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WikiWomen's History Month

WikiProject Women's History Month
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WikiWomen's History Month is a wiki-coordinated campaign of article writing, image/picture creating, international events and edit-a-thons. Our work centers around International Women's Day and Women's History Month. We coordinate our efforts with other on-wiki and off-wiki communities, such as WikiProject Women's History.


  • Welcoming to everyone, especially new Wikipedians and Wikipedian-wannabes looking to contribute on women in history
  • Allows diverse local focuses on aspects of Women's History
  • It's fun!
  • Find inspiration for articles to be expanded or creation here (and add to it!): Wikipedia:WikiWomen's History Month/Missing articles.
  • Share your outcomes on the yearly Outcomes pages. We'll be promoting these successes via social media and let's work together to continue to improve them!
  • WikiProjects are encouraged to create and develop women's history month focuses for the month of March.

March 2020 events[edit]

We have a lot of activities occurring in 2020. Here are some of them:

Project history[edit]

  • 2020: revival to better support both online and offline campaigns
  • 2017: renamed WikiProject Women's History Month, further integration with WikiProject Women in Red
  • 2016: the work was being done on the pages of WP:WikiProject Women in Red and Wikipedia:Meetup/ArtAndFeminism
  • 2012-2015: WikiWomen's History Month :


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