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    Women's History Month | March 2021

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    2021 Q1 contest: Africa contest

    2021 global initiatives: #1day1woman2021 Women's rights

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    Welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR)!
    Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our project's scope is women's representation on all language Wikipedias (biographies, women's works, women's issues, broadly construed). Did you know that, according to Humaniki, only 19.83% of the English Wikipedia's biographies are about women? Not impressed? Content gender gap is a form of systemic bias, and this is what WiR addresses. We invite you to participate, whenever you like, in whatever way suits you and your schedule. Editors of all genders are equally and warmly welcome at Women in Red!
    Online event
    1–31 March 2020
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    In March 2021, we are collaborating again with the Art+Feminism community as an online node supporting a focus on women, activism, and the arts. While all articles on women artists and feminism are welcome in our efforts to address the gender gap, this year we are placing special emphasis on women of color, non-binary women and immigrants, including their art and other works.

    Anyone can take part in this event. We hope both inexperienced and seasoned editors will join us in creating biographies and other articles about women in the arts and activism, as well as their works, organizations, and other achievements. This virtual editathon allows enthusiasts, wherever they may be, to participate in our initiative. Contributors are of course also welcome to add articles on any other notable women, for example under our #1day1woman priority.

    The main goals of the event are:

    • to encourage inexperienced editors and show them how they can contribute to Wikipedia by creating biographies of some of the world's most prominent women
    • to draw the attention of more experienced editors to the need for concerted action on a specific area
    • to support Wikipedia in combating the systemic bias against the coverage of women and women's works
    • to promote the new or improved articles and images through social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)

    What else?

    • Below, you'll see a section where you can list the articles you create this month and another section where you can add the images you have uploaded to Commons.
    • This essay on creating women's biographies and our Ten Simple Rules might be helpful to newer editors.
    • If you tweet about any of the articles, post them to Instagram or upload any of the images to Pinterest, please indicate you have done so next to the article name.

    Redlists (lists of redlinked articles to be created)[edit]

    A wide variety of redlink lists can be found on our Redlist index. Some of those relating to art, activism and folklore are listed below:

    Crowd-sourced lists:

    Wikidata lists:

    Wikidata lists of painters by country of citizenship:

    Add other red links here, if possible with a source:

    • your redlink here


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    New or upgraded articles[edit]

    Most recent on top, please, specifying upgraded if not new

    1. United States Frances Palmer
    2. United Kingdom Mabel F. Taylor
    3. Nepal Sneha Shrestha
    4. United States Margaret Ray Wickens - TW
    5. United States Tara Kelton; works in India
    6. United States Tina LeBlanc
    7. Australia Noni the Pony Goes to the Beach
    8. United States Anne Rogers Minor - PIN
    9. SpainUnited States Katita Waldo
    10. Netherlands Coba van der Lee
    11. United States Fanny E. Minot - TW
    12. CubaUnited States Lorna Feijóo
    13. Netherlands Nel Kluitman
    14. CubaUnited States Lorena Feijóo
    15. Netherlands Olga van Iterson-Knoepfle
    16. United States Adelaide Cilley Waldron - TW
    17. The Gambia Fatou Baldeh
    18. The Gambia Fatou Sanyang Kinteh
    19. England Margaret Holsewyther
    20. Netherlands Victoire Wirix
    21. United States Sophia Orne Johnson - TW
    22. Norway Lalla Hvalstad
    23. United Kingdom Shanaz Gulzar
    24. United States Mary Parker Woodworth - TW
    25. Netherlands Agatha Zethraeus - PIN
    26. Norway Johanna Bugge Berge - PIN
    27. United States/Egypt Jana Amin
    28. Norway Alice Pihl Salvesen - PIN - IG
    29. IranAustralia Hoda Afshar
    30. India Janine Shroff
    31. United States Susan Graham - infobox, PIN
    32. United States Lillian Carpenter Streeter - TW, PIN
    33. Netherlands Gonda Wulfse
    34. United States Sophia Nahli Allison
    35. The Gambia Fatou Jagne
    36. United States Noisy Nora upgraded
    37. Netherlands Elsa Woutersen-van Doesburgh
    38. Norway Kris Torne - PIN
    39. India Kadak Collective
    40. United States A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability
    41. Netherlands Marie Willeboordse
    42. Netherlands Dorry Kahn-Weyl - PIN
    43. United States Unity Phelan
    44. The Gambia Haddy Dandeh-Jabbie
    45. United States Katherine Call Simonds - PIN - IG
    46. United States Gertrude Franklin - TW, PIN
    47. Netherlands Clara Adriana van der Werff
    48. United States Catherine Hurlin upgraded
    49. Sri Lanka Dharisha Bastians upgraded
    50. Sri Lanka Bhagya Abeyratne
    51. Sri Lanka Ranitha Gnanarajah upgraded, PIN
    52. Sweden Ava de Lagercrantz - PIN
    53. CanadaRussia Elena Lobsanova
    54. Netherlands Catharina Elisabeth Wassink
    55. Netherlands Tula Marina di Vista
    56. Sweden Sigrid Blomberg - PIN
    57. United States Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith
    58. Netherlands Roeloffina van Heteren-Vink
    59. Netherlands Margaretha C. Verheus
    60. Norway Cecilie Dahl (1858) - PIN
    61. Netherlands Agnes van Stolk
    62. United States Marie S. Klooz - PIN
    63. United States Miranda Weese
    64. Netherlands Suze Oosterhuis-van der Stok
    65. Sweden Maja Fjæstad - PIN
    66. Portugal Beatriz Arnut - PIN, TW
    67. United States Mary-Averett Seelye - PIN, TW
    68. India Mangala Bayi
    69. Netherlands Marie van Waning-Stevels
    70. Sweden Eva Jancke-Björk - PIN, TW
    71. Portugal Eduarda Lapa - PIN, TW
    72. Australia Noni the Pony
    73. India Navina Najat Haidar
    74. United States Lydia Baxter - TW
    75. United States Felice Jarecky Louria - PIN, TW
    76. Netherlands Elisabeth Bol-Smit
    77. Denmark Anna Thommesen
    78. Netherlands Alberta Johanna Meijer-Smetz
    79. United States Angelica Generosa
    80. Republic of Ireland Muriel Gahan upg
    81. Netherlands Suze Slager-Velsen - PIN, TW
    82. United States Stephanie Saland
    83. Portugal Luísa Basto
    84. Netherlands Bertha thoe Schwartzenberg - PIN, TW
    85. Denmark Hedvig Collin - PIN, TW
    86. France Ovida Delect - move from draftspace, PIN, TW - IG
    87. India Puja Bahri
    88. United States Elizabeth Janeway -upg, PIN
    89. United States Frances K. Marlatt -upg, PIN
    90. Netherlands Cecilia Maria Elisabeth de Ranitz
    91. United States Charlotte E. Carr - PIN, TW
    92. India Malvika Raj
    93. United States Lottie Holman O'Neill - added img, PIN
    94. Netherlands Lizzy Schouten
    95. Netherlands Henriëtte Johanna Reuchlin-Lucardie
    96. Russian EmpireUnited States Rachelle Yarros -added img, PIN
    97. United States Mary Eulalie Fee Shannon - TW, PIN
    98. Germany Nadja Michael - upgrade, PIN, TW - IG
    99. France Guidette Carbonell
    100. Republic of Artsakh Roza Sarkisyan - PIN, TW
    101. India Shipra Bhattacharya
    102. Denmark Effie Hegermann-Lindencrone - PIN, TW
    103. Portugal Maria da Graça Amado da Cunha - PIN, TW
    104. United States Clara Kern Bayliss - PIN, TW
    105. Netherlands Maaike Braat-Rolvink
    106. Ukraine Olga (ballet)
    107. Denmark Inger Gamburg
    108. United States Maria Straub - PIN, TW
    109. United States Julia Scott Vrooman - PIN, TW
    110. Netherlands Etie van Rees
    111. Republic of Ireland Irene Broe
    112. Germany Adji Cissoko - TW - IG
    113. Denmark Agnete Bjørneboe
    114. United States Heléne Alexopoulos
    115. United States Kay Mazzo
    116. United StatesAustralia Danielle Rowe - upgrade
    117. United States Sadah Shuchari - PIN, TW
    118. United States Sarah A. Worden - TW
    119. Netherlands Henriette Hubregtse-Lanzing
    120. Jamaica Dorothy Henriques-Wells - PIN, TW - IG
    121. United States Sarah Stokes Walton - TW, PIN
    122. United States Camille Rose Garcia - upgrade
    123. United States Brenda Ray Moryck - PIN, TW
    124. France Germaine Berton - PIN, TW
    125. Portugal Abigail de Paiva Cruz - PIN, TW
    126. Netherlands Johanna Pieneman
    127. Egypt Nazli Madkour
    128. United Kingdom Maud Cruttwell
    129. United States Swoon (artist) - upg w/image, PIN
    130. United States Mary Miss - upg, PIN - IG
    131. CanadaUnited States Wilhelmina Seegmiller - TW, PIN
    132. India Saeeda Bano
    133. GermanyIsrael Trudi Birger
    134. NetherlandsGermany Marie-Thérèse Schins

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    Event templates[edit]

    • Invitation: March 2021
    • Editathon banner for talk pages: {{WIR-192}}