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Wikipedia:WikiProject Zanzibar City

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Zanzibar City from above

WikiProject Zanzibar City

A WikiProject to better organize articles on Zanzibar City, Stone Town and Ng'ambo in a spirit of co-operation. As a first start (Feb 2016) we will be working on architecture in the Ng'ambo area.



This group includes within its scope all articles related to Zanzibar City. Our first project is about the Architecture of Zanzibar. We will do the following in the coming weeks:

  1. Write/Update pages or sections for:
    1. Architectural Styles used in Zanzibar City (and the East-African Coast)
    2. Architectural Typologies used in Zanzibar City
  2. Update the https://wiki.openstreetmap.org with links to these pages
    1. For Architectural Styles: Key:building:architecture
  3. OpenStreetMap proposals for several new Keys and Tags:
    1. Key:building:structure
    2. Key:building:architecture:typology
    3. Key:urban
  4. Upload geocoded and categorised images to Wiki Commons of aprx.4500 buildings in Zanzibar City
  5. Create wikidata entries for these 4500 buildings
  6. Create links in OpenStreetMap to the images and wikidata entries

Writing of all new pages will be done in User:Batje's sandbox, before moving them to their final destination.