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Our continuing global initiative to create articles on women in any area of interest at any time

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Hello! and welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR), whose objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our project's scope is women's biographies and women's works, broadly construed. Did you know that, according to Humaniki, only 19.49% of the English Wikipedia's biographies are about women? Not impressed? Content gender gap is a form of systemic bias, and this is what WiR addresses. We invite you to participate, whenever you like, in whatever way suits you and your schedule.
Women in Red warmly welcomes you!
#1day1woman initiative
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Women in Red has an initiative (established in 2017) for all our participants who are interested in creating or improving articles on women and their works outside the specific focus of our monthly editathons. We have called it #1day1woman as the label can be used worldwide on the social media, creating new trends of interest. Perfectionists might like to create a new article each and every day but one new article on any one day will be the starting point. The approach provides an opportunity for our members and all other participants to create or improve articles on women who are notable in any field of endeavor.

This virtual edit-a-thon allows enthusiasts from around the globe to participate in the work.

What else?

  • The lists of redlinks should provide inspiration.

The main goals of the event are:

  • to encourage inexperienced editors and show them how they can contribute to Wikipedia by creating biographies of some of the world's most prominent women
  • to draw the attention of more experienced editors to the need for concerted action in combating the systemic bias against the coverage of women and women's works
  • to promote the new/improved articles and images through social media


See our Redlist index


Outcomes (articles)[edit]

Promote our work[edit]


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New or upgraded articles[edit]

December 2022[edit]

  • Most recent on top, please, specifying upgraded if not new
  1. United States Dylan Mulvaney
  2. United States Rose Montoya - TW
  3. United States Minnie Rutherford Fuller
  4. United KingdomUnited StatesChina Mary J. Farnham
  5. United Kingdom Meg Russell
  6. United Kingdom Polly O'Hanlon
  7. CubaUnited States Demi (artist)
  8. New Zealand Michèle A'Court - TW
  9. Australia Annie M. Sage
  10. United Kingdom Winifred Heath
  11. Turkey Canan Senol
  12. India Tejal Shah
  13. Japan Hiroko Okada
  14. France Sophie Adenot - destub
  15. United States Katherine Reed Balentine - destub, PIN
  16. GermanyBetty Gleim - PIN
  17. GermanyGisela Niemeyer - PIN
  18. SwedenGreta Linder - PIN
  19. NetherlandsCornelia Johanna de Vogel - PIN
  20. FranceCatherine Chamié - PIN
  21. GermanyDaniela von Bülow
  22. FranceHélène Cadou - PIN
  23. SwedenAnna-Britta Hellbom - PIN
  24. Ukraine Kateryna Boloshkevich
  25. Australia New Zealand Megan-Jane Johnstone
  26. Australia Mona Menzies
  27. United States Ida Craft - destub, PIN
  28. Comoros Touhfat Mouhtare improved
  29. United States MeToo, Now What? (TV show, hosted by Zainab Salbi)
  30. Iraq Between Two Worlds (book by Zainab Salbi}
  31. Russia Tatjana Michaylovna Zacharova
  32. United States India Margaret B. Denning
  33. United States Henrietta Berk -destub, PIN
  34. Russia Alisa Aksyonova - PIN
  35. Niger Jamaica Antoinette Tidjani Alou
  36. United Kingdom Ruth Hogan
  37. United States Iraq Zainab Salbi improved, PIN
  38. United States Margaret Wootten Collier - PIN
  39. United States Gail Sheridan - destub, PIN
  40. Colombia Atlético Nacional
  41. United States Florence Meyer - destub, PIN
  42. United States Ella Castelhun - destub
  43. United States Dorothy Rieber Joralemon - destub, PIN
  44. Iran Yalda Moaiery
  45. United States Judy Seeberger
  46. United States Heather Gustafson
  47. United States Sheila Kanieson Ransom
  48. United States Ella D. Crawford
  49. United States Carol Bentley Ellis - destub, PIN
  50. United States Belle Willey Gue - destub
  51. United States Mamie Claflin
  52. United States Emily Pierson
  53. United States Annetta R. Chipp
  54. United Kingdom Alice Brown Caine
  55. United States Annette Del Zoppo -destub, PIN
  56. Republic of Ireland Christine E. Morris
  57. United States Nelle G. Burger
  58. United Kingdom Dorothy Stanley-Turner
  59. United States Virginia San Fratello
  60. Australia Alex Haydon
  61. Sri Lanka/United States/United Kingdom Sonali Deraniyagala - improved
  62. United States Geetika Kodali - improved
  63. Sri Lanka Anushka Rajapaksha
  64. United States Sheila Lopez
  65. Ivory Coast Anne Gnahouret Tatret
  66. United States Grace Rainey Rogers - PIN
  67. India Phoolan Devi upgrade, PIN
  68. South Africa/Lesotho ‘Mantsopa - PIN
  69. United States Caroline Genco
  70. IranArmeniaUnited States Sonia Balassanian
  71. United States Sarah Elmaleh - PIN
  72. South Sudan Mathiang Yak Anek
  73. United States Valerie Pourier
  74. United States Donna McNeil minor upgrade to help survive AFD
  75. Argentina Nora Giménez
  76. Spain Alba Sotorra - PIN
  77. United States Josephine Bennett - PIN
  78. United Kingdom Irene Scharrer -destub, PIN
  79. United Kingdom/Australia Annie Carvosso - PIN
  80. United States Nell Sinton - PIN
  81. Denmark Nina Marker - upgrade (AfD) - PIN
  82. United States Beatrice Judd Ryan
  83. United States Mary Frances Vashon
  84. United States Geraldine Sharpe
  85. Canada/United States Marjorie Gross - improved
  86. United States Marilyn Pappas
  87. Iran Shokouh Riazi
  88. United States The Virginia House-Wife
  89. United Kingdom Hannah Hauxwell add fair use pic
  90. Colombia Ana Mercedes Hoyos add pic TW a googledoodle, PIN
  91. Japan Kimiko Hirata - BBC 100
  92. Australia Violet Coco - PIN
  93. Canada Anna Mehler Paperny and her book Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me
  94. Canada Toula Drimonis - PIN
  95. Canada Crystal Quartz
  96. United Kingdom Irene Reid (lollipop lady)
  97. Spain Alfonsina Bueno
  98. Finland List of Finnish operatic sopranos
  99. Netherlands Henriette Willemina Crommelin - PIN
  100. United Kingdom Kristina Krawiec
  101. United States Helen Richey - improved
  102. United States Norma Minkowitz
  103. United States Rebecca Medel
  104. South Sudan Kenya Sarah Chan (basketball) - BBC 100 (new)
  105. Norway List of Norwegian operatic sopranos
  106. United States Sharon Massey
  107. Turkey Rabia Kayahan
  108. United States Julia A. Orum
  109. United States Jeannine Marchand
  110. HungaryUnited States Mária Telkes upgrade while at googledoodle
  111. Sweden List of Swedish operatic sopranos
  112. United States Mary Louise Curtis - improved
  113. United States Father Anne
  114. India Swapna Barman update
  115. United States Shut-in Society
  116. Russia Taisia Bekbulatova BBC 100 Women
  117. TogoGhanaUnited States Brigitte Sossou Perenyi upgrade BBC 100 Woman TW
  118. United States Christine Wetherill Stevenson - improved
  119. United States Effie Hoffman Rogers
  120. Turkey Şükriye Yılmaz
  121. Denmark List of Danish operatic sopranos
  122. Turkey Gülendam Sarıbal
  123. United Kingdom Beth Webb - upgrade @AfD
  124. United Kingdom Star Dancer - upgrade/merge post-AfD
  125. United Nations Gisuboran tidying for BBC 100 Women TW
  126. Ukraine Yana Zinkevych tidying for BBC 100 Women TW
  127. United States Jeanette DuBois Meech
  128. United States Cereal Milk
  129. Ukraine Yulia Didenko TW
  130. Haiti Emmelie Prophète - upgrade
  131. Turkey Esma Nur Çakmak
  132. United States Maria I. Johnston
  133. United States Sally Breedlove
  134. United States Mary Emily Bates Coues
  135. SwitzerlandUnited States Katherine Indermaur
  136. Switzerland Brigitte Häberli-Koller
  137. United States Janel Jacobson
  138. United States Rachel Mellon Walton - improved
  139. Turkey Esra Kiraz
  140. Nigeria Bolanle Awe upgrade
  141. ChileSwitzerland Ingrid Wildi Merino
  142. United Kingdom Jane Robbins (sculptor)
  143. New Zealand Deirdre Hart
  144. United States Mary Giles
  145. United Kingdom Emily Hauser - upgrade
  146. New Zealand Ella Henry - TW
  147. United States Non-Partisan National Woman's Christian Temperance Union
  148. United States Milk Bar Pie
  149. United States Tracy Deonn - upgrade
  150. United States Woman's National Press Association
  151. United Kingdom Ngozi Fulani (upgrade/helped others start)
  152. Canada Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu
  153. Canada Anaida Poilievre
  154. United Kingdom Sistah Space
  155. United Kingdom Sabina Cameron
  156. United States Elisabeth Griffith - upgrade
  157. United States Alicia Eggert
  158. United States Ruth Duckworth added infobox and image
  159. United States Virginia Dotson
  160. Russia Zukhra Valeeva
  161. Republic of Ireland Lily Champ - upgrade
  162. Kazakhstan Nagima Aitkhozhina
  163. United States Jane Norman - improved
  164. United States Pixanne (television program created by, and starring, Jane Norman) - improved

November 2022[edit]

  1. Germany Rosine Lebrun
  2. Australia Ann Howard (author) - expand @AfD
  3. Spain Ángela García Rives
  4. Ukraine Mariya Orlyk
  5. United States Hallie Olivere Biden
  6. Guyana Shana Yardan
  7. Germany Vaterländischer Frauenverein
  8. Japan Suiko Sugiura
  9. PakistanDeath of Sadaf Naeem created from redirect
  10. United States Cheryl Lynn Allen - improved
  11. United States Jennie Lewis - improved
  12. Germany Frauenwohl
  13. United Kingdom Kim-Joy Hewlett
  14. Indonesia Victoria Tunggono
  15. United States Sally Starr (TV hostess) - improved, PIN
  16. United States World's Congress of Representative Women - upgraded
  17. United States Board of Lady Managers of the World's Columbian Exposition
  18. South AfricaUnited States Melissa Cohen Biden - PIN
  19. Switzerland Elsbeth Kasser - PIN
  20. Norway Eva Sivertsen - PIN
  21. Switzerland Gertrud Leupi - PIN
  22. Germany/Italy Paolina Schiff - PIN
  23. Israel Bracha Habas - PIN
  24. Ukraine Olena Kurylo - PIN
  25. Brazil Olga Praguer Coelho - PIN
  26. Germany Ella Mensch - PIN
  27. Germany Anna Ettlinger - PIN
  28. Finland Elli Saurio - PIN
  29. Mexico Isabel Fraire - PIN
  30. Denmark Olivia Levison - PIN
  31. United States Erin Smith (entrepreneur) - upgrade
  32. United States Christine Donohue - improved, PIN
  33. Israel Michal Sela Forum
  34. United States Jean Tennyson
  35. United States Sheng Thao - upgrade, PIN
  36. United States Lesbian Bar Project - upgrade
  37. United States Kathleen Buhle
  38. United States Mary Gannon - PIN
  39. United Kingdom Elizabeth Johnson (actress)
  40. United Kingdom Tanya Arnold - PIN
  41. TurkeyDilek Hatipoğlu
  42. Wales Cheryl Beer
  43. United States June Winters
  44. Australia Alanah Pearce- PIN
  45. United States Katarina Waters- PIN
  46. United States Caroline Giuliani
  47. United Kingdom Adura Onashile
  48. Canada Carol Linnitt
  49. United States Dorothy B. Waage
  50. United Kingdom Gene Anderson (actress)
  51. United States Carol Leigh - upgrade / ITN
  52. United States Babes of Carytown - upgrade
  53. TurkeyKeziban Yılmaz
  54. United States Naomi Biden
  55. New Zealand Adrienne Simpson
  56. United StatesUnited Kingdom Rebecca Yahr
  57. Colombia Gabriela Rodríguez
  58. England Mary Pradd
  59. Colombia Lorena Bedoya
  60. Canada Taylor McNallie
  61. United States Katy Chevigny
  62. United Kingdom Sandy M. Coppins
  63. Austria Katharina Cibulka
  64. United States Claire Mahl Moore - upgrade
  65. United StatesIran Salwa Aga Khan - improved
  66. England Sylvia Gray (businessperson)
  67. Ukraine Natalya Vasko
  68. India Uma Lele
  69. United States Roslyn Litman
  70. Slovenia Lidija Sotlar
  71. United States Debra Todd - improved
  72. SwitzerlandItaly Marina Doria - improved
  73. Eswatini Sibongile Ndlela-Simelane
  74. GuyanaUnited States Joy Ford Austin - TW
  75. Canada Élise Paré-Tousignant
  76. United States Octagon House
  77. United States Marie Gluesenkamp Perez - upgrade
  78. United States Frances Ellen Burr
  79. United States Nabeela Syed
  80. Mexico Carmen Dorantes Martínez
  81. Indonesia Reda Gaudiamo
  82. Eritrea Yirgalem Fisseha Mebrahtu
  83. United States Lois Curtis
  84. United StatesJapan Caroline Takamine Beach
  85. United Kingdom Ella Pontefract - upgrade
  86. United Kingdom Marie Hartley - upgrade
  87. Ukraine Yulia Shevchuk
  88. United States Shannon Thornton
  89. Navajo Nation Richelle Montoya
  90. United Kingdom Christian Lamb
  91. United KingdomUnited States Jane Silverthorne TW
  92. United States Alice Schertle
  93. CanadaJapan Zoe Kincaid Penlington - PIN
  94. United States Willie Otey Kay - TW
  95. Qatar Shamma Al-Kuwari
  96. United States Margaret Cameron (author)
  97. Brazil Maria d'Apparecida
  98. United States Helen Lombard -add img, PIN
  99. Japan Miyamoto Yuriko -add img, PIN
  100. United States Gigi Caruso
  101. United States Janet Cook Lewis - PIN
  102. United Kingdom Arit Anderson - upgrade
  103. United States Nixola Greeley-Smith upgrade - PIN
  104. United States Rachel Creefield silhouette
  105. United Kingdom Joanna Foster - upgrade/ AFD rescue
  106. Canada Aloha Wanderwell -added img, PIN
  107. United States My Name is Andrea (documentary)
  108. IndiaUnited Kingdom Pratibha Parmar
  109. United States Harriette A. Keyser
  110. United States Patricia Harper
  111. France Gilberte Marin-Moskovitz
  112. Taiwan Lin Chia-en - destub
  113. United States Josie Aiello - upgrade/AFD
  114. United States Elissa Altman - upgrade/AFC
  115. Ukraine Alina Vedmid

October 2022[edit]

  • Most recent on top, please, specifying upgraded if not new
  1. United States Elena Gracinda Santos
  2. Soviet Union/Russia Lyudmila Byakova
  3. Australia Myrtle Rose White
  4. Denmark Anna Borg
  5. United States Selma Munter Borchardt
  6. Soviet Union/Russia Valentina Dimitrieva
  7. United States Virginia Frazer Boyle
  8. Ghana Patience Peterson-Kundok
  9. United States Emma Augusta Lehman
  10. Turkey Şebnem Korur Fincancı
  11. United States If You Ask Me To (Charli D'Amelio song)
  12. United States Bertha Fowler
  13. Germany Ernestine Christine Reiske
  14. Sweden Hedvig Posse
  15. United States Caroline Thomas Rumbold
  16. United States Mary Peacock Douglas
  17. Sweden Elsa Gullberg
  18. United States Anne Thaxter Eaton
  19. France Françoise Mézières
  20. United States Susan Law McBeth
  21. United States Sadie Lea Weidner
  22. United States Bessie Bradwell Helmer
  23. United States Carolyn Conant Van Blarcom
  24. France Marie-Françoise Perroton
  25. United States Dara Horn - upgrade
  26. Wales Grace Gwyneddon Davies
  27. Wales May John
  28. Armenia Susanna Harutyunyan
  29. United Kingdom Paula Howells
  30. Ecuador Marcela Holguín
  31. Republic of Ireland Margaret Arthur
  32. Wales Judith Godwin (correspondent)
  33. Republic of Ireland Angela Bolster
  34. Republic of Ireland Mary Latchford Jones add pic
  35. Republic of Ireland Edith Johnston de orphan
  36. Republic of Ireland Honoria Gaffney
  37. Ecuador Anabella Azín add pics
  38. Ecuador Cecilia Paredes Verduga
  39. Republic of Ireland May Laffan upgrade‎
  40. United Kingdom Sorry (band) new pic
  41. Republic of Ireland Fannie Gallaher
  42. Kenya Elizabeth Wathuti pic
  43. Ecuador Patricia Gonzalez (Ecuador)
  44. Republic of Ireland Jose Gauche
  45. United KingdomIndia Emily Bayley important upgrade - TW great pics
  46. Republic of Ireland Caroline Blake
  47. United Kingdom Frances Goodall
  48. United Kingdom Frances Matthew
  49. United Kingdom Geraldine Hodgson
  50. Kingdom of Prussia Hulda Friederichs
  51. South Africa Magogo kaDinuzulu upgrade and pic
  52. United Kingdom Melissa Johnson bit extra
  53. United Kingdom Hannah Elizabeth Pipe
  54. United Kingdom Harriette McDougall
  55. United Kingdom Sarah Childs
  56. United Kingdom Rosie Campbell bit extra ‎
  57. United Kingdom Euphemia Somerville
  58. United Kingdom Mary Clifford bit more and new ref
  59. United Kingdom Sophia Lonsdale pic and polish
  60. United Kingdom Margaret Lonsdale
  61. Nigeria Uzoamaka Aniunoh upgrade
  62. United Kingdom Elizabeth Newson polish and pic
  63. United States Della Campbell MacLeod
  64. Spain Gloria Begué Cantón
  65. United States The Right of the Strongest
  66. United States Lily Morehead Mebane - improved
  67. Spain Pilar Fuertes Ferragut
  68. Switzerland Martha Niquille
  69. United KingdomEgyptOttoman Empire Velia Abdel-Huda - improved
  70. United States "Bigger Than the Whole Sky"
  71. United Kingdom Alexandra Roche, Lady Roche
  72. United Kingdom Jennie Hallam-Peel
  73. United States Three Girls Bakery
  74. United States Marguerite Redman Dorgeloh - upgrade, specifically to WikiCommons
  75. United States Lulah Ragsdale - expanded
  76. United States Treacherous (Taylor Swift song) - expanded redirect
  77. England Marian Collier (painter)
  78. Seychelles Francesca Monnaie
  79. Cameroon Vanessa Djomo
  80. Azerbaijan Nargiz Aliyeva
  81. United States Mathilde De Cordoba
  82. United States Flonzie Brown Wright
  83. United States Marian Curtis
  84. Netherlands Corina Luijks
  85. United StatesWest Germany The Fortunes of Miss Follen
  86. United States Sasha-Mae Eccleston
  87. Burkina Faso Madinatou Rouamba
  88. Turkey Büşra Taşkın
  89. Seychelles Marina Confait
  90. United States International Kindergarten Union
  91. United States Marie Mason Potts
  92. Ukraine Lidiya Belozyorova
  93. United States Jane Agnes Stewart
  94. New Zealand Opacuincola gretathunbergae - snail named after Greta Thunberg!
  95. United States Claudia Levy
  96. South Africa Magogo kaDinuzulu upgrade
  97. United Kingdom Ethel Ann Burton-Brown
  98. United StatesRepublic of Ireland Christy Martin vs. Deirdre Gogarty
  99. England Frances Matthew
  100. United States Ethel Clay Price TW
  101. Ukraine Oleksandra Bandura
  102. United States Courtney Shayne
  103. United States Elizabeth Otto - upgrade
  104. Canada Katie Tallo
  105. Ukraine Yevheniia Kucherenko
  106. United States Massumeh Farhad
  107. United States The Bronze Buddha: A Mystery
  108. Canada Molly Carlson
  109. United Kingdom Angeline Morrison
  110. United States Isa, a Pilgrimage
  111. United States Wynema, a Child of the Forest
  112. India Rimi B. Chatterjee - upgrade
  113. South Africa Fatima Seedat - upgrade
  114. India Lalita Iyer - upgrade
  115. India Srutimala Duara - upgrade
  116. France Marcelle Lafont TW
  117. United States Frances C. Jenkins
  118. United Kingdom Melissa Cummings-Quarry
  119. Spain Paloma Tortajada
  120. United States Dasha Burns
  121. United States Zoe Rosenberg
  122. United States Tayarisha Poe
  123. Republic of Ireland Caroline Blake
  124. South Africa Mbali Dhlamini - upgrade TW
  125. GermanyEngland Nora Forster
  126. United Kingdom Carol Wilson (footballer)
  127. Australia Katrina Nannestad
  128. United States Beatrice Cuming
  129. United Kingdom Janet Tempest - TW
  130. United States Molly Baz - upgraded, published
  131. United States Joan Hoff - AfC
  132. United States Nancy Davis (businessperson) - AfC
  133. United States Marie Bleck
  134. United Kingdom Alexandra Gage, Viscountess Gage TW
  135. IranCanada Simin Keramati
  136. United States Cerise Castle
  137. United States Cleo Damianakes
  138. Republic of Ireland Edith Johnston upgrade
  139. Sweden Kerstin Bernadotte improved
  140. United KingdomRepublic of Ireland Mary Kingsmill Jones upgrade
  141. Republic of Ireland Angela Bolster (another woman from the Irish Dict of Biog)
  142. United States Pauline Phelps - add img, PIN
  143. United Kingdom Kristine Landon-Smith
  144. United States Vera Allison
  145. Republic of Ireland Basilia de Clare Anglo-Norman (last woman in Irish Dict of Biog redlist)
  146. United States Isabel Bate
  147. BelgiumRepublic of Ireland Margaret Arthur
  148. United States Andrea Arlington TW
  149. United Kingdom Katherine Manners TW
  150. Netherlands Hebe Charlotte Kohlbrugge
  151. United States Jean Goodwin Ames
  152. United States Lelia P. Roby
  153. United Kingdom Lady Edward Manners TW
  154. JamaicaUnited Kingdom Lady Colin Campbell - improved, expanded TW
  155. United Kingdom Theresa Vane Tempest Stewart TW last of that source
  156. Switzerland Martina Gmür
  157. SwitzerlandFrance Marie José Burki
  158. United States Annie Russell Wall
  159. United States Annie Wall Barnett
  160. Croatia Nora Turato
  161. Austria Greta Hofer (model)
  162. Germany Devrim Lingnau
  163. United States Joan M. Martin
  164. BoliviaSwitzerland Carmen Perrin
  165. Switzerland Silvia Bächli
  166. TaiwanUnited States Sylvia Wu
  167. United States Lillian Adelman
  168. United States Madelyn Sheppard AfC
  169. United States Anna Wynne O'Ryan AfC
  170. United States Precious Lee

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  • Aguil Chut-Deng
  • Bilquis Edhi took about 15 years from Victualler's edit. c. 30K views over 5 days
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