99. United States Amanda Eubanks Winkler
  100. United States Juliet Clannon Cushing
  101. United States Stella Stevens Bradford
  102. France Michelle de Saubonne
  103. France Charlotte Gouffier de Boisy
  104. Poland Paulina Hewelke
  105. Brazil Tuany Nascimento
  106. United States Cornelia Foster Bradford - PIN, TW
  107. Spain Benita Gil
  108. Sweden Amy Segerstedt - TW, PIN
  109. United States Marguerite Littleton Kearney - PIN, TW
  110. United States Stephanie Constant - TW, PIN
  111. Suriname Maria Vlier
  112. United States America McCutchen Drennan - TW, PIN
  113. Andorra Ester Vilarrubla i Escales
  114. United States Ina Law Robertson - PIN, TW
  115. GermanyUnited States Elisabeth Jastrow - TW
  116. Germany Paula Hertwig - TW, PIN
  117. Netherlands Jacoba Hol - TW
  118. Bulgaria Jeni Bojilova-Pateva complete rewrite of a poorly sourced stub
  119. United States Joan Bailey-Wilson - TW
  120. DenmarkNorway Hedevig Rosing - TW, PIN
  121. United States Terri S. Armstrong
  122. United States Michele Perkins
  123. Denmark Alfa Tofft
  124. Sweden Anna Ahlström TW, PIN
  125. Germany Adeline Rittershaus - TW, PIN
  126. United Kingdom Agnes L. Rogers - PIN, TW

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