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A WikiReaper with its WikiScythe of Denial.

A WikiReaper (not to be confused with a WikiVampire) is a user who is almost never supportive of others, and tries to drive other souls away from Wikipedia using its scythe, which they call opposition.

Identifying a WikiReaper[edit]

The most common place where WikiReapers are seen is WP:RFA, but can also be in other areas, such as WP:FAC.

Some WikiReapers go unnoticed for long periods of time; they are the most powerful and most persuasive WikiReapers. Many are noticed in a relatively short period of time. These WikiReapers are less powerful, but are much more disruptive than the long unnoticed ones. These WikiReapers post the most unclear opposes, nonsensical opposes, opposes for the smallest mistakes, somewhat uncivil opposes, and opposes that generally aren't considered polite. These WikiReapers are known for causing drama and extensive discussion on their opposes. Whether a WikiReaper has gone unnoticed for a long period of time, or has been noticed, they can drive other souls away from Wikipedia.

Reasons for WikiReapers[edit]

Why WikiReapers always oppose remains unclear, and the reason may be different for every WikiReaper. Some may dislike a process; some may find certain processes ways of bullying other users, and some may actually be serious when they oppose. The reasons remain unclear, and may remain unclear forever.

WikiReaper Template[edit]

Though it goes against the nature of WikiReapers, if you are a WikiReaper and would like to identify yourself, use this userbox: {{WikiReaper}}