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Academic research on Wikipedia's content gender gap? Add it to the list.

  • Graells-Garrido, Eduardo; Lalmas, Mounia; Menczer, Filippo (2015). "First Women, Second Sex: Gender Bias in Wikipedia". Proceedings of the 26th ACM Conference on Hypertext & Social Media. p. 165. arXiv:1502.02341. doi:10.1145/2700171.2791036. ISBN 978-1-4503-3395-5. (Important finding: an analysis of the DBPedia Wikipedia subset shows that 15% of biographies are of women.)
  • Klein, Maximilian; Konieczny, Piotr (2015). "Gender Gap Through Time and Space: A Journey Through Wikipedia Biographies and the "WIGI" Index". arXiv:1502.03086 [cs.CY]. (Interesting study, currently under peer review)
  • Wagner, Claudia; Garcia, David; Jadidi, Mohsen; Strohmaier, Markus (2015). "It's a Man's Wikipedia? Assessing Gender Inequality in an Online Encyclopedia". arXiv:1501.06307 [cs.CY].

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