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A WikiTown project for Fremantle, Western Australia.


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High Street, Fremantle (taken as part of Wiki Takes Fremantle in 2011).

Freopedia is a WikiTown project in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Originally envisaged as a project to install QRpedia codes at various sites around Fremantle, Western Australia it was based on the original concept created for Monmouth in Wales.

It has since evolved into the WikiTown concept project.

It originally evolved as a wikipedia content expansion project and then developed into a collaboration between the Fremantle Society and Wikimedia Australia supported the City of Fremantle, State Records Office, and other organisations in Fremantle.

The appellation Freopedia reflects both the vernacular name for Fremantle and the tradition of appending '-pedia' to projects of this nature. This page is being set up as a focal point for the organisation of Freopedia; to register your interest, please add your name to the list of contributors below.

The official launch took place at the W D Moore & Co Warehouse on 26th May 2013. In 2014 an Australian trademark on the name was held (for one year) by WMAU.[1]


For general enquiries or concerns about articles please leave a message on the talk page, alternatively you can email the WikiTown project leader via freopedia@wikimedia.org.au


City of Fremantle Mayor, President of The Fremantle Society & President of Wikimedia Australia launching Freopedia

In November 2012 a series of editing sessions were held in the City of Fremantle Library, to help participants learn more about Freopedia and how to contribute to Wikipedia in general. Four consecutive Tuesday evenings saw a small group of Wikipedians and Fremantle Society members meet, culminating in a more extensive edit-a-thon on the afternoon of Saturday 1 December, at the Local History Collection in the Fremantle library. We had access to the full collection of the LHC, as well as some additional resources that were provided by the State Records Office of Western Australia (SROWA). Also, SROWA released a number of maps of under a CC-by-SA license which will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

On the 23rd, 30 October and 6th November 2013 editing workshops were conducted by User:Gnangarra at the Meeting Place South Fremantle.

In May 2014, the Business Improvement District (BID) produced a map showing the locations of the first batch of plaques and providing information about Freopedia in general.


plaque for Fremantle Harbour, with match to show size
video about using the Freopedia QR code at the Round House in Fremantle

The design elements of the plaques were approved by the relevant stakeholders (notably the WMF), and in November 2012 test prints on different materials were obtained. Initially the aluminium-backed plastic shown below was explored, but this didn't look likely to weather well; next to be tried was engraved stainless steel. This had issues with low contrast causing difficulties for some phones to read the code, so instead a thicker gauge aluminium, printed with UV-stabilized inks was trialled. This looked good, but the printing was very fragile and liable to flake off at the edges; this was solved by coating the entire printed surface with a resin. This was the final product.

In May 2014, a survey was carried out to determine the effects of weather and extent of vandalism on the plaques.


The definitive initial list of articles was located at Wikipedia:GLAM/Freopedia/Articles from that the final selected articles for first QR codes are listed at Wikipedia:GLAM/Freopedia/Articles/Round 1 articles. In August a set articles relating to Fremantle Ports have been QR coded these codes are to be included on new signage being created by Fremantle Ports

On the articles page are listed these articles and others that may be suitable (often, pending further development of the article).

Sources of ideas for articles to include:

Research - history sources[edit]

  • The Fremantle History Centre - is a part of Fremantle City Library - and has also been known as the Fremantle local history library -
    • Chronology from the Centre - in pamphlet form 'Fremantle Past and Present' from the Fremantle History Centre


The {{Freopedia}} talk page banner has been developed for Freopedia articles (QR plaque installed), confirmed articles (QR plaque printed/ordered), potential articles, and organisations. See the documentation for usage instructions.

Please note: {{Freopedia-stub}} has been redirected to {{Fremantle-stub}}. Freopedia-related stubs should be categorised by specifying |stub=yes in the talk page banner.


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