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WiR redlist index: VIAF

Welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR). Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our scope is women's biographies, women's works, and women's issues, broadly construed.

This list of red links is intended to serve as a basis for creating new articles on the English Wikipedia. All new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria; red links on this list may or may not qualify.

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Redlist: ODNB women

This table show 1,000 women with a Virtual International Authority File number for which Wikipedia lacks a biography article. It was generated using Wikidata for Wikipedia:WikiProject Women/Women in Red. See Template:Women in Red for other lists by focus area or by country. The list will be refreshed roughly daily to remove blue-links - no manual editing is required.

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name image description country of citizenship date of birth date of death occupation VIAF ID item
Cunégonde de Bilstein Germany 1080 1148 86113455 Q118212
Elisabeth of Bavaria German aristocrat Germany 1329 1402-08-02 aristocrat 81188275 Q78071
Christine von Dietz daughter of Anna of Saxony by Jan Rubens Germany 1571-08-22 1638 149679715 Q107052
Dorothea von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel
princess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1596-1643) Germany 1596-07-08 1643-09-01 59813991 Q106503
Sophie Catherine of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg
Sophia Catherina of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg.jpg
Countess consort of Oldenburg (1617-1696) Denmark 1617-06-28 1696-11-22 3012150032986711180004 Q60471
Maria Rampendahl Germany 1645 1705 18331836 Q100881
Fredericka of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
Friederike von Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg (1675–1709).jpg
(1675-1709) Germany 1675-03-24 1709-05-28 35263032 Q105961
Hedwig Friederike von Württemberg-Weiltingen
Hedwig friederikewueanze.jpg
Germany 1691-10-18 1752-08-14 44735539 Q122929
Auguste of Mecklenburg-Güstrow
Augusta von Mecklenburg-Güstrow 1752.JPG
Germany 1674-12-27 1756-05-09 308742381 Q104055
Susanna Margaretha Brandt
Ary Scheffer - Faust and Marguerite in the Garden - WGA20978.jpg
German maid Germany 1746 1772 maid 14149196471174791578 Q100655
Maximiliane Brentano
Maximiliane von La Roche.jpg
(1756-1793) Germany 1756-05-03
writer 67226583 Q113253
Juliane Charlotte Friederike Grimm
Juliane Charlotte Friederike Grimm Silhouette.jpg
(1735-1796) Germany 1735-08-03 1796-12-18 101280232 Q97870
Johanna Sebus
Die Gartenlaube (1872) b 737.jpg
Germany 1791-12-28 1809-01-13 77111436 Q109611
Caroline von Linsingen
Arthur v. Ramberg - Caroline und der Prinz im Park von Pyrmont.jpg
Germany 1768-11-27 1815-01-31 57684417 Q107093
Friederike Bethmann German actor, singer and opera singer (1760-1815) Germany 1760-01-12 1815-08-16 opera singer
stage actor
42628845 Q105233
Caroline Adelheid von Baudissin German writer Germany 1759-01-21
1826-01-17 writer 40120881 Q104032
Arina Rodionovna Yakovleva
Arina Rodionovna.jpg
nanny of Alexander Pushkin (1758-1828) Russian Empire 1758-04-10 1828-07-31 nanny
107084511 Q50943
Auguste Bußmann German journalist Germany 1791-01-01 1832-04-17 journalist 3455149368795585980001 Q99772
Henriette Frölich German writer Germany 1768-07-28 1833-04-05 writer
28217860 Q103035
Maximiliane Borzaga
Maximiliane Borzaga.jpg
Germany 1806 1837-05-15 7739162985516586300002 Q125355
Alma von Goethe
Louise Seidler - Alma von Goethe 1832.jpg
(1827-1844) Germany 1827-10-29 1844-09-29
40173211 Q98873
Marie von Thadden-Trieglaff
Marie von Tadden 001.jpg
(1822-1846) Germany 1822
1846-11-10 316739364 Q101708
Countess Julie von Brandenburg
Julie von Brandenburg.jpg
daughter of Frederick William II of Prussia and Sophie von Dönhoff Germany 1793-01-04 1848-01-27 aristocrat 32427824 Q87916
Elisabeth Eleonore Bernhardi German writer (1768-1849) Germany 1768-08-08 1849-03-04 writer 47598836 Q106905
Cécile Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Cecile Mendelssohn Bartholdy.jpg
Spouse of composer Félix Mendelsohnn Germany 1817-10-10 1853-09-25 musician 61687500 Q114366
Isabella Gräfin von Tauffkirchen-Engelberg
Isabella von Taufkirchen.jpg
Germany 1808-03-11 1855-06-13 5190162985485586300004 Q105968
Franziska Batthyány
Franziska Batthyany.jpg
Austrian woman composer Austria 1802
1861-10-10 composer
169074728 Q87565
Gunda von Savigny
(1780-1863) Germany 1780-07-08 1863-05-17 77082808 Q110954
Sophie Auguste Dethleffs German writer (1809-1864) Germany 1809-02-10 1864-03-13 writer 22884176 Q120720
Albertine von Montenuovo
Albertine-Marie, Countess of Montenuovo.jpg
Duchy of Parma
Kingdom of Italy
1817-05-01 1867-12-26 9107156858599049780005 Q114360
Elisabeth Grube
German writer (1803-1871) German Empire 1803-10-22 1871-04-21 writer 42581128 Q106318
Ferdinande von Schmettau
Ferdinande von Schmettau, Holzstich.jpg
icon and folk hero against Napoleon German Empire 1798-04-24 1875-05-24 35234682 Q100629
Marie Mindermann
Marie Mindermann 1808-1882.jpg
German author Germany 1808 1882 author
45070463 Q99018
Katharina Diez
Katharina Diez.jpg
German author Germany 1809-12-02 1882-01-22 author
97774063 Q98565
Emilie Brentano German writer German Empire 1810-09-27 1882-10-01
writer 57394282 Q105820
Margarethe von Bülow German author Germany 1860-02-23 1884-01-02 writer
57382861 Q125364
Bertha Augusti German writer (1827-1886) Germany 1827-06-02 1886-12-12 writer 32742557 Q52131
Emilie Turecek
Fiaker-Milli, ca. 1870.jpg
Austrian singer (1848-1889) Austria 1848-06-30 1889-05-13 singer 304684164 Q94623
Kornélia Hollósy
Kovács Hollósy Kornélia.jpg
opera singer Hungary 1827-04-13 1890-02-10 singer 63025589 Q51019
Jenny von Gustedt
German writer German Empire 1811-09-07 1890-06-29 writer 824619 Q100383
Zerline Gabillon
Zerline Gabillon.jpg
German stage actor Germany
1892-04-30 stage actor 69679185 Q191696
Eliza Wille German writer (1809-1893) Germany 1809-03-09 1893-12-23 writer 46894343 Q126029
Franziska Lechner
Franziska Lechner.jpg
German Empire 1833-01-01 1894-04-14 nun 45113316 Q106852
Josephine von Wertheimstein
Josephine von Wertheimstein.jpg
Austrian salon-holder Cisleithania
Austrian Empire
1820-11-19 1894-07-16 salonnière 9971587 Q94328
Maximiliane von Oriola
Maximiliane von Arnim-spaetere Graefin von Oriola.jpg
German salon-holder German Empire 1818-10-23 1894-12-31 salonnière 47532390 Q108069
Sophie von Todesco Austrian salon-holder Austrian Empire
1825-07-22 1895-07-09 salonnière 264887276 Q114655
Elise Krinitz
Elise Krinitz.jpg
German writer Kingdom of Prussia 1825-03-22 1896-08-07 writer
79103491 Q107379
Mathilde Raven German writer Germany 1817-02-16 1902
writer 72143411 Q52049
Hélène de Gingins Swiss salon-holder (1828-1905) Switzerland 1828-05-15 1905-07-23 salonnière 308194957 Q119836
Wanda von Sacher-Masoch
Sacher-Masoch Wanda 04.jpg
Austrian writer Austria 1845-03-14 1906 writer
12339323 Q113750
Lina Walther German writer (1824-1907) German Empire 1824-10-10 1907-11-12 writer 25710237 Q106295
Alwine Wuthenow
writer (1820-1908) German Empire 1820-09-16 1908-01-08 writer 13047905 Q105066
Johanna von Schaffgotsch
Ehepaar schaffgotsch.jpg
Peerage person ID=98321 German Empire 1842 1910 businessperson 67298733 Q101446
Toni Wübbens German writer (1850-1910) German Empire 1850-05-17 1910-12-15 writer 77093295 Q111243
Maria Kurz
Marie Kurz.jpg
German Empire 1826-08-06 1911-06-26 writer 769015 Q123882
Helene von Dönniges
Helene Doenniges 1872 Klic.jpg
German writer German Empire 1843-03-21
stage actor
64755145 Q101930
Elisabeth zu Carolath-Beuthen
partner of Herbert von Bismarck German Empire 1839-11-19 1914-01-12 44152821989401040007 Q105634
Hildegard von Spitzemberg
Hildegard Spitzemberg.jpg
German salon-holder Kingdom of Württemberg 1843-01-20 1914-01-30 salonnière 25398312 Q109408
Princess Therese of Saxe-Altenburg
Prinzessin Therese von Sachsen-Altenburg (1823-1915).jpg
German princess, daughter to Joseph, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg (1823-1915) Germany 1823-10-09 1915-04-03 47521110 Q98599
Minni Boh German writer German Empire 1858-07-11 1918-04-06 writer 147145068582266631396 Q100717
Stella Hohenfels
Stella Hohenfels.jpg
Austrian actress (1854-1920) Austria 1854-04-16
1920-02-21 actor
stage actor
30279654 Q88930
Maria Lichtenegger Austria 1906-08-04 1923-07-08 89156755 Q114296
Helene von Vetsera
Austrian aristocrat, mother to Marie Vetsera (1847-1925) Austrian Empire
Republic of German-Austria
First Republic of Austria
1847 1925-02-01 25614177 Q86979
Maria Grocholska
Maria z Grocholskich Czartoryska.jpg
Polish noble 1833-11-29 1928-05-09 nun 300257194 Q112916
Alice von Gaudy German writer Germany 1863-03-10 1929-07-04 writer 15520537 Q52064
Ina von Bentivegni German educator (1855-1929) Germany 1855-12-03 1929-12-17 educator
32358296 Q103210
Eva von Tiele-Winckler
Matka Ewa 01.jpg
Germany 1866 1930 deaconess 95209511 Q99801
Angela Nikoletti Italian teacher Austria
Kingdom of Italy
1905-05-31 1930-10-30 teacher 25661270 Q90145
Margarethe Krupp
Margarethe Krupp2.jpg
German businessperson Germany 1854-03-15 1931-02-24 businessperson 3256690 Q109468
Luise Cooper German missionary (1849-1931) Germany 1849-04-03 1931-12-01 missionary 301691324 Q124443
Adele Radnitzky-Mandlick Austrian pianist and music educator Austria 1864-11-18 1932-09-22 pianist
music pedagogue
40474591 Q87708
Martha Muchow German author Germany 1892 1933
author 35248973 Q98852
Adèle Huguenin Swiss writer (1856-1933) Switzerland 1856-08-06 1933-04-25 writer 19710210
Elisabeth von Schleicher
Schleicher mit frau.jpg
Germany 1893-11-18 1934-06-30 6210163411743300360007 Q101292
Aennchen Schumacher
Aennchen Schumacher 4a.jpg
German restaurateur (1860-1935) Germany 1860-01-22 1935-02-26 restaurateur 59857341 Q105541
Emmy von Winterfeld-Warnow
Emmy von Winterfeld Warnow.png
German writer German Reich 1861-10-24 1937-11-29 writer 25379194 Q52023
Emil Marriot
Emil Marriot.jpg
Austrian author (1855-1938) Austria 1855-11-20
1938-05-05 author
30328953 Q88953
Genja Jonas
Genja Jonas - Selbstporträt.jpg
German photographer (1895-1938) German Reich 1895-09-02 1938-05-08 photographer 299078869 Q97953
Agnes Harder
Agnes Harder 1914.jpg
German writer German Reich 1864-03-24 1939-02-07 writer 5683605 Q51928
Johanna Ambrosius
Die Gartenlaube (1899) b 0499 (cropped).jpg
German poet and author German Reich 1854-08-03 1939-02-27
79013386 Q92387
Anna Schuster German writer (1872-1939) German Reich 1872-07-20 1939-05-09 writer 77334896 Q117372
Martha Müller-Grählert German poet (1876-1939) German Reich 1876-12-20 1939-11-18 journalist
69537824 Q89462
Beate Berger
Memorial plaque to Ahawah children institute in Berlin.jpg
German Reich 1886 1940-05-20 nurse 6082293 Q106242
Daniela von Bülow German pianist (1860-1940) German Reich 1860-10-12 1940-07-28 pianist 32764113 Q101014
Josephine Siebe German journalist and writer German Reich 1870-11-10 1941-07-26 journalist
children's writer
39896520 Q71947
Ada von Voß
Voß - Ada von.jpg
German writer (1884-1941) German Reich 1884-09-17 1941-11-22 writer 25615412 Q110513
Gertrud Prellwitz German writer German Reich 1869-04-05 1942-09-13 writer 64754079 Q110958
Rita Kurzmann-Leuchter
Rita Kurzmann-Leuchter (1900–1942) 1927 © Georg Fayer (1891–1950) OeNB 10449965.jpg
Austrian pianist, music educator and musicologist (1900-1942) Austria 1900-02-04 1942-10-21 music pedagogue
Marie Eleonore Pfungst German entrepreneur German Reich
1862-10-18 1943-02-08 entrepreneur 307168081 Q118166
Clara Grunwald German teacher (1877-1943) German Reich 1877-06-11 1943-04 teacher 40174023 Q106210
Drinka Pavlovic
Drinka Pavlović.JPG
Yugoslav teacher and anti-nazi activist Yugoslavia 1918-11-07 1943-05-14 school teacher 43123912 Q114997
Anna Croissant-Rust
Philipp Kester, Anna Croissant-Rust.jpg
German author German Reich 1860-12-10 1943-07-30 writer 77113911 Q98145
Elfriede Scholz
Elfriede Maria Scholz Stolperstein Dresden.JPG
sister of Erich Maria Remarque German Reich 1903-03-25 1943-12-16 50066946 Q124773
Helene von Nostitz
Auguste Rodin, Helene von Nostitz.jpg
German salon-holder and writer German Reich 1878-11-18 1944-07-17 salonnière
27069645 Q102918
Maria Grollmuß
Briefmarke Maria Grollmuß.jpg
German teacher (1896-1944) German Empire
Weimar Republic
1896-04-24 1944-08-06 teacher
opinion journalist
Pauline Krone
Pauline Krone Foto ca.1940.jpg
German writer Germany 1859-12-07 1945-02-04 writer 30556801 Q52079
Margaretha Rothe
active within the White Rose non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany Germany 1919-06-13 1945-04-15 student 55226623 Q105965
Gerda Bormann wife of Martin Bormann Germany 1909-10-23 1946-03-23 educator 65325033 Q105928
Rosalie Küchler-Ming Swiss writer (1882-1946) Switzerland 1882-01-03 1946-06-24 writer 49980613 Q125504
Princess Hildegard Marie of Bavaria
Hildegard, Königliche Prinzessin von Bayern.jpg
Germany 1881-03-05 1948-02-02 20527139 Q96046
Marie Kahle
German pedagogue Germany 1893-05-06 1948-12-18 pedagogue 76490560 Q119287
Margarete Beutler German translator and writer (1876-1949) Germany 1876-01-13 1949-06-03 translator
52490643 Q102889
Lina Loos
Lina Loos 1904.jpg
Austrian actor and author (1882-1950) Austria 1882-10-09
1950-06-06 actor
39636524 Q88725
Anna Siemsen German politician (1882-1951) Germany 1882-01-18 1951-01-22 politician
university teacher
64807207 Q108398
Christine Koch
Christine Koch 1896.jpg
German poet Germany 1869-04-23 1951-04-18 writer
Hertha Kräftner Austrian writer Austria 1928-04-26 1951-11-13 writer
34585131 Q112959
Nanna Conti German midwife (1881-1951), Nazi official Germany 1881-04-24 1951-12-30 midwife
10832033 Q108907
Hela Sander-Weiss German author Germany 1879 1952 author
5937966 Q97591
Ea von Allesch
Ea von Allesch cca 1900.jpg
Austrian publicist Austria 1875-05-11 1953-07-30 writer
59890599 Q113158
Margarete Zur Bentlage
Margarete und Rudolf Schiestl.jpg
German writer (1891-1954) Germany 1891-03-24 1954-02-16 writer 45074757 Q123226
Monique Saint-Hélier
MSH esquisse.png
Swiss writer Switzerland 1895-09-02 1955-03-09 writer 22159303 Q117802
Elisabeth Gerter Swiss writer (1895-1955) Switzerland 1895-06-15 1955-08-28 writer 2727289 Q124639
Emilie Engel Schönstätter Marienschwester, eröffneter Seligsprechungsprozess (1893-1955) Germany 1893-02-06 1955-11-20 nun 13188821 Q105381
Aimée Rapin
AimeeRapin-ca1920 BibliothequeDeGeneveCentreDIconographie.jpg
Swiss painter (1868-1956) Switzerland 1868-12-14 1956-05-08 painter 202425008 Q118511
Elisabeth Walter German teacher and writer (1897-1956) Germany 1897-06-19 1956-06-04 teacher
22964270 Q106956
Gilberte de Courgenay
Schweiz - Hommage 2021 - 50 Jahre Frauenstimmrecht 16.jpg
Swiss waitress, who became an icon and idol of Swiss soldiers during and after WWI (1896-1957) Switzerland 1896-03-20 1957-05-02 waiter 55063121 Q122839
Maria Stromberger
Ausweis Auschwitz Vorderseite (cropped).tif
Austrian nurse (1898-1957) Austria 1898-03-16 1957-05-18 nurse 107687555 Q93934
Else Heims
Else Heims als 'Porzia' - Becker & Maass.jpg
German actress Germany 1878-10-03 1958-02-20 stage actor
film actor
74602702 Q108035
Jeanne Berta Semmig German writer Germany 1867-05-16 1958-07-28 writer 45081089 Q108944
Hilda Knobloch Austrian writer (1880-1960) Austria 1880-12-21 1960-02-05 writer 10592712 Q51941
Marie-Louise Ruedin Swiss nun (1880-1960) Switzerland 1880-11-22 1960-04-08 nun 313429390 Q119958
Leontine von Winterfeld-Platen
Leontine von Winterfeld-Platen 1935.jpg
German writer (1883-1960) Germany 1883-07-21
writer 52466502 Q123255
Gretha Jünger German writer Germany 1906-03-14 1960-11-20 writer 72165668 Q105945
Käthe Miethe German translator (1893-1961) Germany 1893-03-11 1961-03-12 translator
49992405 Q110501
Sunsiaré of Larcône French author France 1935-06-28 1962-09-29 writer 47021102 Q49636
Archduchess Gertrud, Countess of Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems
Austro-Tuscan Imperial and Royal (1900-1962) Austria 1900-11-19 1962-12-20 47861670 Q85302
Elisabeth Vietje German politician (1902-1963) Germany 1902-05-11 1963-05-02 politician 301090403 Q110922
Emma Cramer-Crummenerl German writer Germany 1875-02-27 1964-01-01 writer 20438625 Q51959
Frida Schuhmacher German writer Germany 1892-04-12 1964-08-23 novelist
258611018 Q52045
Minna Burgarth German writer and teacher Germany 1877-11-12 1965-03-26 writer
47748122 Q99007
Amélie Thyssen
Amélie Thyssen by Jacob Hilsdorf.jpg
wife of Fritz Thyssen Germany 1877-09-11 1965-08-25 businessperson 101168309 Q124566
Rose Woldstedt-Lauth German writer (1889-1966) Germany 1889-12-27 1966-01-09 writer 22500080 Q106953
Elfriede Feudel German music educator (1881-1966) Germany 1881-10-30 1966-03-30 music pedagogue
university teacher
475890 Q114593
Ruth von Ostau German writer (1899-1966) Germany 1899-03-03 1966-10-31 writer 62053727 Q104521
Rita Öhquist German translator Germany 1884 1968 translator 32765069 Q100350
Käthe Bauer-Mengelberg German university teacher, sociologist and economist (1894-1968) Germany 1894-05-23 1968-04-22 university teacher
76695351 Q110306
Betty Fischer
Betty Fischer (1887–1969) 1912.jpg
Austrian singer (1887-1969) Austria 1887-10-12 1969-01-12 singer 14545791 Q94622
Alma Rogge German author Germany 1894-07-24 1969-02-07 author
25407778 Q99017
Ursel Peter Austrian writer Austria 1923-08-08 1970-01-31 writer 32739697 Q52015
Tilly Wedekind
Tilly Wedekind.png
German actress Germany 1886-04-11
1970-04-20 actor
stage actor
100617301 Q97045
Hildegard Plievier German actress and writer Germany 1900-02-08 1970-04-23 actor
stage actor
8134344 Q107283
Thea Sternheim
Thea Sternheim c. 1910, by Franz Grainer.jpg
German writer and art collector (1883-1971) Germany 1883 1971 writer
100299539 Q103479
Klara Blum writer and journalist (1904-1971) Austria-Hungary
Soviet Union
People's Republic of China
1904-11-27 1971-05-04 writer
5263714 Q113010
Elisabeth Heimpel German writer (1902-1972) Germany 1902-04-26 1972 writer 206716275 Q123993
Olga Meyer
Olga Meyer 1910.jpg
Swiss writer (1889-1972) Switzerland 1889-04-30 1972-01-19 writer 54943577 Q51907
Helene Elisabeth von Isenburg Germany 1900-04-06 1974-01-24 20451511 Q105963
Else Wüstemann German politician (1896-1974) Germany 1896-01-31 1974-04-17 politician 300688669 Q99011
Princess Cecilie Viktoria of Prussia
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-2003-1014-505, Potsdam, Kronprinzessin Cecilie mit ihren Töchtern.jpg
(1917-1975) Germany 1917-09-05 1975-04-21 6480159400299419620003 Q105976
Ruth Blum
Schweiz - Hommage 2021 - 50 Jahre Frauenstimmrecht 03.jpg
Swiss writer (1913-1975) Switzerland 1913-09-02 1975-08-02 writer
32787527 Q125449
Dorothee Günther German music educator (1896-1975) Germany 1896-10-08 1975-09-18 music pedagogue
3804457 Q105662
Ljubov Voronkova Soviet children's writer (1906-1976) Soviet Union 1906-09-17 1976-01-20 children's writer
17252375 Q126997
Jeanette Wolff German politician (1888-1976) Germany 1888-06-22 1976-05-19 politician 30330119 Q123313
Anny Wienbruch
German writer Germany 1899-07-09 1976-07-14 writer
children's writer
35252364 Q107846
Johanna Herzfeldt German translator Germany 1886 1977 translator
306128726 Q123295
Véronique Filozof
painter (1904-1977) France
1904-08-08 1977-01-12 painter
44418616 Q122858
Elisabeth Käsemann
Soziologin Elisabeth Kaesemann.jpg
German sociologist and freedom fighter (1947-1977) Germany 1947-05-11 1977-05-24 sociologist
social work
political activism
160211467 Q109678
Lina Kromer German writer (1889-1977) Germany 1889-09-03 1977-09-01 writer 17976966 Q106950
Hilda Heinemann
Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F042485-0012, Bonn, Hilda Heinemann eröffnet Kunstausstellung.jpg
Wife of Gustav Heinemann Germany 1896-09-15 1979-05-05
homemaker 70338334 Q99672
Sophie Dorothee von Podewils German translator and writer (1909-1979) Germany 1909-02-16 1979-09-05 translator
112764528 Q107842
Erna Stahl active within the White Rose non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany Germany 1900-02-15 1980-06-13 pedagogue 783981 Q126684
Elsa Scholten German actress (1902-1981) Germany 1902-02-28 1981-10-14 stage actor
film actor
311630921 Q125903
Ingrid Siepmann Germany 1944-06-12 1982 bank robber 26146937715913830168 Q98270
Dora Dunkl German author Germany
1925 1982 author
47092232 Q88060
Grete Freund Austrian actress (1885-1982) Austria 1885-07-03 1982
film actor
stage actor
37676152 Q90128
Marlise Ludwig
Marlise Ludwig (cropped).jpg
German actress (1886-1982) Germany 1886-03-01 1982-03-13 actor
film actor
stage actor
78465498 Q111026
Helen Hessel German journalist Germany 1886-04-30 1982-06-15 journalist 17274432 Q97859
Mathilde Hain German professor Germany 1901-03-16 1983-01-12 professor 12417690 Q112105
Hedwig Schlichter
Hedy Crilla.jpg
Austrian actress (1898-1984) Austria
1898-09-26 1984-03-31 actor
stage actor
309145857888323021224 Q114060
Magdalena Montezuma German actress Germany 1942-10-02 1984-07-15 stage actor
film actor
production designer
44564319 Q90075
Wilhelmine Siefkes
Leer - Großer Oldekamp - Wilhelmine-Siefkes-Platz 03 ies.jpg
German translator Germany 1890-01-04 1984-08-28 translator
Amalie Halter-Zollinger Swiss writer (1892-1985) Switzerland 1892-06-15 1985-04-27 writer 69616190 Q119641
Marianne Frostig Austrian psychologist Austria 1906-03-31 1985-06-21 psychologist 64804864 Q88715
Ellen Widmann Swiss actress (1894-1985) Switzerland 1894-12-15
actor 64218677 Q124826
Pamela Wedekind German actress (1906-1986) Germany 1906-12-12 1986-04-09 actor
stage actor
5452519 Q74865
Charlotte Beradt German writer and journalist (1907-1986) Germany 1907-12-07 1986-05-15 writer 172337470
Maja Lex German choreographer Germany 1906-08-23 1986-10-13 choreographer
university teacher
64850862 Q102748
Lori Ludwig German writer (1924-1986) Germany 1924-01-24 1986-12-13 writer 5385236 Q126782
Ilse Langner German author Germany 1899-05-21 1987-01-16 author
Ursula von Kardorff
Konrad von Kardorff - Bildnis der Tochter des Künstlers.jpg
German journalist Germany 1911-01-10 1988-01-25 journalist
66495033 Q102144
Eva Lips German ethnologist Germany 1906-02-06 1988-07-24 ethnologist
university teacher
8155552 Q125836
Ann-Charlott Settgast German writer (1921-1988) Germany 1921-09-21
1988-09-05 writer 57131813 Q109142
Erica Lillegg Austrian writer Austria 1907-01-18 1988-12-12 writer
children's writer
29188033 Q90076
Margit Thyssen-Bornemisza, Countess of Batthyány daughter of Heinrich Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza de Kászon Austria 1911 1989 168278985 Q90554
Lola Landau German author, writer, language teacher (1892-1990) Germany
1892-12-03 1990-02-05 author
language teacher
29658209 Q98926
Erika Molny Austrian writer (1932-1990) Austria 1932-06-28 1990-08-26 writer 36935110 Q51932
Carolin van Bergen German actress (1964-1990) Germany 1964-03-27 1990-10-26 actor
voice actor
film actor
television actor
311632482 Q101764
Marie-Luise Kiesinger Germany 1908-03-27 1990-11-15 homemaker 171458902 Q103933
Greta Schoon German writer (1909-1991) Germany 1909 1991 writer 54944057 Q101114
Renate Kern German singer Germany 1945-01-23 1991-02-18 singer 10980974 Q113813
Lotte Knabe German historian and archivist Germany 1907-01-30 1991-10-17 historian
2846906 Q123145
Nicole Buloze Swiss opera singer (1942-1991) Switzerland 1942-11-26 1991-11-25 opera singer 33156269 Q121343
Ilse Künkele German actress Germany 1925-04-25 1992-04-24 stage actor
film actor
311614971 Q123859
Martha Wölger Austrian writer Austria 1920-08-04 1992-05-27 writer 66893008 Q51953
Immy Schell Austrian actress (1935-1992) Austria 1935-02-11 1992-08-14 actor
film actor
stage actor
311701670 Q86750
Anna Wimschneider German author Germany 1919-06-16 1993-01-01 writer
22937290 Q92079
Liselotte Eder German actress (1922-1993) Germany 1922-10-06 1993-05-07 television actor
film actor
15061717 Q96540
Dorothea Zeemann Austrian writer (1909-1993) Austria 1909-04-20 1993-12-11 writer
literary critic
59244973 Q113882
Lily Ehrenfried German physician Germany 1896-08-20 1994-01-01 physician 5105997 Q99124
Agnes Fink Swiss actress (1919-1994) Germany
1919-12-14 1994-10-28 actor
voice actor
stage actor
40281817 Q106491
Maria Josefa Canellada Spanish professor of dialectology and phonetics Spain 1912 1995-05-07 writer
university teacher
79424437 Q43419
Alice Ekert-Rotholz German writer (1900-1995) Germany 1900-09-05 1995-06-17 writer
62300244 Q126320
Margarethe Noé von Nordberg Austrian actress (1905-1995) Austria 1905-06-02 1995-11-29 actor
film actor
stage actor
89861737 Q89765
Annelies Kammenhuber German hethitologist (1922-1995) Germany 1922-03-19 1995-12-24 Hittitologist
university teacher
59099817 Q109708
Christa Wehling German actress (1928-1996) Germany 1928-03-06 1996-03-17 actor 311672137 Q109143
Goldy Parin-Matthèy Swiss non-fiction writer (1911-1997) Switzerland 1911-05-30 1997-04-25 psychoanalyst 74168483 Q124480
Margarete Mewes Germany 1914 1998 30747136 Q103266
Helly Möslein Austrian musician (1914-1998) Austria 1914-08-04 1998-07-06 musician
75519303 Q114950
Annemarie in der Au German journalist and writer Germany 1924-10-22 1998-08-18 journalist
85316229 Q98854
Michaela Geiger
Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F085517-0020, Bonn, Oktoberfest Landesvetretung Bayern.jpg
German politician (1943-1998) Germany 1943-09-29 1998-12-30 politician 85164704 Q100960
Hanna Wolf German politician (1908-1999) Germany
German Democratic Republic
1908-02-04 1999-05-22 politician
university teacher
Sabine Leibholz-Bonhoeffer German writer (1906-1999) Germany 1906-02-04 1999-07-07 writer 47613623 Q109687
Elisabeth Hering German writer (1909-1999) Germany 1909-01-17 1999-07-15 writer 72590672 Q125392
Lilo Hardel German author (1914-1999) Germany 1914-06-22 1999-08-26 author
6034191 Q98903
Rosalinda von Ossietzky-Palm
German pacifist Germany 1919 2000 non-fiction writer
25232601 Q100818
Toshi Maruki Japanese artist and illustrator (1912-2000) Japan 1912-02-11 2000-01-13 artist
7510196 Q114582
Angelika Mechtel German writer (1943-2000) Germany 1943-08-26 2000-02-08 writer
111534302 Q110506
Brigitte Schlieben-Lange German romanist and university teacher (1943-2000) Germany 1943-09-25 2000-09-14 romanist
university teacher
109193769 Q106813
Alexandra Freund German television presenter (1967-2001) Germany 1967-03-06 2001-06-21 television presenter 41213826 Q109420
Emily Rosdolsky
Emily Rosdolsky.jpg
Austrian author Austria 1911-06-02 2001-09-03 author
trade unionist
2674150264372005860002 Q87706
Blanche Merz Swiss politician (1919-2002) Switzerland 1919-08-13 2002-01-01 politician
23055764 Q125710
Kathi Prechtl German actress Germany 1909 2002 stage actor
film actor
42397285 Q125891
Zeni Pereira Brazilian actress Brazil 1924-12-19
2002-03-21 actor
film actor
87242274 Q189556
Eva Brumby German actress (1922-2002) Germany 1922-07-09 2002-05-14 stage actor
film actor
38065146 Q105082
Laure Wyss
Laure Wyss 1981 by Verena Eggmann.jpg
Swiss writer and journalist Switzerland 1913-06-20 2002-08-21 writer
32013460 Q125380
Edith Schollwer
Edith Schollwer.jpg
German actress and voice actress (1904-2002) Germany 1904-02-12 2002-10-01 actor
voice actor
6701149108417868780005 Q108811
Undine Gruenter German writer Germany 1952-08-27 2002-10-05 writer 71451882 Q110519
Amsi Ker German actress (1922-2002) Germany 1922-09-18 2002-10-31 stage actor
film actor
311440467 Q125880
Maria von Schmedes Austrian musician (1917-2003) Austria 1917-10-06 2003-02-23 musician 79653147 Q112298
Heide Berndt German educationist (1938-2003) Germany 1938-12-02 2003-02-23 pedagogue
university teacher
264372000 Q126532
Gerdago Austrian costume designer (1906-2004) Austria 1906-08-28 2004-01-20 costume designer 311708361 Q90092
Maria Simma Catholic mystic Austria 1915-02-02 2004-03-16 mystic
religious servant
84975664 Q86918
Gudrun Krüger German sculptor Germany 1922-02-11 2004-05-25 sculptor
visual artist
10648548 Q107525
Eva Kemlein German photographer (1909-2004) Germany 1909-08-04 2004-08-08 photographer
5804088 Q125150
Jadranka Vladova North Macedonia 1956-04-20 2004-12-11 literary critic
71812912 Q126485
Paula Elise Karpinski
German politician (1897-2005) Germany 1897-11-06 2005-03-08 politician 241903632 Q120821
Christa Vogel German translator Germany 1943-06-16 2005-03-21 translator
102718231 Q125025
Josefine Hawelka Austrian café owner (1913-2005) Austria 1913-10-12 2005-03-22 restaurateur 74945404 Q94160
Marie Louise Fischer German writer (1922-2005) Germany 1922-10-28 2005-04-02 writer
children's writer
59204345 Q110382
Andrea Simmen Swiss cook and writer (1960-2005) Switzerland 1960-12-15 2005-07-19 cook
29604598 Q124687
Erni Singerl German actress German Reich
1921-08-29 2005-07-30 stage actor
film actor
65145262 Q125877
Diana Kempff German author and publisher (1945-2005) Germany 1945-06-11 2005-11-13 author
85441672 Q98932
Inge Merkel Austrian author Austria 1922-10-01 2006-01-15 author
98052346 Q88078
Nelly Wacker German translator Germany 1919-10-20 2006-03-26 translator
32943852 Q106619
Heidi Pataki Austrian author Austria 1940-11-02 2006-04-25 author
15668062 Q87547
Barbara Bartos-Höppner
Barbara Bartos-Höppner.jpg
German writer (1923-2006) Germany 1923-11-04 2006-07-07 writer
children's writer
111108666 Q108012
Manuela Wiesler Austrian flautist Austria 1955-07-22 2006-12-22 pedagogue 51878228 Q114348
Ray-Güde Mertin German professor and translator Germany 1943-07-19 2007-01-13 professor
59205100 Q105379
Silvia Rannamaa Estonian writer (1918-2007) Estonia 1918-03-03 2007-04-19 writer 56183749 Q116228
Nana Gualdi German actress and singer Germany 1932-04-29 2007-07-11 actor
stage actor
film actor
7169009 Q119630
Hilde Sicks German actress Germany 1920-11-25 2007-07-31 stage actor
film actor
32555795 Q102693
Irmgard Karwatzki
Irmgard Karwatzki (1989).jpg
German politician (1940-2007) Germany 1940-12-15 2007-12-09 politician 297603867 Q125431
Toni Menzinger German politician (1905-2007) Germany 1905-03-17 2007-12-27 politician 171825514 Q95930
Emma Brunner-Traut German egyptologist and archaeologist (1911-2008) Germany 1911-12-25 2008-01-18 egyptologist
106964690 Q108911
Irma Harder
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-23686-0001, Leipzig, Konferenz junger Autoren, Präsidium.jpg
German domestic worker (1915-2008) Germany
German Democratic Republic
1915-12-24 2008-02-13 domestic worker
52164108 Q123212
C. Doberman German writer (1928-2008) Germany 1928-02-09 2008-06-02 writer 34970530 Q123288
Matilde Horne Argentinian translator (1914-2008) Argentina 1914 2008-06-10 translator 26685476 Q102213
Lotte Betke German journalist (1905-2008) Germany 1905-11-05 2008-07-25 journalist
stage actor
71838206 Q124740
Bettina Spier German actress and voice actress Germany 1960-02-28 2008-08-12 actor
voice actor
311632862 Q101803
Ulrike Apel-Haefs German politician (1952-2009) Germany 1952-01-31 2009-02-09 politician
6332155191947682440000 Q99226
Dorothea Fischer-Nosbisch Germany 1921 2009-04-29 postage stamp designer 232491762 Q101102
Carola Lepping German author Germany 1921-05-14 2009-05-05 author
8152699 Q98945
Gudrun Deubener German screenwriter Germany 1931-10-17 2009-06-04
screenwriter 10460332 Q108751
Trude Mally
Austrian singer Austria 1928-01-21 2009-06-04 singer 23374886 Q112887
Anna Elisabeth Wiede German playwright, dramaturge, translator and author Germany
German Democratic Republic
1928-12-20 2009-06-16 playwright
40565486 Q99016
Gudrun Okras German actress (1929-2009) Germany 1929-12-08 2009-07-23 actor
film actor
95427153 Q126629
Heidi Oetinger German publisher Germany 1908-11-19 2009-10-05 publisher 143149066572565601602 Q89503
Simone Frost German actress Germany 1958-04-22 2009-10-14 stage actor
film actor
311687286 Q107458
Irena Conti Di Mauro
Irena Conti.jpg
Polish journalist, poet and writer Poland 1924-10-31 2009-10-26 journalist
94713361 Q55711
Fairy von Lilienfeld German theologian and church historian (1917-2009) Germany 1917-10-04 2009-11-12 theologian
Church historian
university teacher
111480816 Q110323
Sigrid Dušek German archaeologist and prehistorian (1937-2009) Germany 1937-09-18 2009-11-21 archaeologist
267511764 Q107303
Hanny Fries Swiss artist (1918-2009) Switzerland 1918-11-27 2009-12-07 artist
14987766 Q122978
Dorothea Kleine German writer (1928-2010) Germany 1928-03-06 2010-01-09 writer 17670225 Q102886
Hildegard Rauschenbach
Hildegard Rauschenbach (2005).jpg
German author (1926-2010) Germany 1926-03-15 2010-02-07 writer 79399710 Q107230
Ursula Böttcher Germany 1927-06-06 2010-03-03 circus performer 52546199 Q108521
Haidi Streletz German politician, dentist and painter (1931-2010) Germany 1931-09-24 2010-06-16 politician
3309720 Q104025
Dagmar Altrichter German actress and voice actress Germany 1924-09-20 2010-07-20 actor
voice actor
13241860 Q114065
Ute Klophaus German photographer Germany 1940-02-10 2010-12-06 photographer 818815 Q109084
Ellinor Holland German journalist and publisher (1928-2010) Germany 1928-09-12 2010-12-17 journalist
311440332 Q105380
Celia von Bismarck
Swiss celebrity (1971-2010) Switzerland 1971-10-19 2010-12-17 Cultural Institutions Studies
167320712 Q123112
Agnes-Marie Grisebach
Agnes-Marie Grisebach.jpg
German author Germany 1913-09-02 2011-03-06 author
69182736 Q97148
Eva Frodl-Kraft Austrian art historian Austria 1916-09-29 2011-05-01 art historian
13153543 Q112518
Magda Teresa Wójcik
Magda Teresa Wójcik Kopciuszek 1a.jpg
Polish actress (1934-2011) Poland 1934-06-10 2011-09-17 actor
theatrical director
164924624 Q114523
Ilse Kleberger German writer (1921-2012) Germany 1921-03-22 2012-01-02 writer 57354820 Q110497
Jane Ising German economist Germany
United States of America
1902-02-02 2012-02-02 economist
university teacher
45255449 Q90637
Johanna Herzogenberg German art historian and author Germany
Czech Republic
1921-06-23 2012-02-20 art historian
44333681 Q99497
Harriet Gessner German actress (1929-2012) Germany 1929-06-05 2012-03-04 actor
film actor
311647648 Q102712
Dita von Szadkowski German journalist Germany 1928 2012-03-30 journalist
non-fiction writer
74459442 Q125166
Ilse Buck
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-37600-0008, Leipzig, DHfK, Gymnastik.jpg
Austrian gymnastics teacher, radio host and author Austria 1923-05-11 2012-04-01 radio personality 54688547 Q89915
Yvette Z'Graggen
Yvette Z'Graggen by Erling Mandelmann - 2.jpg
Swiss writer and translator (1920-2012) Switzerland 1920-03-31 2012-04-16 writer
radio personality
98320719 Q122906
Christa Löser German actress (1926-2012) Germany 1926-03-22 2012-05-24 stage actor
film actor
121313820 Q122340
Ingeborg Westphal German actress (1950-2012) Germany 1950-11-30 2012-07-28 actor 146173083 Q100700
Ingrid Mittenzwei
Ingrid Mittenzwei.jpg
German historian (1929-2012) Germany
German Democratic Republic
German Reich
1929-05-14 2012-08-04 historian of Modern Age
university teacher
88039758 Q98431
Uta Franz Austrian actress (1935-2012) Austria 1935-09-19 2012-08-17 actor 311655908 Q86039
Marianne Lüdicke German sculptor (1919-2012) Germany 1919-10-18 2012-08-18 sculptor 30331906 Q54890
Maria Becker
Maria Becker (1963).jpg
German-Swiss film and theater actress, director, artistic director, reciter and radio play speaker German Reich
1920-01-28 2012-09-05 television actor
stage actor
film actor
theatrical director
42631601 Q74004
Käthe Reichel
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1989-1104-012, Berlin, Demonstration, Käthe Reichel.jpg
German television actress Germany 1926-03-03 2012-10-18
television actor
stage actor
film actor
30454030 Q115320
Gudrun Genest
Gudrun Genest - Fotothek df pk 0000067 007.jpg
German actress (1914-2013) Germany 1914-08-13 2013-02-06 actor
television actor
voice actor
film actor
stage actor
10600216 Q109127
Ursula Wölfel German writer (1922-2014) Germany 1922-09-16 2014-07-23 writer
children's writer
2478417 Q104645
Ulrike Kaufmann
Nestroy 2010 (45) Ulrike Kaufmann.jpg
Austrian graphic designer Austria 1953-09-13 2014-12-19 graphic designer
315940146 Q88766
Ingeborg Wellmann
Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F004044-0006, Düsseldorf, Gastspiel Berliner Kabarett.jpg
German actress and voice actress Germany 1924-05-05 2015-01-06 actor
voice actor
79786486 Q98994
Almut Rößler German organist, choir director and music educator Germany 1932-06-12 2015-02-14
choir director
music pedagogue
university teacher
92492814 Q101281
Ilse Zielstorff German actress Germany 1930-09-30
2015-05-25 actor
stage actor
311694004 Q113751
Florentine Mütherich German art historian Germany 1915-01-26 2015-06-12 art historian
university teacher
73857780 Q109944
Ruth Kraft
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-M1116-0023, Berlin, VII. Schriftstellerkongress, Freyer, Kraft, Knobloch, Krumbholz.jpg
German author (1920-2015) Germany
German Democratic Republic
1920-02-03 2015-07-08 author
25470092 Q98930
Christiane Langenberger
Christiane Langenberger.jpg
Swiss politician (1941-2015) Switzerland 1941-04-21 2015-08-16 politician 8914160667649203560009 Q120053
Ingeburg Herz Germany 1922-02-23 2015-09-30 businessperson 4351151717062313900007 Q105926
Luise Schapp German politician (CDU) (1912-2016) Germany 1912-04-11 2016-04-07 politician
302086806 Q109121
Ilse Rohnacher German university teacher and writer Germany 1926-07-12 2016-05-22 university teacher
22941066 Q106826
Magdalene Ehlers
Magdaleneehlers 2003 haus blomendal.jpg
German author Germany 1923-08-19 2016-11-10 author
62217639 Q98916
Hildegard Gerster-Schwenkel German writer Germany 1923 2016-11-27 writer 251346862 Q52061
Renate Axt German writer Germany 1934-08-09 2016-12-02 writer 7946259 Q106684
Trude Marzik
Vienna 1974 Buchwoche - Trude Marzik reading from 'Aus der Kuchlkredenz' cropped.jpg
Austrian writer (1923-2016) Austria 1923-06-06 2016-12-11 writer 66643919 Q112282
Eléonore Hirt Swiss actress (1919-2017) Switzerland
1919-12-19 2017-01-27 actor
film actor
51895004 Q118052
Renate Schroeter German actress (1939-2017) Germany 1939-09-27 2017-04-03 stage actor
film actor
television actor
305458526 Q111853
Doris Jannausch German author (1925-2017) Germany 1925-08-30 2017-12-10 author
cabaret artist
stage actor
22933362 Q98910
Liljana Dirjan North Macedonia 1953 2017-12-13 journalist
79461902 Q126478
Verena Grendelmeier
Verena Grendelmeier.jpg
Swiss actor, television presenter and politician (1939-2018) Switzerland 1939-02-16 2018-03-27 television presenter
stage actor
film actor
235012640 Q120736
Elga Sorbas German actress (1945-2018) Germany 1945-01-08 2018-04-28 actor 72465283 Q123777
Elisabeth Pfluger Swiss writer and literary folklorist (1919-2018) Switzerland 1919-10-21 2018-05-02 writer
3117921 Q125617
Renate Delfs
Stromkasten Renate Delfs Motiv 2018.jpg
German actress (1925-2018) Germany 1925-03-27 2018-05-14 actor 306157977 Q107220
Maria Körber German actress and voice actress (1930-2018) Germany 1930-06-23 2018-05-14 voice actor
stage actor
film actor
760044 Q124493
Barbara Wachowicz
Polish writer Poland 1937-05-18 2018-06-07 writer 85596496 Q55799
Livia Ana Tătaru German linguist Romania 1927-07-15 2018-06-10 linguist
university teacher
74144144 Q3095
Ursula Kurz
German writer Germany 1923-01-25 2018-07-16 writer 74327726
Barbara Bollwahn
BarbaraBollwahn3 w.jpg
German writer, translator and journalist (1964-2018) Germany 1964-03-11 2018-07-28 writer
52803674 Q123720
Vera Chejkovska Macedonian poet, essayist, and seismologist North Macedonia 1954-10-16 2018-11-19 poet
84243301 Q59946
Charlotte Worgitzky German writer Germany
German Democratic Republic
1934-06-06 2018-12-14 writer 15312016 Q106305
Uriella spiritual leader of the Fiat Lux order Switzerland 1929-02-20 2019-02-24 faith healing
non-fiction writer
cult leader
language teacher
fortune teller
383145857924423020684 Q122509
Elizabeth T. Spira
HannahFischerElizabethToniSpiraVHShietzing.B (cropped).JPG
Austrian documentary filmmaker, television presenter Austria 1942-12-24
2019-03-09 film director
television journalist
documentary filmmaker
opinion journalist
47495550 Q114936
Margaretha Grosser
Margaretha Grosser (2004).jpg
German author and translator (1934-2019) Germany 1934-09-20 2019-07-20 translator
Annette Kuhn German historian Germany 1934-05-22 2019-11-27 historian
university teacher
4972420 Q126477
Winifred Hyson American composer and music educator United States of America 1925-02-21 2019-12-06 composer
music pedagogue
59509760 Q114149
Geri Nasarski German journalist Germany 1944 2020-01-08 journalist
13237520 Q125075
Miriam Gillis-Carlebach
Miriam Gillis-Carlebach (cropped).jpg
German professor Germany
1922-02-01 2020-01-28 professor
27059307 Q106216
Marie-Luise Nikuta
Maria Luise Nikuta - CSD 2006 Cologne - Bühne Heumarkt.jpg
German singer (1938-2020) Germany 1938-07-25 2020-02-25 singer 316389742 Q106051
Gisela Wessel actress (1930-2020) Germany 1930-11-10 2020-04-14 stage actor
film actor
213461041 Q102650
Anneliese Kiehne-Tecklenburg German writer (1925-2020) Germany 1925-09-02 2020-09-16 writer 10466550 Q111232
Waltraud Schiffels German writer Germany 1944 2021-02-24 writer 16416005 Q51927
Trudel Wulle German actress Germany 1925-10-10 2021-11-15 actor 171489131 Q106954
Helga Köpstein German byzantinist Germany 1926-01-22 2022-02-13 byzantinist 47238301 Q114809
Elke Blumenthal German egyptologist Germany
German Democratic Republic
1938-01-25 2022-04-19 egyptologist
university teacher
274675551 Q108929
Anne Moreau-Vagnon French author and illustrator France 1966 illustrator
children's writer
88097113 Q4281
Amy L. Lansky
Amy Lansky.jpg
American author, computer scientist, and homeopath United States of America 1955 computer scientist
artificial intelligence researcher
42941594 Q11770
Anna Samuil Russian opera, recital and concert singer Soviet Union
1976 singer
opera singer
performing artist
71728158 Q16818
Gesina Lechte-Siemer
Gesina Lechte-Siemer (2004).jpg
German writer Germany 1911 writer 55326199 Q20635
Marie Tångeberg North Frisian educator and author Germany 1924-10-08 translator
233971953 Q20676
Schné singer, musician and actress Germany 20th century actor
311454326 Q21081
Ilona Koutny
Ilona Koutny 2015-05-14.jpg
Esperantist and linguist Hungary 1953-03-01 Esperantist
166148249 Q25316
Gina Ryder
American pornographic actress United States of America 1977-01-23 pornographic actor 87115331 Q25867
Britney Stevens
Britney Stevens.jpg
American pornographic actress United States of America 1985-02-24 pornographic actor 3696158005998202100003 Q25972
Marzia Sabella magistrate from Italy Italy 1965-03-10 magistrate 2293148876449649740000 Q29444
April Flowers
April Flowers CES2000 2.jpg
American pornographic actress and erotic dancer United States of America 1978-03-28 pornographic actor
9452154387437230970001 Q35389
Adrianna Nicole
Adrianna Nicole AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2009 crop.jpg
American pornographic actress United States of America 1977-03-25 pornographic actor
2241158005993802100001 Q35421
Ava Vincent
Ava Vincent AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2006.jpg
American pornographic actress United States of America 1975-09-29 pornographic actor
erotic photography model
film actor
87114851 Q35454
Maria Cruickshank
Maria Cruickshank 2014.jpg
Basque actor Spain 1989-11-12 actor
film actor
34146030527435860387 Q35642
Avy Scott
Avy Scott 2010.jpg
American pornographic actress, director and model United States of America 1981-11-02 pornographic actor
film actor
7574154387155430970000 Q35709
Aletta Ocean
Aletta Ocean at Venus Berlin 2010 crop.jpg
Hungarian pornographic actress Hungary 1987-12-14 pornographic actor
erotic photography model
4784158006001502100001 Q35980
Annie Cruz
Annie Cruz at AVN Awards 2011 1 (crop).jpg
American pornographic actress United States of America 1984-11-06 pornographic actor 3971158005998902100002 Q36271
Brianna Love
American pornographic actress United States of America 1985-03-14 pornographic actor
film actor
4632158006000902100007 Q38575
Eldbjørg Brekke Norwegian writer Norway 1954-05-12 author
224640239 Q41755
Elena Lenina
Russian and French actress Soviet Union
personal stylist
Valerie Springer Austrian writer Austria 1958 writer 81847811 Q52246
Rujuta Diwekar Indian nutritionist and author India nutritionist 112149842002102842477 Q56169
Marta Dahlig Polish painter Poland 1985-12-23 painter 270149106284068492300 Q59565
Vicki Davis American actress and voice actress United States of America 1980-07-18 actor
television actor
film actor
voice actor
274146094242500331665 Q60640
Marie-Cécile Moerdijk
Mariececile moerdijk-1525177110.jpeg
Dutch singer and writer Kingdom of the Netherlands 1929-05-24 singer
281352275 Q61519
Kelly Trump
Kelly Trump, 2008 (cropped).jpg
German pornographic actress Germany 1970-08-27 television presenter
pornographic actor
28238170 Q62276
Dru Berrymore
Dru Berrymore.jpg
German pornographic actress Germany
United States of America
1969-08-11 pornographic actor 42041396 Q62940
solo project 80147630 Q64518
Natascha Börger Venezuelan model Germany 1981-01-02 model
beauty pageant contestant
4414153775055661550007 Q71682
Élisabeth Wierzbicka Wela
DSC 0302 - Kopia.jpg
Polish painter Poland 1964-09-28 painter
contemporary artist
316445707 Q72249
Denise Zich
Denise Zich.jpg
German actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1975-12-07 actor
film actor
311691985 Q73068
Viktoria Brams German actress Germany 1944-09-17 television actor
voice actor
stage actor
film actor
Margareta Strömstedt
Margareta Strömstedt.jpg
Swedish writer and journalist Sweden 1931
36961961 Q75066
Sophie Karbjinski
Sophie Karbjinski.jpg
German actress Germany 1995-09-10 actor
film actor
311697784 Q76394
Gabriele Metzger
German actress Germany 1959-10-09 actor 306114633 Q76667
Vivian Schmitt
Vivian Schmitt cropped.jpg
German pornographic actress Germany
1978-03-31 pornographic actor
film actor
107561317 Q76669
Katja Kassin
Katja Kassin at 2005 AEE Thursday.jpg
German pornographic actress Germany 1979-09-24 pornographic actor
erotic photography model
311638480 Q76861
Bettina Jürgensen German politician and bookseller Germany 1954 politician
75146937831213832418 Q77778
Bilkay Öney
Bilkay Öney 8610.JPG
German politician Turkey
1970-06-23 politician 203849991 Q77878
Lena Nitro
Lena Nitro bei der Erotikmesse 2011 in Mannheim.jpg
German pornographic film actress Germany 1987-06-16
pornographic actor
film actor
251026653 Q78065
Bea Fiedler German actress Germany 1957-06-28 film actor
312620506 Q78211
Birgit Diezel
File2019-04-01 BD.jpg
German politician Germany 1958-02-10 politician 317060840 Q78410
Leonie Tepe German actress Germany 1995-09-12 actor
film actor
169509373 Q78463
Anne Riitta Ciccone Finnish film director Finland
1967-07-19 film director
64287858 Q80316
Jette Hering German actress Germany 1993-11-03 actor 311615451 Q80345
Szuyu Rachel Su
Szuyu Su Steinway.jpg
Taiwanese classical pianist Taiwan 1998-03-14 pianist 248145542608296640457 Q81305
Maria José Ritta
First Lady of Portugal between 1996 and 2006, as wife of the former President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio Portugal 1941-12-19 99747294 Q82322
Uta Taeger French actress France
1940-02-12 actor 258199984 Q82408
Sabine Petzl
20160318 Dancing Stars 9036.jpg
Austrian actress Austria 1965-08-09 stage actor
film actor
297342264 Q84707
Margret Kreidl
Margret Kreidl.jpg
Austrian author Austria 1964-01-02 author
84229231 Q84806
Katia Polletin actor and architect Austria 1967-03-24 actor 304610415 Q85043
Mona Seefried
2015-09-15 Mona Seefried 1152.JPG
Austrian actress Austria 1957-03-30 actor
voice actor
18828194 Q85247
Julia Cencig
Julia Cencig - Nestroy-Theaterpreis 2012.jpg
Austrian actress Austria 1972-09-18 stage actor
film actor
232438805 Q85841
Sabine Gruber Italian writer Italy 1963 writer 85430275 Q86826
Alina Freund German actress Germany 1997-10-02 actor
voice actor
film actor
88154674 Q87397
Yvonne Maria Schäfer
Yvonne maria schaefer (cropped).jpg
German actress and producer Germany 1975-09-28 actor
film producer
film actor
311680898 Q87459
Eva Rossmann
Eva Rossmann 2012.jpg
Austrian author Austria 1962-01-01 author
64744408 Q88080
Angelica Schwall-Düren
Grimmepreis 2015 014.jpg
German politician Germany 1948-07-16 politician 47330249 Q88184
Jana Frey Swiss author Switzerland
1969-04-16 author
children's writer
231806222 Q88221
Golineh Atai German TV correspondent Germany 1974-12-08 correspondent
309723792 Q88246
Pieke Biermann
Pieke Biermann (14582531796) (cropped).jpg
German writer, translator and journalist Germany 1950 writer
85393898 Q88275
Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber Austrian sinologist and writer Austria 1956 sinologist
37523405 Q88345
Jutta Voss Austrian theologian Austria 1942 theologian 3274286 Q88349
Julia Kröhn
Julia Kroehn.JPG
German journalist and author Austria
1975 journalist
Petra Nadolny
German actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1960-01-11 comedian
film actor
246363212 Q88747
Eva Demski
German author and translator Germany 1944-05-12 author
film director
111621526 Q88795
Sarah Stork German actress Germany 1987-02-06 stage actor
film actor
1183161274816247650002 Q88838
Sophie Schütt German actress Germany 1974-03-09 stage actor
film actor
81201059 Q88864
Ursula Buschhorn German actress Germany 1969-05-16 actor
film actor
311708381 Q88887
Konstanze Breitebner
Konstanze breitebner berlin 2011.jpg
Austrian actress Austria 1959-12-31 stage actor
film actor
306374472 Q88955
Marie Theres Kroetz-Relin
Marie Theres Kroetz-Relin - 3261 cropped.jpg
Swiss actress Switzerland
1966-06-30 actor
film actor
52770371 Q89182
Caroline Grothgar German actress Austria 1968-08-16 actor 311699954 Q89209
Rita Russek
Rita Russek (2013).jpg
actor and director Germany 1952-06-27 director
stage actor
film actor
170913978 Q89469
Natalie Uher Austrian actress and model Austria 1968-04-02 actor
194218975 Q89583
Andrea Spatzek
Andrea Spatzek.jpg
Austrian actress Austria 1959-05-03 stage actor
film actor
80111261 Q89593
Maria Blumencron Austrian actress and film director Austria 1965-11-09 actor
film director
69248030 Q89627
Barbara Tóth
Barbara Toth.jpg
Austrian publicist Austria 1974-10-08 writer
18314625 Q89654
Susanne Dengler Austrian singer Austria 1964-06-01 singer 317281172 Q89738
Antje Hagen
2015-09-15 Antje Hagen 0972.JPG
German actress Germany 1938-08-10 stage actor
film actor
5717157162104278980000 Q89789
Almut Eggert German actress and voice actress Germany 1937-06-07 actor
voice actor
311668000 Q89921
Barbara Neuwirth Austrian author Austria 1958-11-13 author
279634017 Q89981
Proschat Madani
Proschat Madani Romy 2019.jpg
Austrian actress Austria 1967-10-11 stage actor
film actor
311030796 Q90118
Natalie Alison
Natalie Alison (2012).jpg
Austrian actor, television presenter and author Austria 1978-06-13 actor
television presenter
8601704 Q90124
Lisa Mayer
Lisa Mayer, die Lyrikerin.jpg
poet Austria 1954 poet
speech and language therapist
27919948 Q90173
Maria Schaffenrath Austrian politician Austria 1951 politician 23343033 Q90294
Bettina Redlich Austrian actor and voice actor Austria 1963-12-19 voice actor
stage actor
film actor
107670232 Q90316
Ingeborg Junge-Reyer
Ingeborg Junge-Reyer - Verkehrsministerkonferenz Köln-3305.jpg
German politician Germany 1946-11-01 politician 251341187 Q90363
Angelika Kaufmann Austrian painter (1935-) Austria 1935-03-09 illustrator
66984613 Q90498
Veronika Trisko Austrian musician Austria 1981 musician
1644157100615872740008 Q90538
Pheline Roggan
2012-05-31 Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis DSCF0742.jpg
German actress Germany 1981-06-13 actor
film actor
television actor
167330009 Q90820
Claudia Rusch German journalist and writer Germany 1971-09-21 journalist
10097246 Q90903
Susanne Kastner
Susanne Kastner 2009.JPG
German politician Germany 1946-12-11 politician 47918350 Q91302
Beate Merk
German politician Germany 1957-08-01 politician 206763115 Q91313
Gila Lustiger
Gila Lustiger auf dem Blauen Sofa.jpg
German writer Germany 1963-04-27 writer
115269041 Q91358
Ines Geipel
Ines Geipel.jpg
German sportsperson, athletics competitor and writer Germany
German Democratic Republic
1960-07-07 athletics competitor
54426004 Q91448
Alla Churikova German animator Germany
Soviet Union
1962-04-17 animator 163959980 Q91537
Daniela Wutte
Daniela Wutte 300. Folgen 'Alarm für Cobra 11'.JPG
German actress Germany 1977-09-15 stage actor
film actor
315941570 Q91633
Katja Bienert German actress and film producer Germany 1966-09-01 actor
film producer
311630382 Q91978
Anja Schüte German actress Germany 1964-09-02 film actor
television actor
182130278 Q92247
Christina von Braun
Cvbraun Stratenschulte.jpg
German historian of religion Germany 1944-06-27 historian of religion
university teacher
film director
98429147 Q92437
Cecilia Hagen
Swedish writer and journalist Sweden 1946-05-15 journalist 50910210 Q93526
Ella-Maria Gollmer German actress Germany 1994-06-01 actor
film actor
television actor
child actor
169101952 Q95311
Arzu Bazman
Arzu Bazman Premiere "300 Worte Deutsch".JPG
German actress Germany 1977-12-12 actor
film actor
television actor
80119030 Q95368
Anike Hage
Anike Hage 2009-03-14.jpg
German comics artist Germany 1985-03-19 comics artist 74137228 Q95797
Maike Vogt-Lüerssen German author Germany 1956-03-24 author
25505408 Q95912
Hildegard Müller
Hildegard Müller 2.jpg
German lobbyist and former politician Germany 1967-06-29 politician 121212183 Q95925
Safia Monney
Safia Monney Paris.jpg
French-German actor France
1985-06-21 stage actor
film actor
311664530 Q96014
Monika Hansen German actress Germany 1943 actor 80217058 Q96025
Juliane Wurm
Wurm juliane 0161.JPG
German rock climber Germany 1990-12-15 rock climber 5000162481014437680006 Q96040
Doris Schmidts Germany 1988-10-10 model
beauty pageant contestant
296979291 Q96069
Christel Fiebiger German politician Germany 1946-12-29
politician 291748230 Q96075
Ilka Schröder German politician Germany 1978-01-22
politician 257168536 Q96081
Kerstin Thielemann
Cast Alarm für Cobra 11 bei der Premiere von der 300. Folge 'Alarm für Cobra 11'.jpg
German actress Germany 1962-04-23 actor 311673800 Q96101
Sidonie von Krosigk German actress Germany 1989-10-21 film actor
voice actor
4742286 Q96111
Inga Busch
Inga Busch - 2019191212757 2019-07-10 Fotoprobe Nibelungen Festspiele Worms Überwältigung - 2138 - AK8I1076.jpg
German actress Germany 1968-01-25 stage actor
film actor
9494149068430965730008 Q96212
Charlotte Kerner German writer and journalist Germany 1950-11-12 writer
youth book author
science fiction writer
88570014 Q96318
Cornelia Anken German author Germany 1967-10-13 author
80548123 Q96345
Susanne Fülscher German journalist and writer Germany 1961 journalist
191025027 Q96348
Naima German singer Germany 1981 singer 79991431 Q96474
Ivanka Brekalo German actress Germany 1981-03-14 film actor
television actor
stage actor
311706561 Q96715
Isabel Abedi
Abedi Isabel kinderbuchautorin floersheim main 290607.jpg
German writer Germany 1967-03-03 writer
children's writer
27352921 Q97228
Victoria Mayer actress Germany 1976-05-06 actor
film actor
171484749 Q97335
Gabrielle Scharnitzky
Gabrielle Scharnitzky.jpg
German actress Germany 1956-09-08 stage actor
film actor
311634539 Q97382
Susan Hoecke
MJKr01435 Susan Hoecke (Medienboard Party 2020).jpg
German actress Germany 1981-07-23 actor
beauty pageant contestant
311710313 Q97394
Gaby Albrecht
Gaby Albrecht.JPG
German musician Germany 1956-11-01 musician 75014477 Q97548
Camilla Renschke
Camilla Renschke (2).jpg
German actress Germany 1980-03-15 film actor 220539496 Q97553
Isabel Kreitz
Isabel Kreitz.jpg
German cartoonist Germany 1967 cartoonist 14971965 Q97559
Diana Frank German actress Germany
1965-08-29 actor 61756420 Q97568
Sabine Orléans German actress Germany 1960-03-16 actor
film actor
40548903 Q97571
Martina Fluck German author and film director Germany 1963 film director
311625400 Q97594
Ingrid Schmidt German judge Germany 1955-12-25 judge
Bärbel Stolz German actress Germany 1977-11-05 stage actor
film actor
311676999 Q97835
Meret Burger German actor and film director Germany 1975-07-29 actor
film director
311698394 Q97842
Doris Matthäus German publisher Germany 1963-04-03 publisher
187393492 Q97864
Gaby Baginsky
Gaby Baginsky.jpg
German musician Germany 1954-02-21 musician
79575751 Q97865
Ursula Isbel German author and translator Germany 1942-04-02 author
5447421 Q98198
Bettie Ballhaus German foto model, performance artist and television presenter in the field of adult entertainment Germany 1978-02-08 television presenter
fashion model
nude model
Playboy Playmate
erotic photography model
1144158858091944490000 Q98289
Diana Scheunemann German photographer Germany 1975 photographer 78529555 Q98353
Christine Clauß
Christine Ursula Clauß 2014 (cropped).jpg
German politician Germany
German Democratic Republic
1950-02-10 politician 170221979 Q98490
Gaby Berger German musician Germany 1952-01-14 musician 80046129 Q98503
Nathalie Tineo German singer Germany 1982 singer 80119373 Q98576
Janina Fautz
MJK 71183 Janina Fautz (arte-Empfang, Berlinale 2020).jpg
German actress Germany 1995-05-31 actor 311724484 Q98596
Selina Shirin Müller
Selina Shirin Müller - Jetix-Award - YOU 2008 Berlin (7032).jpg
singer Germany 1993-03-26 actor
80213253 Q98621
Judith von Halle German author Germany 1972 author
226747592 Q98706
Margret Brombacher
Margret Brombacher.jpg
German author Germany 1945 author
307307881 Q98769
Otti Wilmanns German botanist Germany 1928 botanist
university teacher
17388239 Q98775
Annemarie Pieper German philosopher and university teacher Germany 1941 philosopher
university teacher
34471163 Q98785
Theresia Bauer
Theresia Bauer.jpg
German politician Germany 1965-04-06 politician 60241960 Q98798
Ania Niedieck
Ania Niedieck (cropped).jpg
German actress Germany 1983-10-10 actor
film actor
television actor
7707149416773689730009 Q98902
Annette Weber
Annette Weber.jpg
German author of children's and youth literature Germany 1956 author
79533057 Q98913
Nikola Anne Mehlhorn
Nikola Anne Mehlhorn. Foto- G2 Baraniak.jpg
German author Germany 1967 author
24825023 Q98944
Henny Reents German actress Germany 1974-12-24 actor
film actor
311724315 Q99020
Gudrun Vaupel German actress and voice actress Germany 1941
voice actor
311633309 Q99024
Martina Krogmann
Martina Krogmann MdB 2005.jpg
German politician Germany 1964-07-10 politician 59822406 Q99028
Martina Münch
Martina Münch.jpg
German politician Germany 1961-12-29 politician 306210972 Q99123
Tanja Berg
Kannenberg, Ute 2012.jpg
German singer Germany 1941-09-11
singer 39156550 Q99129
Claire Lenkova German illustrator Germany 20th century illustrator
comics artist
90807403 Q99139
Bettina Cramer
Bettina Cramer (Berlinale 2011).jpg
German television presenter and film producer Germany 1969-10-16 television presenter
film producer
148144782953022283763 Q99155
Suzanne Ziellenbach German actress Germany 1960 actor
film actor
television actor
voice actor
311651536 Q99208
Theresia Walser German playwright and author Germany 1967-10-20 playwright
37082599 Q99242
Isabell Horn German actress Germany 1983-12-31 actor 9754155226735484490004 Q99248
Ellen Alpsten German journalist and author Germany 1971-10-27 journalist
85472440 Q99295
Akdemir Udenta
Claudia Udenta.jpg
german-turkish writer and journalist Turkey
1965 author
265618069 Q99312
Monika Thiemen
Monika Thiemen.jpg
German politician Germany 1954-04-21 politician 4703159764110008170001 Q99326
Cornelia Kempers German actress Germany 1954-09-30 stage actor
film actor
49914578 Q99575
Limpe Fuchs German composer Germany 1941 composer
performance artist
63219545 Q99664
Sabine von Schorlemer
Sabine von Schorlemer Landtag Sachsen by Stepro IMG 1850 LR50.jpg
German politician Germany 1959-03-11 politician
university teacher
20353339 Q99685
Kerstin Feltz German professor and music educator Germany 1962 professor
music pedagogue
79771304 Q99773
Judith Park
Judith park.jpg
German comics artist Germany 1984-05-19 comics artist 27372337 Q100319
Isabel Bongard
Isabel Bongard (2014).jpg
German actress Germany 1991 actor 14146029601335822700 Q100349
Tina York German pop singer Germany 1954-04-29 singer 79673042 Q100455
Lois Fisher-Ruge American journalist United States of America
1940 journalist
74644252 Q100470
Silvia Arroyo Camejo German non-fiction writer and writer Germany
1986 non-fiction writer
1154847 Q100522
Sina Tkotsch
Sina Tkotsch Filmball Vienna 2016 d.jpg
German actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1990-06-27 actor
film actor
television actor
170403491 Q100535
Mareike Krügel German writer Germany 1977 writer 47007601 Q100537
Stefanie Höner
Steffi hoener.jpg
German actress Germany 1969-08-02 stage actor
film actor
137983656 Q100545
Ursula Heyer German actress and voice actress Germany 1940-02-15 voice actor
stage actor
film actor
316739656 Q100571
Daniela Castner German psychologist and writer Germany 1948-05-16 psychologist
69546829 Q100578
Dilek Zaptçıoğlu Turkish journalist and translator Germany
1959 journalist
85100731 Q100600
Tina Ruland
Tina Ruland.jpg
German actress Germany 1966-10-09 actor
Playboy Playmate
74963427 Q100604
Olga Sippl German politician Germany 1920-09-19 politician 8146825343107632020 Q100605
Tessa Korber
Tessa Korber.jpg
German writer Germany 1966 writer 87206968 Q100610
Therese Fuhrer Swiss classical philologist Switzerland
1959-04-06 classical philologist
university teacher
7506840 Q100619
Natalie Wormsbecher
German comics artist Germany 1986-02-12 comics artist 20855826 Q100638
Marjan Shaki
Marjan Shaki 9531.jpg
German actress Germany 1980 actor
1186955 Q100641
Sabine Thiesler
Leipziger Buchmesse 2013 Sabine Thiesler.JPG
German writer, playwright and screenwriter Germany 1957 writer
stage actor
television actor
theatre manager
85873143 Q100671
Katja Giammona German actress Germany 1975-07-11 actor 30729422 Q100721
Josefine Domes German actor and songwriter Germany 1981-10-22 actor
311664919 Q100792
Jutta Fleck German activist and survivor of the German Democratic Republic Germany 1946 activist 56407787 Q100861
Lena Ehlers German actress Germany 1980-07-05 stage actor
film actor
311625127 Q100893
Karen Webb
Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2012 - Karen Webb.jpg
German television presenter Germany 1971-09-21 television presenter 103432844 Q100912
Marie Rönnebeck German actress Germany 1981 actor
film actor
311672212 Q101019
Meg Pfeiffer
Meg Pfeiffer - Pressefoto "Sunshine acoustic" 2015.jpg
German singer Germany 20th century singer-songwriter 133281835 Q101044
Isabella Soric German actress and television presenter Germany 1988-12-01 actor
television presenter
80918401 Q101047
Mia-Sophie Wellenbrink
Mia-Sophie Wellenbrink.jpg
German actor and singer Germany 1998-10-06 actor
80172790 Q101058
Manuela Stehr German film producer Germany 1957-03-10 film producer 23268963 Q101091
Heidi Mahler German actress Germany 1944-01-31 stage actor
film actor
79628870 Q101094
Ingelore Rosenkötter
Bremische Bürgerschaft Ingelore Rosenkötter IMG 8846 by Stepro.jpg
German politician Germany 1953-07-24 politician 303696311 Q101101
Martina Nöth German author and singer Germany 1975 writer
57544485 Q101105
Valerie Haller German television presenter and journalist Germany 1970-11-12 television presenter
75469536 Q101113
Rita Jaeger German model Germany 1935 model 6155486 Q101215
Annemarie Podlipny-Hehn German opinion journalist and writer Germany 1938-02-20 opinion journalist
art critic
art historian
25479138 Q101216
Helene Grass
MJK 70158 Helene Grass (Hessen-Empfang, Berlinale 2020).jpg
German actress Germany 1974-06-28 actor
film actor
47642672 Q101223
Isabell Gerschke German actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1979 actor
film actor
television actor
309598067 Q101228
Janina Stopper
2009-11-15 Munich Janina Stopper.jpg
German actress Germany 1989-05-25 actor
film actor
television actor
168947463 Q101238
Lena Beyerling German actress Germany 1995-09-27 actor
film actor
television actor
dub actor
171078861 Q101243
Alessandra Alores German model Germany 1975-10-06 model
beauty pageant contestant
2344153775046461550004 Q101250
Margrit Sartorius German actress Germany 1974 actor 206311243 Q101259
Jule Ronstedt German actress Germany 1971-04-21 stage actor
film actor
film director
426149108528768780006 Q101267
Ina Rudolph
Ina Rudolph - 6274.jpg
German actress Germany 1969-04-22 actor 18433007 Q101278
Petra Merkel
German politician Germany 1947-09-18 politician 308196152 Q101296
Fereshta Ludin German-Afghan teacher Germany 1972 teacher 315940019 Q101297
Susanna Simon Russian-German actress Germany 1968-07-23 actor 251633889 Q101664
Katharina Koschny
KK Portrait 2 Film.jpg
German actress Germany 1953-07-28 actor
voice actor
13241008 Q101686
Gesche Tebbenhoff German actress Germany 1966-01-28 stage actor
film actor
311703479 Q101705
Maike von Bremen
Maike von Bremen.jpg
German actress Germany 1981-03-04 actor
stage actor
80198442 Q101807
Michaela Schmidt German ski jumper Germany 1983-11-27 ski jumper 171514225 Q101824
Dorothea Henzler
German politician Germany 1948-10-31 politician 1653154801892956310004 Q102222
Erika Riemann German writer Germany 1930-12-25 writer 30015234 Q102543
Tanja Langer
Tanja Langer in Berlin.jpg
German specialist in literature, writer and director Germany 1962-09-10 literary scholar
10075932 Q102564
Kerstin Sanders-Dornseif German actress and voice actress Germany 1943-06-17 voice actor
stage actor
film actor
15903595 Q102651
Lena Falkenhagen
Lena Falkenhagen 2019.JPG
German author Germany 1973 writer
science fiction writer
narrative designer
18430578 Q102657
Maud Ackermann German voice actor Germany 1965 voice actor 72582221 Q102658
Antje Radcke German politician and entrepreneur Germany 1960 politician
15660408 Q102662
Cornelia Nath German activist Germany 1954-06-14 activist 301195478 Q102699
Patrycia Ziółkowska Polish German actress Germany 1979-04-19 actor
film actor
stage actor
65226962 Q102833
Juliane von Friesen German politician Germany 1950-11-29 politician 1767147786747668220003 Q102842
Cornelia Kempf German writer Germany 1970-01-13 writer 3643144 Q102874
Monika Feth
Monika Feth 2013.jpg
German journalist and writer Germany 1951-06-08 journalist
children's writer
102263418 Q102880
Johanna Walser German translator Germany 1957 translator
49242331 Q102885
Maike Wetzel
Maike Wetzel 2018 - 1.jpg
German writer and film director Germany 1974 film director
49448600 Q102887
Petra Mönter German author Germany 1962 writer 42678869 Q102888
Charlotte Richter-Peill
Charlotte Richter-Peill.jpg
German writer Germany 1969-07-10 writer 35300801 Q102890
Cornelia Manikowsky German writer Germany 1961-12-03 writer 62478044 Q102893
Monika Buttler German journalist and translator Germany 1939 journalist
37844540 Q102899
Kari Köster-Lösche German non-fiction writer and writer Germany 1946 non-fiction writer
37056536 Q102900
Almuth Link German journalist Germany 1935-06-26 journalist
22681321 Q102906
Dorit Zinn German writer Germany 1940 screenwriter
25405009 Q102910
Anne Kasprik German actress Germany 1963-06-11 actor
film actor
television actor
160389537 Q102916
Lina Rabea Mohr German actress Germany 1985-11-05 stage actor
film actor
dub actor
311714224 Q102923
Marie-Ernestine Worch
Marie-Ernestine Worch Alisa Fanday.jpg
German actress Germany 1984 actor
film actor
television actor
169443351 Q102929
Anja Gräfenstein German actress Germany 1981-10-08 actor
film actor
television actor
72477270 Q102937
Heidrun Schleef German screenwriter Germany 1962 screenwriter 103261499 Q102954
Gabrielė Odinis
Gabrielle Odinis 2014.jpg
German actress Germany 1974-04-25 actor
film actor
television actor
311722625 Q103105
Sabine Wegner German actress Germany 1955 actor 41628749 Q103425
Petra A. Bauer German journalist Germany 1964 journalist
45376948 Q103449
Ulrike Egelhaaf-Gaiser German literary historian and classical philologist Germany 1967 literary historian
classical philologist
university teacher
85485457 Q103503
Christine Scheel
Scheel0071 klein.jpg
German politician Germany 1956-12-31 politician 72631430 Q103518
Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen
Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F086558-0019, Bonn, Pressekonferenz, Schmalz-Jacobsen.jpg
German politician Germany 1934-11-11 politician
14947630 Q103529
Christine Strube German archaeologist Germany 1943-02-14 archaeologist
university teacher
art historian
27209232 Q103766
Sabrina Janesch
Sabrina Janesch Born Preis 2.jpg
German writer Germany 1985-04-20 writer
160984062 Q103797
Anna Langhoff
FM-2019-1-6-2-37 Niggl-Radloff-B-Anna-Langhoff-ONLINE.jpg
German writer Germany 1965-05-30 dramaturge
56649553 Q103929
Anne Menden German actress Germany 1985-10-05 actor
3570154015352609310006 Q104118
Gabriele Clemens German historian of modern age Germany 1953-10-06 historian of Modern Age
university teacher
24764754 Q104132
Dorothea Steiner
Dorothea Steiner.jpg
German politician Germany 1948-08-21 politician 2723151656272608400002 Q104338
Joanna Semmelrogge German actress Germany 1990-05-05 actor 311608353 Q104339
Saskia Valencia
Saskia Valencia (Berlin Film Festival 2009) (cropped).jpg
German actress and television presenter Germany 1964-07-21 actor
television presenter
13224386 Q104346
Sonja Baum German actress Germany 1975-07-22 actor 640145970044632250560 Q104377
Katrin de Vries German screenwriter Germany 1958 screenwriter
comics writer
100855171 Q104430
Anja Höfer German television presenter and journalist Germany 1971-08-03 television presenter
10687684 Q104435
Nina Blazon German journalist Germany 1969 journalist
47709244 Q104650
Vanessa Jopp
Grimme-Preis 2011 - Vanessa Jopp (cropped).JPG
German film director Germany 1971-02-28 film director
165492628 Q104726
Joana German singer Germany 1944-10-11 singer 79614439 Q104733
Buket Alakuş Turco-German film director and screenwriter Turkey
1971-07-01 film director
86005820 Q104744
Susanne Gaschke
Susanne Gaschke (2011).jpg
German journalist and politician Germany 1967-01-19 journalist
non-fiction writer
54300970 Q104875
Anja Hilling
German playwright Germany 1975 playwright
15923195 Q104942
Gitta Trauernicht
2013-08-23 - Dr. Gitta Trauernicht - 8665.jpg
German politician Germany 1951-04-30 politician 42416830
Heike Polzin
20130619 Heike Polzin 0260.JPG
German politician Germany
German Democratic Republic
1955-12-27 politician 940161274844247650009 Q104972
Ela Nitzsche German actress and voice actress Germany 1959 actor
voice actor
dub actor
303025569 Q105043
Frauke Ludowig
German television presenter Germany 1964-01-10 television presenter 81288716 Q105062
Marianne Ehlers German writer Germany 1953 writer 50388675 Q105078
Annett Culp German actress Germany 1978-08-01
311692446 Q105144
Claudia Bechstein German model and moderator Germany 1978 model
beauty pageant contestant
311722006 Q105145
Ulrike C. Tscharre
AV0A7860 Ulrike C. Tscharre.jpg
German actress Germany 1972-05-15 actor
film actor
40427292 Q105147
Nadine Arents German actress Germany 1982-02-03 actor 311628335 Q105152
Jil Funke German actress Germany 1988-10-10 actor 232149706 Q105153
Nadine Krüger German television presenter Germany
German Democratic Republic
1977-06-26 actor
television presenter
316740881 Q105159
Sabrina Schepmann German fashion model, beauty queen, photographer, singer, and actress Germany 1981-06-01 actor
beauty pageant contestant
1892153775044461550004 Q105161
Anne Ratte-Polle
MJK 67819 Anne Ratte-Polle (Berlinale 2020).jpg
German actress Germany 1974 stage actor
film actor
156457399 Q105166
Evelin König German television presenter Germany 1966 television presenter
305327242 Q105178
Melanie Marschke
Marschke, Melanie cropped, Sokoleipzig.jpg
German actress Germany 1969-12-03 actor 86210468 Q105182
Jessica Stockmann German actress Germany 1967-02-01 actor 311660897 Q105185
Gitta Saxx
Life Ball 2013 - magenta carpet Gitta Saxx.jpg
German television presenter Germany 1965-01-22 television presenter
285420816 Q105188
Katja Weitzenböck
2016194203312 2016-07-12 Fotoprobe Nibelungen Festspiele Worms Gold - Sven - 1D X II - 0124 - AK8I6090 mod.jpg
German actress Germany 1967-06-10 actor
stage actor
96865692 Q105189
Ursula Sieg German actress and voice actress Germany 1937-08-07 actor
voice actor
101185221 Q105192
Elisabeth Günther
German actress and voice actress Germany 1966 actor
voice actor
307311664 Q105195
Uschi Zietsch
Uschi Zietsch, Autorin (Science Fiction, Fantasy) - 2016a.jpg
German writer Germany 1961-08-03 writer
science fiction writer
children's writer
Petra Oelker German journalist Germany 1947 journalist
22931871 Q105500
Zofia Garden German writer Germany 20th century writer 38118707 Q105502
Astrid Paprotta German writer, screenwriter and journalist Germany 1957-05-31 writer
non-fiction writer
5994120 Q105534
Heike Laufenburg German illustrator Germany 1961-05-17 illustrator
22770631 Q105560
Juli Gudehus
Juli Gudehus mit Sternen.jpg
German graphic designer Germany 1968-01-15 graphic designer 263615179 Q105571
Beate Weber
Beate Weber 2006a.jpg
German politician Germany 1943-12-12 politician 94148997579759870007 Q105655
Beate Faßnacht German playwright Germany 1962 playwright
81307822 Q105754
Anna Julia Kapfelsperger
Anne Julia Kapfelsperger (cropped).jpg
German actress Germany 1985-07-11 actor
stage actor
311194167 Q105768
Annette Birschel German journalist Germany 1960 journalist 107329548 Q105847
Marianne Herzog German journalist Germany 1939-10-10 journalist
political activist
114197014 Q105978
Ferdos Forudastan
2018-07-05 Politik, TV, Maischberger, Sendung vom 04.07.2018 IMG 1953 LR10 by Stepro.jpg
German journalist, radio host, reporter and politician Germany 1960-09-29 journalist
radio personality
85757320 Q106003
Nina Moghaddam
German television presenter Germany 1980-12-27 television presenter 215867702 Q106019
Nuray Şahin Turkish German film director and actress Germany 1974-08-26 film director
311624317 Q106089
Regine Mönkemeier German writer Germany 1938-11-07 writer 85712095 Q106286
Sonja Ruf German writer Germany 1967-04-10 writer 84150604 Q106289
Jil Karoly German writer Germany 1958 writer 246734245 Q106290
Regula Venske
Regula Venske.jpg
German specialist in literature and writer Germany 1955-06-12 literary scholar
85456338 Q106292
Malin Schwerdtfeger German screenwriter Germany 1972-12-27 screenwriter
85372416 Q106293
Linda Pfeiffer German writer Germany 1948-05-25 writer 44902528 Q106294
Sigrid Brunk German writer Germany 1937-09-14 writer 52474517 Q106296
Roswitha Haring German writer Germany 1960-10-09 writer 85080730 Q106297
Kristina Dunker German writer Germany 1973-06-15 writer 85325629 Q106302
Barbara von Bellingen German writer Germany 1944 writer 62285401 Q106311
Sigrid Damm
1992-04-06 Otto Stender, Lesung Sigrid Damm, Georgsbuchhandlung Hannover.tif
German specialist in literature and writer Germany 1940-12-07 literary scholar
109443903 Q106312
Andrea Claßen German judge Germany 1955-09-26 judge
30268877 Q106322
Kerstin Specht German writer Germany 1956-06-05 dramaturge
263615237 Q106324
Jenny-Mai Nuyen
Jenny-Mai Nuyen auf dem Blauen Sofa.jpg
German fantasy writer Germany 1988-03-14 writer 30684993 Q106361
Marie-Luise Scherer German writer and journalist Germany 1938 writer
311271241 Q106366
Minh-Khai Phan-Thi
Geheimniskrämer - 2018-01-24-1929.jpg
German actress and television presenter Germany 1974-02-19 television presenter
film actor
film director
52876763 Q106373
Petra Perle
Petra Perle Portrait.jpg
German musician Germany 190s musician 32841833 Q106397
Margret Hölle
Lesung Lichtung Verlag Januar 2015 im Lyrik Kabinett, Margret Hölle.JPG
German writer Germany 1927-04-02 writer 50013908 Q106400
Martha Schad
Martha Schad.jpg
German writer Germany 1939-03-12 historian
265089649 Q106404
Ulrike Herrmann
Maischberger - 2019-03-06-6426.jpg
German journalist Germany 1964 journalist
non-fiction writer
6142091 Q106405
Gabriele Beyerlein German writer Germany 1949-03-01 writer 879421 Q106406
Mona Freiberg German actress Germany 1950-10-30 actor 10747605 Q106407
Martina Schwarzmann
Martina Schwarzmann.jpg
German cabaret artist Germany 1979-02-26 cabaret artist 33172818 Q106413
Ixi (2013).jpg
German singer Germany 1962-11-04 singer 79613120 Q106415
Wiebke Puls German actress Germany 1973-12-12 stage actor
film actor
performing artist
568149296182680670009 Q106438
Laura Garavini
Laura Garavini datisenato 2018.jpg
Italian politician Germany
1966-07-23 politician 280148122886295200004 Q106446
Susanne Gärtner German actress Germany 1974-08-14 actor
film actor
stage actor
74984653 Q106460
Sonsee Neu German actress Germany 1973-06-04 actor 266381633
Maryam Zaree
Maryam Zaree (2018).JPG
German actress Germany 1983-07-22 actor
film director
251031856 Q106466
Xenia Georgia Assenza German actress Germany 1990-12-15 actor
311651385 Q106478
Heike Schroetter German actress and voice actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1956-01-19 actor
voice actor
6133844 Q106485
Leyla Onur German politician Germany 1945-01-08 politician 263540915 Q106499
Lubina Šěnec German writer Germany 1976 writer 85095561 Q106541
Jěwa-Marja Čornakec
Jěwa-Marja Čornakec.jpg
Sorbian author, interpreter and journalist Germany 1959-01-08 journalist
84114198 Q106549
Tanja Donath German singer and opera singer Germany 1971-07-27 singer
opera singer
79888889 Q106557
Edda Schnittgard
Cover me 2006 - 6483 (Bach-Schnittgard-Uecker-Hoecker).jpg
German screenwriter and cabaret artist Germany 1971-11-03 screenwriter
cabaret artist
80205347 Q106561
Millane Fernandez German actress Germany 1986-07-23 actor
80036347 Q106579
Marjaleena Lembcke Finnish-German writer Germany
1945-02-04 writer 29677248 Q106705
Gabriele Goettle German journalist Germany 1946-05-31 journalist
113044581 Q106729
Uschi Karnat German pornographic actress Germany 1952-03-03 actor
pornographic actor
311623535 Q106741
Berivan Kaya German actress Germany 1972-11-11
stage actor
film actor
311665278 Q106754
Renate Lachmann German specialist in literature and university teacher Germany 1936-02-04 literary scholar
university teacher
228585986 Q106787
Luci van Org
Luci van Org, Magdeburg 2009.jpg
German actor, writer, singer and radio host Germany 1971-09-01 actor
radio personality
television presenter
18357802 Q106797
Margarita Breitkreiz German actress Germany 1980-01-07 stage actor
film actor
dub actor
311644405 Q106835
Monica Ivancan
German actress Germany 1977-07-02 actor
311641794 Q106843
Edina Pop
Edina Pop crop.jpg
Hungarian-born Deutsch singer Germany 1941-02-04
singer 79772471
Karen-Susan Fessel German journalist and writer Germany 1964-12-15 journalist
children's writer
278406755 Q106873
Gisela Splett
Gisela Splett 8462.JPG
German politician Germany 1967-01-20 politician 205714433 Q106925
Rosemarie Banholzer
German writer Germany 1925-02-10 writer 57447506 Q106937
Katrin Altpeter
2013-05-15 16 - Altpeter, Katrin, MdL - LTBW - 4960.jpg
German politician Germany 1963-11-06 politician 211860946 Q106958
Barbara Yurtdaş German-Turkish writer and teacher Turkey
1937-10-08 translator
27867406 Q107028
Kerstin Müller
Kerstin Mueller, Gruene NRW LDK 2008.jpg
politician Germany 1963-11-13 politician 255683607 Q107046
Regina van Dinther
Regina van Dinther (2005).jpg
German politician Germany 1958-05-15 politician 220525918 Q107074
Iris Brosch
Iris Brosch Photographer.jpg
German photographer Germany 1964-07-01 photographer 1750155708733822580006 Q107091
Katrin Rohde
Katrin Rohde.jpg
German writer Germany 1948-06-04 writer 40302043 Q107107
Nina Kronjäger
Hart aber fair - 2019-12-02-9932.jpg
German actress Germany 1967-02-26 actor
voice actor
300196670 Q107127
Fiona Coors German actress Germany 1972-06-07 actor
voice actor
122328015 Q107145
Ulla Lachauer
Ulla Lachauer 1060466.jpg
German journalist Germany 1951-02-06
15497994 Q107153
Sünje Lewejohann German writer Germany 1972 writer
22423891 Q107209
Heike Ulrich
Heike Ulrich.jpg
German actress Germany 1960-05-11 actor 311721817 Q107222
Eva Freese German actress and voice actress Germany 1963-04-21 actor
voice actor
311604037 Q107266
Nadine Seiffert German actress Germany 1977-06-14 stage actor
film actor
311704918 Q107364
Carolyn Genzkow
Grimme-Preis 2011 - Carolyn Genzkow 1 cropped.JPG
German actress Germany 1992-07-11 actor
film actor
107258651 Q107375
Friederike Heumann German viol player Germany 1965 viol player 46949812 Q107814
Renate Seydel German writer and editor Germany 1935 writer
71515774 Q107824
Helga Labs
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R0605-0106, Berlin, XII. Parlament, 5. Beratungstag (cropped).jpg
German politician Germany
German Democratic Republic
1940-05-22 politician
trade unionist
164764712 Q107833
Gloria Beck German writer Germany 1968-01-04 writer 8496573 Q107901
Florence Joy
Florence Joy.jpg
German actress and voice actress Germany 1986-07-16 actor
voice actor
film actor
62964665 Q108192
Nicolette Kressl German politician Germany 1958-10-29 politician 171724487 Q108221
Donata Wenders
MJK30764 Donata and Wim Wenders (Berlinale 2017).jpg
German photographer Germany 1965-06-20 photographer
202602245 Q108222
Ursel Scheffler German writer Germany 1938-07-29 writer 265710816 Q108326
Sylke Enders German film director, screenwriter and film producer Germany 1965-04-05 film director
film producer
103374248 Q108417
Sarah Tkotsch
German actress and voice actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1988-02-02 actor
film actor
voice actor
179729394 Q108523
Tatiani Katrantzi
Tatiani Katrantzi.jpg
German actress Germany 1974-05-26 actor
film actor
311697803 Q108730
Claudia Neidig
Claudia-Neidig (4).jpg
German actress Germany 1960-12-17 actor
stage actor
film actor
311692906 Q108792
Gruschenka Stevens
German actor-singer Germany 1974-07-16 actor
film actor
312620293 Q108873
Renate Thyssen-Henne
German entrepreneur Germany 1939-06-20 entrepreneur 295040256 Q108918
Nora Binder
German actress, social scientist and social historian Germany 1984-02-18 stage actor
film actor
social scientist
social historian
10145602353101361515 Q108928
Gabriele Metzler German historian of modern age Germany 1967-09-07 historian of Modern Age
university teacher
17390242 Q108937
Lucia Puttrich
2016-02-04 Lucia Puttrich -Ministerin für Bundes- und Europaangelegenheiten Hessen - 3218-2.jpg
German politician Germany 1961-04-11 politician 6385149068586665730001 Q108954
Editha Westmann
Westmann, Editha.jpg
German politician Germany 1963-12-10 politician 302670716 Q109105
Sandra Keck German actress Germany 1967-10-08 stage actor
film actor
6025216 Q109141
Anne Ameri-Siemens German writer Germany 1974-03-06 writer 42979837 Q109157
Florence von Gerkan German costume designer and university teacher Germany 1960 costume designer
university teacher
74064430 Q109172
Franziska Meyer Price German film and television director Germany 1962 film director 101273350
Ebba D. Drolshagen
Ebba D Drolshagen.jpg
German opinion journalist and translator Germany 1948-10-11 opinion journalist
8122400 Q109192
Silke Lautenschläger
DE-HE-Lautenschläger Silke.jpg
German politician Germany 1968-09-19 politician 35532355 Q109427
Andrea Kathrin Loewig German actress and voice actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1966-09-22 actor
voice actor
70016790 Q109430
Nicola Ransom German actress Germany 1971-07-23 actor 232182564 Q109614
Sarah Kim Gries German actress Germany
Kingdom of the Netherlands
1990-03-03 actor 80987435 Q109642
Angela Sandritter German actress Germany 1975-11-22
stage actor
311611406 Q109645
Hildegard Stausberg German journalist Germany 1948 journalist 22881220 Q109688
Evgenia Rubinova
Evgenia Rubinova 2003 (cropped).jpg
German pianist and music educator Germany 1977 pianist
music pedagogue
university teacher
63770278 Q109710
Gabriele Weingartner German journalist and writer Germany 1948-12-02 journalist
74023691 Q109950
Birgit Bergen
Birgit Bergen (Bayerischer Filmpreis 2012).jpg
German actress Germany 1938-08-17 actor 311636418 Q109953
Grażyna Kania
GrazynaDSC 6521 klein.png
German theatre director Germany
1971-04-24 theatrical director 308782889 Q110231
Eva Hahnová German historian of modern age and historian Germany 1946 historian of Modern Age
contributing editor
118301641 Q110249
Stefanie Golisch German writer and translator Germany 1961-07-29 writer
15451434 Q110316
Anne-Catrin Märzke
Anne-Catrin Märzke.jpeg
German actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1985-09-17 actor
934157282920303640000 Q110349
Tatjana Trieb German actress Germany 1985-08-26 actor 120529368 Q110364
Nina Weniger German actress Germany 1968-12-01 stage actor
film actor
169078859 Q110455
Aylin Esener German actress Germany 1975-08-24 stage actor
film actor
28244752 Q110468
Friederike Pannewick German educationist Germany 1966-11-17 pedagogue
university teacher
2604327 Q110469
Sabine Both German writer Germany 1970 writer 13382579 Q110496
Susanne Röckel
Susanne Röckel im Literaturhaus München.jpg
German translator Germany 1953-06-14 translator
29571755 Q110507
Ingrid Kötter German author Germany 1934-06-23 writer 44837808 Q110526
Iris Kammerer German writer Germany 1963-02-16 writer 40439711 Q110527
Dagmar Nick German writer, poet and translator Germany 1926-05-30 writer
98087044 Q110529
Nora Schmitt German writer Germany 1924-10-11 writer 39894715 Q110530
Beatrix Mannel German contributing editor and writer Germany 1961 contributing editor
84770913 Q110536
Birgit Homburger
20130922 Bundestagswahl 2013 in Berlin by Moritz Kosinsky0265 (cropped).jpg
German politician Germany 1965-04-11 politician 171905374 Q110890
Andrea Jonasson actress Germany 1942-06-29 stage actor
film actor
13496690 Q110987
Sibylle Tafel
Sibylle Tafel.jpg
German film director Germany 1966-05-28
film director
305354773 Q110992
Ute Katharina Kampowsky German actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1979-12-28 actor
film actor
stage actor
television actor
311702805 Q110994
Lara Joy Körner
0422 Lara Joy Körner.JPG
German actress Germany 1978-10-28 actor
stage actor
3412277 Q111005
Nadine Warmuth
Nadine Warmuth Berlinale 2010 cropped.jpg
actress Germany 1982-04-11 voice actor
stage actor
film actor
250972444 Q111020
Lucie Muhr German actress Germany 1978-01-20 stage actor
film actor
311611730 Q111023
Jana Schölermann
German actress and voice actress Germany 1987-05-16 actor
voice actor
film actor
television actor
dub actor
316875872 Q111025
Claudia Weiske German actress Germany 1970-11-12 stage actor
film actor
311715317 Q111093
Dagmar Hirtz
Dagmar Hirtz.jpg
German film editor and film director Germany 1941-05-29 film director
film editor
television director
film producer
101178560 Q111136
Renate Herrmann-Winter German university teacher Germany
German Democratic Republic
1933-01-11 university teacher 36954374 Q111234
Annekathrin Bach German actress Germany 1979-04-20 actor
film actor
311657819 Q111578
Claudia Rieschel German actress Germany 1950-11-30 stage actor
film actor
311631214 Q111590
Milù German singer Germany 1973-05 singer 80163907 Q111892
Tatjana Clasing
Tatjana Clasing.jpg
German actress Germany 1964-02-08 film actor
stage actor
Yvonne Hornack
Yvonne Hornack 2012-05-31 Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis DSCF0757 (crop).JPG
German actress Germany 1970-08-09 stage actor
film actor
311713181 Q111905
Christine Wodrascka French pianist France 1957-06-15 pianist 89819588 Q111952
Monika Krohwinkel German professor Germany 1941 professor 54815516 Q112120
Monika Taubitz
M. Taubitz w zajezdzie Skowronki solo 13 maja 2012.jpg
German writer Germany 1937-09-02 writer 47289006 Q112192
Jazz Gitti
Jazz Gitti Tulln 20080830 04.jpg
Austrian musician Austria 1946-05-13 musician
Katja Sturm-Schnabl
Katja sturm-schnabl.jpg
Austrian literary scholar, cultural historian, linguist and slavicist Austria 1936-02-17 university teacher
literary historian
cultural historian
12303631 Q112309
Louise Wagner German-French choreographer France
1981 choreographer 5026147553278453800009 Q112543
Ivonne Schönherr German actress Germany 1981-01-20 actor
film actor
196111128 Q112561
Annika Pages German actress Germany 1968-07-31 actor 20615050 Q112580
Laura-Charlotte Syniawa German actress Germany 1985-10-29 actor 311629824 Q112598
Shantia Ullmann German actress Germany 1983 stage actor
film actor
311675843 Q112602
Annika Murjahn German actress Germany 1978-04-19 actor 311673683 Q112624
Silvana Bayer German actress Germany 1980-03-04 actor 311641294 Q112629
Anna Smolik
Und ewig singen die Wälder (filmposter) Smolik Ausschnitt.jpg
Austrian actress Austria 1928-10-03 actor 311316390 Q112658
Christa Meves German psychologist, writer and psychotherapist Germany 1925-03-04 psychologist
47554509 Q112660
Karin Thaler
Karin Thaler, 2017.JPG
German actress Germany 1965-06-12 actor
film actor
315524086 Q112667
Anke Sevenich
Anke Sevenich (2016).jpg
German actress Germany 1959-01-30 actor 57715093 Q112677
Maxi Warwel German actress Germany 1983-03-01 actor
film actor
168666194 Q112684
Sarah Alles
Sarah Alles by Oliver Lichtblau.jpg
German actress Germany 1986-09-17 stage actor
film actor
168187761 Q112748
Brigitta Cimarolli Austrian actress Austria 1958-11-11 actor
chess player
5445153954926305680000 Q113222
Gwendolyn von Ambesser German actress Germany 1949-06-04 actor
film director
27681856 Q113361
Kirsten Müller-Vahl German psychiatrist Germany 1964-03-06 psychiatrist
university teacher
50280044 Q113539
Alja Velkaverh
Verleihung Konrad-Adenauer-Preis der Stadt Köln 2019 an Daniel Barenboim-9434.jpg
Slovene flautist Slovenia 1982-05-15 flutist 2158152821998401040001 Q113577
Nada Zekmanova Yakimova Macedonian children's writer North Macedonia 1917-06-02 writer 305480663 Q113578
Lara Naszinsky German actress and musicologist Germany 1967-03-21 actor
27277895 Q113601
Helene Partik-Pablé Austrian judge and politician Austria 1939-08-12 judge
233212482 Q113604
Gisa Zach
Gisa Zach.jpg
German actress Germany 1974-05-23 actor
stage actor
301982591 Q113605
Elfie Stejskal Austrian writer Austria 1948 writer 32792208 Q113608
Sabina Naber
Sabina Naber 2004.jpg
Austrian actress Austria 1965-12-17
24818954 Q113691
Birte Wentzek
2015-03-02-Sepp Schauer, Birte Wentzek 6364.jpg
German actress Germany 1983-02-08 actor
stage actor
film actor
television actor
311635159 Q113693
Valea Katharina Scalabrino German actress Germany 1990-07-24 actor 311718594 Q113696
Evelyne Neff German politician Germany
1941-10-12 politician 315147373391941580007 Q113734
Ilona Grübel
Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F034156-0005, Ilona Grübel (cropped).jpg
German actress Germany 1950-09-23 actor
film actor
174125370 Q113736
Renate Kohn German actress (born 1947) Germany 1947 actor
voice actor
32179341 Q113778
Renee Pornero
Renee DSC 0251.JPG
Austrian pornographic actress Austria 1979-10-24 pornographic actor 78788958 Q113789
Petra Blossey German actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1956-06-03 stage actor
film actor
311625964 Q113807
Constanza Droop German illustrator Germany 1965 illustrator 76447854 Q113828
Ulrike Mara Austrian writer Austria 1946
writer 42696901 Q113847
Lisa Spalt Austrian writer Austria 1970-10-16 writer 35315147 Q113860
Ulrike Längle Austrian writer and translator Austria 1953-02-04 writer
94612958 Q113869
Dorota Chotecka
Dorota Chotecka–Pazura.JPG
Polish actress Poland 1966-03-15 actor
film actor
302235619 Q113887
Irina Zaharescu Austrian writer Austria 1944-11-14 writer 59643361 Q113895
Andrea Grill
Andrea Grill - Buchmesse Wien 2019.JPG
Austrian translator Austria 1975-01-16 translator
61855058 Q113899
Gloria Kaiser Austrian writer Austria 1950-08-22 writer 117260321 Q113907
Sissi Tax Austrian translator Austria 1954-09-19 translator
56719710 Q113910
Anne Maren Delseit
2011 Anne Delseit.jpg
German cartoonist Germany 1986-06-03 cartoonist
47970298 Q114163
Christiane Klimt German actress Germany 1982-03-18 stage actor
film actor
6117155769096727880003 Q114184
Tanja Mairhofer
Moderatorin Tanja Mairhofer 2013.jpg
Austrian actor and television presenter Austria 1979-05-31 actor
television presenter
15146332954218732520 Q114272
Dagmar Leupold German screenwriter Germany 1955-10-23 screenwriter
32071480 Q114283
Linn Reusse
Linn Reusse - 2018200211518 2018-07-19 Fotoprobe Nibelungen Festspiele Worms Siegfrieds Erben - Sven - 1D X MK II - 0439 - B70I9127.jpg
German actress Germany 1992-09-23 actor 284017375 Q114378
Sabine Fiedler
2008-09 Sabine Fiedler.JPG
German professor Germany 1957-12-09 professor
67317176 Q114388
Katrin Griesser Austrian actress Austria 1977-08-02 actor 3376388 Q114410
Petra Morzé
Petra Morzé, ROMY 2009.jpg
Austrian actress Austria 1964-10-01
stage actor
film actor
television actor
29289861 Q114481
Karina Sarkissova
Österreichischer Filmpreis 2012, photo call, Karina Sarkissova 1.jpg
Austrian ballet dancer Soviet Union
1983-09-26 ballet dancer 202872528 Q114513
Astrid Schmitt
WLP RLP 9230 Astrid Schmitt.jpg
German politician Germany 1959-06-17 politician 735148209301600460007 Q114522
Anna Maria Pammer
Anna Maria Pammer Landgänge 2019 BHO-1359.jpg
Austrian singer and opera singer Austria 1966-06-27 singer
opera singer
79534241 Q114544
Aline Sokar German actress Germany 1992-01-06 actor
film actor
287255169 Q114565
Zofia Charewicz Polish actress Poland 1944-01-12 actor 303762711 Q114621
Katrin Lux Austrian actress Austria 1980-03-25 actor 80007518 Q114814
Amadeus Austrian Music Award 2009, Vera 02.jpg
singer Austria 1986-07-21 singer 80158191 Q114822
Eva Schmidt Austrian translator Austria 1952-05-17 translator
exhibition curator
Alex McQuilkin American video artist United States of America 1980 video artist 28137186 Q115059
Constanze Priester
Actress Constanze Priester with Heidegger-T-Shirt.jpg
German actress Germany 1977-06-14 actor 107756339 Q115116
Elisabeth Lanz
2012-05-31 Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis DSCF0801.jpg
Austrian actress Austria 1971-12-06
actor 88169493 Q115178
Judith Kuckart
Judith Kuckart 2012.jpg
German writer Germany 1959-06-17 writer
85123820 Q115338
Christine Goll
Christine Goll (2007).jpg
Swiss journalist and politician Switzerland 1956-12-10 journalist
trade unionist
554160001827430300008 Q117095
Nina Caprez Swiss rock climber Switzerland 1986-11-15 rock climber 28151594338805350509 Q117385
Marianne Kleiner
Marianne Kleiner 2008.jpg
Swiss politician Switzerland 1947-05-29 politician 309725170 Q117738
Annemarie Wildeisen
Annemarie Wildeisen 2009.jpg
Swiss journalist Switzerland 1946 journalist
non-fiction writer
90779374 Q117888
Susanne Hochuli
Susanne hochuli.JPG
Swiss politician Switzerland 1965-08-26 politician 6180163335745803270000 Q117912
Alice Holzhey-Kunz Swiss psychotherapist Switzerland 1943 psychotherapist 58661771 Q117989
Mirjam Tschopp Swiss music educator Switzerland 1976 music pedagogue 29141386 Q118034
Ankie Beilke
Hong Kong German actress Germany 1980-09-25
film actor
79577741 Q118042
Josiane Aubert
Josiane Aubert (Nationalrat, 2008).jpg
Swiss politician Switzerland 1949-04-07 politician 305960132 Q118352
Therese Frösch
Therese Frösch.jpg
Swiss politician Switzerland 1951-06-22 politician 305970824 Q118380
María Ostiz Spanish singer Spain 1944-06-08 singer 19429614 Q118424
Sylvie Arsever Swiss journalist Switzerland 1948 journalist 106089 Q118531
Anna Augustynowicz Polish theatre director Poland 1959 theatrical director
95401111 Q118552
Anne Bennent
Anne Bennent BHO-8466.jpg
Swiss actress Switzerland 1963-10-13 stage actor
film actor
79176773 Q118627
María Ángeles Mezquíriz Irujo
Spanish archeologist Spain 1929-02-01 archaeologist
71516292 Q119059
Ewelina Nowicka
Ewelina Nowicka, 2010.png
Polish actress Poland 1982-10-26 actor
120353871 Q119091
Anne-Claude Demierre
Anne Claude Demierre.jpg
Swiss politician Switzerland 1961-08-16 politician 305960178 Q119141
Susanne Mayer German journalist Germany 1952 journalist
47377204 Q119387
Esther Waeber-Kalbermatten Swiss politician Switzerland 1952-09-24 politician 122008480 Q119433
Barbara Kochan German university teacher and writer Germany 1944-04-27 university teacher
51816213 Q119466
Anna Aaron
Anna Aaron WAVES Vienna 2012 Flex 15.jpg
Swiss singer-songwriter Switzerland 1985-01-29 singer-songwriter 289056509 Q119545
María Luisa López-Vito German pianist Germany 1939-08-10 pianist 335767 Q119715
Geneviève Aubry
Geneviève Aubry.jpg
Swiss politician Switzerland 1928-03-04 politician 79336048 Q119909
Isabelle Chassot
Isabelle Chassot (
Swiss politician Switzerland 1965-03-28 politician 122294024 Q119947
Aline Hochscheid German actress Germany 1976-11-29 actor 311698919 Q120028
Gabriele Wittek author and prophet Germany 1933-10-07 seer
79081907 Q120030
Kaya Marie Möller German actress and voice actress Germany 1985-06-23 actor
voice actor
307310563 Q120034
Vreni Spoerry
Vreni Spoerry - Bibliothek am Guisanplatz.jpg
Swiss politician Switzerland 1938-03-08 politician 310669081 Q120061
Nana Spier
Nana Spier 05 2010.JPG
German actress and voice actress Germany 1971-04-02 actor
voice actor
72461149 Q120071
Leonore Capell German actress Germany 1970-07-22 actor
television presenter
stage actor
42918097 Q120109
Alexandra Marisa Wilcke
German actress and voice actress Germany 1968-10-18 voice actor
stage actor
film actor
72498113 Q120144
Elfriede Müller German writer, actress and author Germany 1956-03-22 actor
198683619 Q120155
Xandra Schutte
Dutch journalist Kingdom of the Netherlands 1963-07-15 journalist 193604363 Q120167
Claudia Demarmels Swiss actress Switzerland 1954-07-05 actor
film actor
170194256 Q120181
Margit Conrad
2014-02-20 - Margit Conrad - Staatsministerin Rheinland-Pfalz - 2795.jpg
German politician Germany 1952-09-30 politician 92145663050405071389 Q120330
Vera Teltz German actress and voice actress Germany 1971 actor
voice actor
86170744 Q120627
Mona Petri Swiss actress Switzerland 1976-12-16 stage actor
film actor
107200434 Q120687
Susanne Wittpennig Swiss writer Switzerland 1972-05-11 writer 95231691 Q120751
Elisabeth Zölch
Elisabeth Zölch.jpg
Swiss politician Switzerland 1951-04-24 politician 7365157643312338590008 Q120775
Andrea Jansen Swiss television presenter Switzerland 1980-04-22 television presenter 1827155044905172520002 Q120827
Margarethe Billerbeck Swiss classical philologist Switzerland 1945-12-13 philologist
classical philologist
university teacher
110724817 Q120922
Patrizia Barbuiani Swiss actor and writer Switzerland 20th century actor
stage actor
44157098333972550360 Q121206
Tilla Theus Swiss architect Switzerland 1943-06-04 architect 81662778 Q121279
Michèle Künzler
Swiss politician Switzerland 1961-12-14 politician 249987679 Q121301
Mechthild Flury-Lemberg Swiss restorer Switzerland 1929-02-21 restorer 3000891 Q121307
Deborah Kaufmann German actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1970-03-23 stage actor
film actor
262415649 Q121322
Elsa Sophie Gambard German actress Germany 1980-11-30 actor
film actor
171400533 Q121582
Jenniffer Kae German singer and singer-songwriter Germany 1987-06-01 singer
15990208 Q121902
Tresa Rüthers-Seeli Swiss writer Switzerland 1931-09-28 writer 163642577 Q122012
Silva Semadeni
Silva Semadeni.jpg
Swiss politician Switzerland 1952-02-08 politician 12062581 Q122099
Betina Ignacio.jpg
Brazilian singer and songwriter Brazil singer 3957152744527427850002 Q122145
Andrea Strübind
Andrea Struebind Oldenburg.jpeg
German church historian, theologian and educationist Germany 1963-01-20 Church historian
university teacher
74784543 Q122160
Sophia Jaffé German violinist Germany 1980-07-15 violinist 81499413 Q122199
Eva Gesine Baur
Eva Gesine Baur bei der Leipziger Buchmesse 2012 (Nr. 01).jpg
German writer Germany 1960-08-11 writer
non-fiction writer
79162803 Q122262
Birgit Lennartz
20180610 100612 6S4A6802 CA (28094621947).jpg
German sportsperson and athletics competitor Germany 1965-11-22 athletics competitor 57759901 Q122273
Mirjam Kubescha German film director Germany 1971 film director
film editor
311612405 Q122352
Lady Tom
Lady Tom an der Motion 6.7.02.jpg
Swiss disc jockey Switzerland 1978 disc jockey 264975802 Q122620
Carmen Stephan
Carmen Stephan .jpg
German journalist and novelist Germany 1974-08-01 journalist
212847447 Q122743
Beatrice Simon
Wiki bea simon.jpg
Swiss politician Switzerland 1960-12-21 politician 6413148037715988350007 Q122878
Dascha Lehmann German actress and voice actress Germany 1974-04-10 actor
voice actor
306358934 Q122891
Isabelle Chevalley
Isabelle Chevalley.jpg
Swiss politician Switzerland 1972-04-13 politician 205145470 Q122902
Nora von Collande German actress Germany 1958-01-27 stage actor
film actor
55050248 Q122936
Marina Langner German actress Germany 1954-05-21 actor
66676184 Q122942
Silke Matthias German actress and voice actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1960-02-21 voice actor
stage actor
film actor
311641572 Q122975
Nike Fuhrmann
Nike Fuhrmann.jpg
German actress Germany 1974-09-11 stage actor
film actor
television actor
168621738 Q122997
Mercedes Müller German actress and Kickboxer Germany 1996-11-04 actor
388145909948527020024 Q123015
Ute Erdsiek-Rave
Ute Erdsiek-Rave (11322073684).jpg
German politician Germany 1947-01-02 politician 161869417 Q123084
Renate Jürgens-Pieper German politician, school teacher and teacher Germany 1951-04-05 politician
school teacher
8041104 Q123104
Anne-Karin German television presenter and radio host Germany 1948-03-29 television presenter
radio personality
79574116 Q123148
Loana Radecki German actress Germany 1963 actor
beauty pageant contestant
311636502 Q123181
Simone Behnke
Simone Behnke.jpg
German writer Germany 1967-04-01 writer 25688220 Q123194
Elke Naters German writer Germany 1963 writer 116485765 Q123231
Hanna Jansen German writer Germany 1946 writer 107480051 Q123235
Karin Reschke German journalist Germany 1940-09-17 journalist
17234489 Q123269
Gundula Korte German actress Germany 1930-03-24 actor 29341039 Q123674
Elke Hart German actress Germany 1940-03-06 actor 75023358 Q123707
Karin Székessy
German photographer Germany 1938-04-17
37038440 Q123723
Irma Krauß German writer Germany 1949-02-25 writer 85501176 Q123768
Silke Krebs
2013-05-16 Silke Krebs 9537-crop.JPG
German politician Germany 1966-03-23 politician 196817126 Q123838
Barbara Bosch
Barbara Bosch 03-2016 (cropped).jpg
German politician Germany 1958-09-05 politician 220687791 Q123864
Gabriele Warminski-Leitheußer
Gabriele Warminski-Leitheußer 2.jpg
German politician Germany 1963-02-26 politician 220097629 Q123884
Carola Horstmann
Carola Horstmann Portrait.jpg
German writer Germany 1948 writer 263846153 Q123887
Gabriele Lösekrug-Möller
Gabriele Lösekrug-Möller MdB.jpg
German politician Germany 1951-04-20 politician
social worker
379151717045013900003 Q124055
Eva Kryll German actress and voice actress Germany 1953-03-24 actor
voice actor
738673 Q124339
Arianne Borbach
Arianne Borbach 2001-10.jpg
German actress Germany 1962-05-30 voice actor
stage actor
film actor
60240421 Q124380
Elke Loewe German writer Germany 1940 writer 5632097 Q124409
Marina Krogull German actress and voice actress Germany
German Democratic Republic
1961-10-21 actor
voice actor
311647514 Q124415
Traudel Haas
Traudel Haas 04 2010.JPG
German actress and voice actress Germany 1945-09-03 voice actor
stage actor
film actor
55334395 Q124433
Scarlet Lubowski German actress and voice actress Germany 1965-05-08
voice actor
52820295 Q124447
Mely Kiyak
German journalist Germany
1976 opinion journalist
66250731 Q124589
Olivia Kleinknecht Swiss writer Switzerland 1960-05-21 writer 303700098 Q124635
Ingrid Kremling German singer, opera singer and music educator Germany 1948 singer
opera singer
music pedagogue
university teacher
1190801 Q124650
Eva Brunner Swiss writer and translator Switzerland 1952-11-26 writer
170874369 Q124674
Draginja Dorpat German writer Germany 1931-09-21 writer 166622652 Q124689
Stephanie Japp Swiss-German actress Switzerland
1972-05-23 screenwriter
stage actor
film actor
311689243 Q124747
Judith Hildebrandt
Judith Hildebrandt (Berlin Film Festival 2009) cropped.jpg
German actress and television presenter Germany 1977-04-27 actor
television presenter
79982620 Q124762
Ebru Sam German actress and model Germany
1990-08-18 actor
beauty pageant contestant
2742155832941833490002 Q124786
Christina Viragh
Christina Viragh - Leipziger Buchmesse 2012.jpg
Hungarian-Swiss writer and translator Switzerland 1953-01-23 writer
17522802 Q124880
Marianne Cathomen Swiss musician Switzerland 1966-10-23 musician 80048866 Q125109
Vera Kaa Swiss singer Switzerland 1960-03-27 singer 79615673 Q125130
Annette Seemann German translator Germany 1959-03-04 translator
213907434 Q125188
Mackie Heilmann German actress Germany 1978-10-29 stage actor
film actor
311619892 Q125238
Léda Forgó
writer Germany
1973-07-27 writer
106944985 Q125240
Anne-Sophie Briest
2018-09-10-Anne-Sophie Briest-hart aber fair-0636.jpg
German actress Germany 1974-03-21 actor 305160737 Q125376
Nicole Marischka German actress Germany 1968-05-06 stage actor
film actor
263070755 Q125381
Barbara Weber Swiss theatre director and intendant Switzerland 1975 intendant
theatrical director
303825916 Q125393
Julia Schiff
Julia Schiff im Lyrik Kabinett München 2018 02.jpg
German writer Germany 1940 translator
64906584 Q125415
Tina Kaiser German television presenter Germany 1977-10-26 television presenter
3700153184547227100002 Q125419
Annina Ucatis
Annina Ucatis 1 by Zeno-Bresson.jpg
German pornographic actress and television presenter Germany 1978-12-22 pornographic actor
television presenter
311666375 Q125437
Kathrin Amacker
Kathrin Amacker (Nationalrat, 2008).jpg
Swiss politician Switzerland 1962-03-30 politician 108145542423196640794 Q125443
Uta Mauersberger German writer Germany 1952-05-15 writer 50278514 Q125456
Claudia Bandixen
Porträt Claudia Bandixen.jpg
Swiss theologian Switzerland 1957-03-13 theologian 67625845 Q125591
Fabienne Pakleppa Swiss writer Switzerland 1950-09-27 writer 216656157 Q125677
Menekşe Toprak Turkish author Turkey
1970 translator
90972388 Q125697
Félicie Affolter Swiss psychotherapist and psychologist Switzerland 1926 psychotherapist
111591278 Q125717
Sabiha Bânu Yalkut-Breddermann
Turkish author and writer Turkey
1951 author
52627160 Q125720
Gerda Steiner
DE Gerda Steiner 2007-10-09 by Steschke.jpg
German actress Germany 1953-03-27 stage actor
film actor
7871158261790802540007 Q125873
Monika Pauderer
Monika Pauderer.jpg
German writer Germany 1940-07-14 writer 76919700 Q125876
Christine Zierl German actress Germany 1962-07-12 stage actor
film actor
33143076 Q125881
Claudia Koreck
Claudia Koreck - März 2015.jpg
German singer-songwriter Germany 1986-05-28 singer
80222062 Q125883
Monika Kampmann
Monika 3.jpg
German songwriter Germany 1946-07-19 composer 33159076 Q125911
Carmen Mayer German writer Germany 1950-06-01 writer 86052678 Q125985
Barbara Grunewald German jurist Germany 1951 jurist
university teacher
164330655 Q126054
Johanna Hey
German economist Germany 1970-08-14 economist
university teacher
32725666 Q126083
Anja Pohontsch German television presenter Germany 1970 television presenter
77230569 Q126187
Annegret Held German writer Germany 1962-04-25 screenwriter
47595134 Q126250
Hildegard Westphal German geologist Germany 1968-05-10 geologist 59911166 Q126363
Elizabeta Šeleva North Macedonia 1961 literary critic
28303561 Q126493
Cristina do Rego
Cristina do Rego.jpg
German-Brazilian actress Germany
1986-04-26 actor 161010531 Q126496
Melitta Berg German singer Germany 1939-03-21 singer 142647281 Q126690
Katrin Schaake German actress Germany 1931-11-13 actor
voice actor
29191476 Q126713
Eva Kühne-Hörmann
2019-04-03 Eva Kühne-Hörmann im Hessischen Landtag 3915.jpg
German politician Germany 1962-03-14 politician
1730153532454048820009 Q126735
Julia Malik
Julia Malik - Berlinale - 2013.jpg
German actress Germany 1976-10-25 actor 311722972 Q126741
Sabine Alt German writer Germany 1959 writer 55048480 Q126784
Ingeborg Arlt German writer Germany 1949-05-13 writer 10472407 Q126786
Nasrin Siege German writer Germany 1950 writer 69268208 Q126787
Barbara Kirchner German chemist Germany 1970 chemist
non-fiction writer
university teacher
science fiction writer
44602601 Q126812
Perlita de Huelva Spanish singer Spain 1939-02-27 singer 87682120 Q153390
Laura Bach Danish actress Denmark 1979-04-25 actor
film actor
283789054 Q155142
Agnieszka Rylik
Agnieszka Rylik.jpg
Polish kickboxer and television personality Poland 1974-01-21 journalist
television presenter
882149719128711130007 Q187353
Claire Bouanich French actress France 1994-07-12 actor 59034139 Q188441
Zena Grey American actress United States of America 1988-11-15 actor
stage actor
television actor
44120552 Q189448
Zenita Komad Austrian artist Austria 1980-01-15 artist
80921848 Q189584
Zenka Dianowa Bulgarian pianist Bulgaria 1971-02-09 pianist 66005337 Q189629
Zerrin Taşpınar Turkish author Turkey 1947 author
34094242 Q192000
Gisèle Sapiro
Gisèle Sapiro.jpg
French sociologist France 1965-06-22 sociologist 35679968 Q194771
Carla Abrahamsen
Carla Abrahamsen 2010.jpg
Swedish actress Sweden 1988-12-08 actor
112149066347265600393 Q195370
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