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Women in RedSocial media
Welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR). Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our scope is women's biographies – real and fictional – as well as women's works, broadly construed.


Women in Red's social media accounts are governed by these core principles:

Honesty about who we are[edit]

Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our scope is women's biographies – real and fictional – as well as women's works and women's issues, broadly construed. Our activities on social media should reflect, support, and extend that objective and scope.

Clarity about our opinions and values[edit]

Social media should primarily be used to promote our work and/or obtain assistance with resources such as photographs or reference material. The opinions of WiR accounts on a given issue should be decided via onwiki debate and consensus among project members. Statements about Wikipedia that haven't undergone such debate and consensus should be neutral and provide a link to onwiki centralized discussion. Individual editors' personal opinions should not be expressed using the Women in Red accounts.

Respectful in our communications[edit]

Our social media communications should adhere to onwiki standards for WP:CIVILITY.

Good judgement in sharing information[edit]

Tweets and posts are the public face of the Project, far more public than anything actually on-Wiki. In this consideration, follow guidelines of civility and mutual respect when using social media. Do not bring the Project into disrepute as this makes it harder for us to recruit new members and promote our work.

Do not use social media to share another person's personal information, including their social media accounts. Do not share anything that would make offwiki hounding, harassment, or doxxing possible.

Awareness that what we say is permanent[edit]

Tweets and posts never can be taken back, even if deleted. Tweets and posts can be screenshotted and reposted, with our project's name attached, in other places. When in doubt, seek a third opinion, wait before posting, and consider shelving the post altogether. It's better not to comment than to comment in a way that will reflect poorly on the project.

Retweets, follows and likes are not necessarily endorsements[edit]

Women in Red makes a sincere effort to ensure we retweet/like only posts and accounts that are in line with our own goals and values. Because of the limited communication that "likes" and "retweets" mean, likes and retweets are not necessarily agreement or endorsements of another tweet or post. Women in Red may follow accounts whose objectives are not in line with our own.

Contact information[edit]

If you have questions about our social media posts, please contact us via Direct Message or at: Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Women in Red.

Best practices[edit]

For social media team members managing the WiR accounts[edit]

  1. Log out of the WiR account after every tweet/post. Do not set up automatic login for the WiR account. If you have a second device, consider using the WiR account on that device and your personal account on your primary device.
  2. If a problematic post is issued, remove it promptly and issue an apology. If it's a real doozy, consult with other members of the team to determine whether further effort is needed to fully address.
  3. Be aware of any accounts WiR follows whose goals and values do not align with our own. Do not retweet or like posts from those accounts, even if a particular post seems noncontroversial.

For WiR project members operating private accounts[edit]

  1. If you see a problematic post, bring it to the talk page here to request attention.
  2. Alert members of WiR in general on the Project's talkpage.

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