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Below is a list of articles that can be created or expanded related to women! Articles here can also be translated. Also:


Articles for creation of expansion can be found here: List of female architects.






Food and Wine[edit]

Human rights[edit]

Ginetta Sagan Award winners without articles:

Health and fitness[edit]





  • World YWCA - Article needs work and it's not even in many languages. Compare it to YMCA.

Politics and activism[edit]

Public safety[edit]

Punk rock[edit]

Science and technology[edit]



Australia national team[edit]

Brazil national team[edit]

Canada national team[edit]

China national team[edit]

Denmark national team[edit]

Mexico national team[edit]

Norway national team[edit]

Vietnam national team[edit]


Visual art[edit]

Please see Wikipedia:WikiProject Women artists/Worklist.

From the Grove[edit]

These are missing biographies of notable women artists from the Grove Dictionary of Art. I've stubbed out about 20 so far this month, but with the time I have I'll never finish all of these by the end of the month. Most of these were found by searching "she sculptor" - I suppose searching "she painter" would come up with more missing entries. If you'd like to work on any of these and don't have access to the Grove, drop me a message and I can email you a copy of the specific article. Also, put your sig next to the name so we don't tread on each other's toes. Thanks, Lithoderm 07:16, 22 February 2012 (UTC)


see: Wikipedia:WikiProject Women writers/Missing articles

Translation candidates[edit]

From Spanish[edit]

You can help improve these articles by translating their Spanish articles into English.