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Base article[edit]

Base article for the project is Wheatbelt railway lines of Western Australia

The earlier heading tree of the article - up to and including 2013-10-05 was:

  1. Origins
  2. Grain haulage
  3. 1932
  4. Freight and passengers
  5. CBH
  6. Strategic grain network report
  7. Tiers
  8. Threatened closures
  9. Response
  10. Auditor General report January 2013
  11. March 2013 election
  12. Tier rail network
  13. October 2013
  14. See also
  15. Notes

The current format - after this edit of 2013-10-24 - is:

  • 1 History
  • 2 Current network
  • 2.1 Tiers
  • 3 Closures
  • 4 See also
  • 5 Notes

However on searching through secondary sources and primary sources,

the subject is somewhat more complicated than either format, and an alternative structure of the information conveyed in the article is suggested in the following....

  • A - New article that simply deals with the specific sections of railways that were in the wheatbelt

(ie a list of those sections of railway known as predominatley 'wheatbelt railway lines') with the dates of opening and closing dates and any refs - no 'big picture' analysis though

  • B - Separate article that deals with 'Bulk Handling of grain in wa'

( 1910 - 1940, 1940 - 1980, and 1980 - current) are suitable timeframes and require much more research much more the big picture as to how the grain industry and government at all levels cope with the range of challenges over the decades - including overseas markets and requirements

  • C - Post Westrail era of grain haulage - again much more research required - but includes Tier issue

and the problems of having the multiple parties involved as opposed to westrail/cbh era

  • D - moving grain... a detailed breakdown from the 1930's royal commissions outlining the requirements

for moving grain in the bag era, and from 2010's and the current mix of trucks, railways on 2 gauages and the systems that have evolved. - an ambitious not to be started until a lot more info researched...

  • E - Original article in new format, pruned and geared linking to these other articles

Priority outline of how to do it, not yet established.

satusuro 07:45, 3 November 2013 (UTC)