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A typical WikiTARDIS at the article on Movie sets.[1]

WikiTARDISes are shy, most-of-the-time-silent kinds of gal/guys. However, when it comes to editing, WikiTARDISes happen to edit voraciously when going to random pages, especially the article Cardiff[2] (JOKE). WikiTARDISes can be adopted by a WikiDoctor/Master/Rani usually, as WikiRose/Martha/Donnas are not Wikilords, so are unable to control a WikiTARDIS properly. However, if it comes that they must they can.

How to find one[edit]

A WikiTARDIS will just pop up on any old page, sporadically edit anything, then leave.

How to know you are one[edit]

You edit for the – dare I say it – hell of it. You cannot keep yourself from it. Also you know many facts, and can translate AT LEAST a few languages to help out your owner.

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  1. ^ Which, ironically, doesn't exist, must be a parallel universe...:-)
  2. ^ If you watch Doctor Who, you'll understand this joke.