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WiR redlist index: Women of distinction

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This list is based on:

Scruggs, Lawson Andrew (1893). Women of Distinction: Remarkable in Works and Invincible in Character. Raleigh, North Carolina: L. A. Scruggs. OCLC 4255360.

Photographs in the hathitrust version are poor. Found another copy of the book which has useable photos. Not all subjects have photos. [1]


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name image description date of birth date of death occupation item site links
Mary Garnet Barboza 1845-02-11 1890 Q97672315 0
Atlanta University historically Black university in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (1865-1988) Q63887403 1
Nellie E. Brown nineteenth-century American singer singer Q97672321 0
Lillian R. Bundy nineteenth-century American organist organist Q97672354 0
Mary A. Burwell
Women of distinction - Miss Mary A. Burwell.jpg
caretaker of orphans Q97672359 0
Georgie Colley
Women of distinction - Mrs. Georgie Colley.png
American missionary (1858-?) 1858-10-25 missionary Q97672372 0
Carrie E. Sawyer Cartwright missionary missionary Q97672413 0
Ada A. Cooper lecturer, educator, poet, writer, journalist, missionary 1861-02-06 writer
Q97672445 0
Hattie K. Green
Women of distinction - Miss Hattie K. Green.jpg
1868-01-08 teacher Q97672490 0
Ada C. Hand 1862-12-25 head teacher Q97672527 0
Mary E. Harper American orator orator Q97694957 0
Mary Jones singer and orator 1869-05-01 singer
Q97694989 0
Mary E. Lee
Women of distinction - Mary E. Lee, B.S.png
teacher and poet 1851-1932 1851-01-12 teacher
Q97699883 0
Ruth Lowery
Women of distinction - Miss Ruth Lowery.png
silkworm culturer Q97700726 0
Harriette Estelle Harris Presley
Women of distinction - Mrs. Harriette Estelle Harris Presley.jpg
Q97701662 0
Charlotte Purce 1855-08-04 Q97701993 0
Charlotte Scott Emancipation Monument donor Q97703809 0
Ella D. Spencer painter painter Q97703825 0
Virginia E. M. Hunt Scott organist and pianist 1861-08-26 organist
Q97703858 0
Willie Ann Smith
Women of distinction - Mrs. Willlie Ann Smith.png
Q97703878 0
Ella V. Chase Williams 1852-?) : educator, school founder, organization leader 1852 Q97703883 0
Rachel M. Washington Q97703896 0
M. R. Rodgers Webb lecturer
Q97703898 0

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