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This WikiProject aims primarily to formalise the unofficial standard used for creating year in science articles.

It has been suggested by some to create a in science article for each year listing important discoveries and advances in science, similar to what is done with the in music articles (i.e. Timeline of musical events). The format is not finalized but the following is a suggestion. Currently there is a year in science article for every year from 1600 CE to the present.

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The parents of this WikiProject are the WikiProject Years and the WikiProject Science. A similar WikiProject is WikiProject History of science. There are no known descendants of this WikiProject.



Tasks and on-going discussions[edit]

  • Revive this project or prepare it for a merge. This project has been inactive since about 2004. (December 2007)
  • The year in science articles are missing references. (December 2007)
  • The pre-1600 coverage is spotty and frequently unformatted (e.g., 1506 in science). (December 2007)

Article content[edit]

This project recommends a /Template that should be followed for year in science articles.

Content guidelines[edit]

In addition to the usual content guidelines and notability guidelines, the following recommendations are given to help clarify what kind of content should appear in year in science articles. These guidelines are, of course, open for discussion.

  1. All events should be relevant to science or technology.
  2. Events should be limited to human scientific study or technological advances.
    • Discovery: The finding of new planets, new species, etc.
    • Theory: Influential published ideas.
    • Validation: Experimental testing, or proof, or a pioneer of a previous idea.
    • Advance: A concept that signifies a widespread change of ideas. This can be thought of in terms of popular science and technology, such as the coining of the term dinosaur in 1842.
    • Award: Nobel prizes in science, Fields medals, etc.
  3. Natural history events can be added, provided they are especially notable and of interest to science. (This area could use some discussion.)
    • For example, earthquakes, epidemics, eclipses, extinctions.
  4. Birth and death dates of scientists and technologists are included as separate sections.
  5. Other human events should not be covered.
    • This prevents the article from including nearly all of the same content as the broader year articles.

Format guidelines[edit]

  • Month Day - Brief description of the event.<ref>Source.</ref>
    • This is the format for an event.
  • Month Day - Name, very brief description (b. 1842).
    • This is the format for a birth/death date. Use b. to indicate birth year when noting a person's death and d. to indicate death year when noting their birth.
  • Complete sentences (except for birth and death dates)
    • Please use complete sentences, ending in a full stop (period), for clarity. You do not need to use complete sentences in the birth/death sections.

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