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    Alphabet Run: O & P | February 2023

    February: Alphabet run O & P Black women Justice Folklore

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    Welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR)!
    Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our project's scope is women's representation on all language Wikipedias (biographies, women's works, women's issues, broadly construed). Did you know that, according to Humaniki, only 19.86% of the English Wikipedia's biographies are about women? Not impressed? Content gender gap is a form of systemic bias, and this is what WiR addresses. We invite you to participate, whenever you like, in whatever way suits you and your schedule. Editors of all genders are equally and warmly welcome at Women in Red!
    Online event
    1–28 February 2023
    Olive Oyl a scrappy, headstrong young woman. She is the youngest sibling of Castor Oyl and Crude Oyl.
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    • {{WikiProject Biography}}
    • {{WikiProject Women}} if born after 1950; or {{WikiProject Women's History}} if born before 1950.
    • Editathon banner: {{WIR-255}}

    From July 2022 to June 2023, Women in Red is embarking on their first collective "alphabet run", where editors work consecutively through the letters of the English alphabet. The February 2023 letters are O and P, and can be applied to any first, middle or last name of a subject e.g. Paloma Picasso, or individuals named like Violet Oakley or Peggy Bacon would both be appropriate.

    We hope both inexperienced and seasoned editors will join us in creating biographies and other articles about notable women.

    This virtual editathon allows enthusiasts wherever they may be to participate in our initiative. Contributors are of course also welcome to add articles on any other women who deserve to be covered, for example under the topics of the month or our comprehensive #1day1woman priority.

    The main goals of the event are:

    • to encourage inexperienced editors and show them how they can contribute to Wikipedia by creating biographies of prominent women
    • to draw the attention of more experienced editors to the need for concerted action in combating the systemic bias against the coverage of women and women's works
    • to promote the new and improved articles and images through social media and via nominations to Main Page features "Did You Know?" and "In The News".

    What else?

    • Below, you'll see a section where you can list the articles you create month by month, and another section where you can add the images you have uploaded to Commons.
    • This essay on creating women's biographies and our Ten Simple Rules might be helpful to newer editors.
    • If you share any of the articles or images on social media, or successfully nominate for Main Page, please indicate you have done so next to the article name.

    Redlists (lists of redlinked articles to be created)[edit]

    A wide variety of redlink lists can be found on our Redlist index. Any of these lists can be used to find subjects who may have a first, middle or last name, beginning with O or P. Editors can click the column header to rearrange names into alphabetical order.

    There are a wide variety of dictionaries and other reference works available, some that editors might consider are:

    Wikidata generated lists[edit]

    • American National Biography (WD)
    • Australian Dictionary of Biography (WD)
    • Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women (WD)
    • Dictionary of Canadian Biography (WD)
    • Dansk Kvindebiografisk Leksikon (WD)
    • Glimpses into Pacific Lives: Some Outstanding Women (CS)
    • Native American Women (WD)
    • Notable American Women, 1607–1950 (WD)
    • Notable Women of Hawaii (WD)
    • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (WD)

    External links[edit]

    Dictionaries with fewer than 20 women to go[edit]

    • Who's Who among the Colored Baptists of the United States (CS) - 4
    • Dictionary of Ulster Biography (WD) - 3
    • Dictionary of Irish Biography (WD)- 4 (more not on wikidata!)
    • Encyclopedia of African American Women Writers (WD) - 9
    • Western Canadian women (CS) - 11
    • Dictionary of African Biography (WD) - 4
    • Onze Musici (WD) - 13
    • Biographical Dictionary of Spanish Socialism (WD) - 16
    • Latin America in the Communist International (WD) - 13
    • Dictionary of Welsh Biography (WD) - 17


    Outcomes (articles)[edit]

    Please add the biographical dictionary, if used:

    New or upgraded articles[edit]

    Most recent on top, please, specifying upgraded if not new

    1. Slovenia Ana Osterman
    2. Slovakia Petra Humeňanská
    3. Bolivia Patricia Arce (also 257) - PIN
    4. United States Clara Cahill Park
    5. Romania Valeria Ogășanu
    6. Peru Antonieta Zevallos de Prialé - PIN
    7. Venezuela Dori Parra de Orellana
    8. United States Ora Brown Stokes Perry -img, infbox, PIN
    9. France Oriane Lassus - PIN
    10. Indonesia Purwanti - PIN
    11. United States Renee Poussaint - (also 256) Mastodon
    12. Spain Núria Pradas - PIN
    13. United Kingdom Dorothy Pelham Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    14. Sweden Pauline Skott - PIN
    15. United States Frances Freeborn Pauley -add img, PIN
    16. Spain Miren Ortubay Fuentes (also 257) - PIN
    17. Denmark Jeanette Oppenheim
    18. United Kingdom Margaret Parkes Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    19. United Kingdom Kezia Peache Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    20. United Kingdom Priscilla Scott-Ellis Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    21. United Kingdom Olivia Potts (both O and P!)
    22. Spain Patricia Mayayo - PIN
    23. Spain Pilar González i Duarte - PIN
    24. United States Pearl Anna Neal - PIN
    25. United States Mary D. Powers
    26. Bolivia Plácida Espinoza - PIN, TW
    27. United States Peipei Ping
    28. Peru Patricia Salas O'Brien - PIN
    29. Uruguay María Herminia Sabbia y Oribe - PIN
    30. United States Kenzie Paige
    31. ArgentinaUruguay María Carmen Portela - PIN, TW
    32. Peru Martina Portocarrero (also 259) - PIN
    33. Ukraine Olesia Vlasova
    34. Peru Irma Poma Canchumani (also 259) - PIN
    35. Spain Pilar Nouvilas - PIN, TW
    36. Chile Dora Puelma
    37. Colombia Martha Lucía Ospina Martínez - PIN
    38. United States Pearl Farmer Richardson - PIN
    39. United States Pearl Grigsby Richardson - PIN
    40. Venezuela Yolanda Pantin - PIN, TW
    41. France Renada-Laura Portet - PIN, TW
    42. Spain Ofelia Rey Castelao
    43. Israel Orna Sagiv
    44. United States Martha Parmelee Rose - PIN, TW
    45. Republic of IrelandUnited States Margaret Sullivan Pepe
    46. Italy Laura Orvieto Expanded + photo, PIN
    47. Peru Scarlett O'Phelan Godoy
    48. United States Harriet Pickens TW, PIN
    49. Spain María José Guerra Palmero - PIN, TW
    50. United States Patricia Coogan
    51. United States Pauline Bray Fletcher - PIN
    52. Spain Rocío Orsi - PIN
    53. France Corine Pelluchon
    54. United States Othello Maria Harris-Jefferson - PIN
    55. United States Frances Platt Townsend Lupton
    56. United Kingdom Lucy Pardee
    57. United States Gladys Tignor Peterson - PIN
    58. United States Amy O'Sullivan
    59. Italy Virginia Tango Piatti (also WiR-251), PIN
    60. Canada Michèle Plomer - PIN, TW
    61. Canada Hélène Pelletier-Baillargeon - PIN, TW
    62. United KingdomSouth AfricaMaud Palmer, Countess of Selborne link created to new article Lady Selborne, Pretoria - PIN Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    63. Colombia Geraldine Peña
    64. Bolivia Olivia Guachalla - PIN, TW
    65. ArgentinaPeru Juliana Oxenford
    66. United States Erin O'Hara O'Connor
    67. United States Phoebe A. Jenks
    68. United States Aimee Olexy
    69. Asturias Berta Piñán - PIN, TW
    70. United Kingdom Mary Ann Orger upgrade and pic, PIN
    71. Ecuador Zolanda Pluas - PIN, TW
    72. Papua New Guinea Palopa
    73. Spain Marta Pessarrodona
    74. England Jane Papillon Oxford Dictionary of National Biography TW, PIN
    75. Spain Pino Caballero Gil - TW
    76. Valencian Community María Teresa Oller (also WIR-259) - PIN TW
    77. England Elizabeth Penington Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    78. France Odette Teissier du Cros (also WIR-259) - PIN, TW
    79. Argentina Evelia Edith Oyhenart - PIN, TW
    80. France Jocelyne Pérard
    81. New Zealand Pauline Stansfield (also WIR-250) - PIN, TW
    82. United Kingdom Jane Pearson Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    83. United States Erna Prather Harris (also WiR-251 and 256), TW
    84. Catalonia Magda Oranich i Solagran Also WiR 257, TW
    85. England Hester Pinney upgrade
    86. United Kingdom Charlotte Payne
    87. United Kingdom Mary Porteous Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    88. United States Pearl A. Neas - PIN
    89. Wales Pamela Shepherd TW
    90. United States Ottilie Turnbull Seybolt - PIN, TW
    91. United StatesJapan Olive Ireland Hodges - PIN, TW
    92. South Africa Resia Pretorius
    93. United States Marian Palmer Capps -add img, PIN
    94. United States Peggy Dennis

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    Did you know? articles[edit]

    • ... that in 2022, Briton Charlotte Payne broke the world record for a hammer throw by a deaf woman by almost 5 metres (16 ft)? (2023-02-17)

    Outcomes (media)[edit]

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