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Feminism and Folklore | March 2022

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Hello! and welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR), whose objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our project's scope is women's biographies and women's works, broadly construed. Did you know that, according to Humaniki, only 19.65% of the English Wikipedia's biographies are about women? Not impressed? Content gender gap is a form of systemic bias, and this is what WiR addresses. We invite you to participate, whenever you like, in whatever way suits you and your schedule.
Women in Red warmly welcomes you!
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1–31 March 2022
Sardinian folk costumes
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In March 2022, in collaboration with the Feminism and Folklore campaign on Meta, Women in Red is focusing on folklore and folklorists. We encourage their coverage in both articles and media. You are welcome to address folk artists, folk dancers, folk singers and folk musicians as well as their festivals, traditions, costumes, music, organizations, awards, and related activities.

Anyone can take part in this event. We hope both inexperienced and seasoned editors will join us in creating biographies and other articles about women, as well as their achievements, writings, organizations, and awards. This virtual editathon allows enthusiasts wherever they may be to participate in our initiative. Contributors are of course also welcome to add articles on any other notable women who deserve to be covered, for example under our #1day1woman priority.

The main goals of the event are:

  • to encourage inexperienced editors and show them how they can contribute to Wikipedia by creating biographies of some of the world's most prominent women
  • to draw the attention of more experienced editors to the need for concerted action on a specific area
  • to support Wikipedia in combating the systemic bias against the coverage of women and women's works
  • to promote the new/improved articles and images through social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram)

What else?

  • Below, you'll see a section where you can list the articles you create this month, and another section where you can add the images you have uploaded to Commons.
  • This essay on creating women's biographies and our Ten Simple Rules might be helpful to newer editors.
  • If you tweet about any of the articles, or upload any of the images to Pinterest, please indicate you have done so next to the article name.


These are lists of redlinked articles to be created. A wide variety of redlink lists can be found on our Redlist index. Those relating to folklore are listed below:

  • Folklore (created automatically from Wikidata)

Add other red links here, if possible with a source: Ajita Srivastava


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New or upgraded articles[edit]

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  1. Spain Irene Rocas i Romaguera - created by Darwin Naz
  2. Denmark Christine Reimer - created by User:Ipigott - TW
  3. India Ajita Srivastava - created by User:DesiBoy101 - PIN
  4. United States Mary Hayes Davis - created by User:Cielquiparle - submitted DYK - TW
  5. United States China Chinese Fables and Folk Stories - created by User:Cielquiparle - submitted DYK
  6. Ukraine Maria Posobchuk - created by User:Lajmmoore
  7. Czech Republic Františka Xavera Běhálková - created by User:Victuallers - PIN - TW
  8. Sweden Brita-Kajsa Karlsdotter - created by User:Ipigott - TW, PIN
  9. Ukraine Marianna Dushar - created by User:Lajmmoore
  10. Russian Empire Hanna Barvinok - created by User:Whisperjanes - PIN
  11. India Alpana - upgraded
  12. Greece Maria Lioudaki - created by User:Dblu9494
  13. Ukraine Hanna Veres - created by User:Lajmmoore - TW, PIN
  14. Ukraine Pelaheia Lytvynova - created by User:PamD - ig - TW, PIN

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