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Course name
Comparative Political Economy - Modern Capitalism
University of California - San Diego
Matthew Bergman
Content Expert
Shalor (Wiki Ed)
Political Science
Course dates
2017-10-02 00:00:00 UTC – 2017-12-18 23:59:59 UTC
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Political economy is a subfield of the social sciences that focuses on the way in which power relations, political conflict, government policy, interest groups, and political institutions shape economic behavior and economic outcomes. Individuals have many identities (political, economic, social) and are subject to numerous forms of authority. Economic authority is most often thought of highly decentralized while political authority comes from above. As such, departing from traditional economics, political economy assumes economic outcomes are not simply the result of resources and market forces, but also from political forces that shape outcomes through government policy.

Student Assigned Reviewing
Rpizano9 Disability in Australia
Joseweymann Guatemalan Institute of Social Security
Jjvargas7 Health in Luxembourg
Seanpmcginty Public Welfare Policy in Switzerland
T7jackso Economy of South Africa
Cdorine Family Policies in Japan
J1alvara Family policy in Japan
Jingerso Irish Poverty Reduction
Clweaver Macau economy
Abogisic Healthcare in Costa Rica, Costa Rican Department of Social Security
Ccaterin Family policy in Japan
Jayyell97 Pensions in Austria
RobbieBall Standard of Living in Israel
Bbattenucsd France's 35-Hour Workweek
AJWritten Trade unions in Andorra
Jlbarberucsd Poverty in Cyprus
Mishellearakelian Income inequality in Denmark
Nariaszu Peruvian Welfare State
Cclocke97 Guaranteed minimum income
Kristingare Pensions in Denmark
Gspinola96 Youth unemployment in Italy
Lwking Wage Bargaining in Israel
Cdorine2 Family policy in Japan
Cassie244 Welfare in Japan
ElaineLiu Welfare in Germany
AnAurora Healthcare in Norway
Astaggemeier Economy of Kosovo
Jhorie Japan Pension Service
UCSDeascanio Government Pension Fund of Norway
Rgb007 Social Welfare in Mexico
Crednap Economy of the Netherlands
AntoniaGeburzky Cooperative education
Jnunezga Mexico Pension Plan
Nashidi91 Public pensions in Greece
Rebby0209 Japan Disability System
Dwgeorge55 Healthcare in Denmark
Stnmt Labor market of japan
Diy014 Economy of Taiwan
Jammy Leen Social security in Sweden
Stellazhang96 Social Mobility in Japan
Shuyang shi Japanese Economic Miracle
Iiunique Pension policy in South Korea
Cskeng Gender Inequality in the workforce in South Korea
Amadany Gender equality in New Zealand
Hbkweon Gender inequality in South Korea
Lschoof Social Mobility in Finland
Ucsdkwoods Dual education system
Geddryucsd Wikipedia:Pension Policy in Italy
Jek035 Youth Unemployment in South Korea, Draft:Youth Unemployment Issues in South Korea Draft:Youth Unemployment Issues in South Korea
Kkc024 Taiwan miracle
Celesitne55 Pensions in Spain
JoshuaOmari7 Healthcare in Sweden
Henrychan97 Education in Japan
Dannycarny Employment Policy in the Republic of Ireland
Jlabruna Disability Policy in Sweden
Schoice35 Active Labor Market Policy in South Korea
Ucsdstudent105 Healthcare in Japan
JohnnyDaniel Youth unemployment in Italy
Chloxe-3 Welfare state in Cyprus
Nancyrhuang Disability in Taiwan


Week 1

Course meetings
Monday, 2 October 2017
Assignment - Introduction to the Wikipedia project

 Welcome to your Wikipedia project's course timeline. This page will guide you through the Wikipedia project for your course. Be sure to check with your instructor to see if there are other pages you should be following as well. 

 This page breaks down writing a Wikipedia article into a series of steps, or milestones. These steps include online trainings to help you get started on Wikipedia. 

 Your course has also been assigned a Wikipedia Content Expert. Check your Talk page for notes from them. You can also reach them through the "Get Help" button on this page. 

 To get started, please review the following handouts: 

Assignment - Practicing the basics
  • Create an account and join this course page, using the enrollment link your instructor sent you.
  •  It's time to dive into Wikipedia. Below, you'll find the first set of online trainings you'll need to take. New modules will appear on this timeline as you get to new milestones. Be sure to check back and complete them! Incomplete trainings will be reflected in your grade. 


This week, everyone should have a Wikipedia account.

Week 2

Course meetings
Monday, 9 October 2017
Assignment - Draft (and post) your paragraphs
  • On the Students tab, assign your chosen topic to yourself.

You've picked a topic and found your sources. Now it's time to start writing.

  • Complete the "Sources and Citations" training (linked below).
  • You are expected to contribute 3 paragraphs to any wikipedia page dealing with the content discussed in the course - Each paragraph should include at least 3 references (only one of which can be from a course assigned reading.
  • When you make a small claim, clearly state the fact in your own words, and then cite the source where you found the information.

Creating a new article?

  •  Write an outline of that topic in the form of a standard Wikipedia article's "lead section." Write it in your sandbox
    •  A "lead" section is not a traditional introduction. It should summarize, very briefly, what the rest of the article will say in detail. The first paragraph should include important, broad facts about the subject. A good example is Ada Lovelace. See Editing Wikipedia page 9 for more ideas. 

Improving an existing article?

  •  Identify what's missing from the current form of the article.  Make notes for improvement in your sandbox.  In your sandbox, write a few sentences about what you plan to contribute to the selected article.  
    •  Compile a list of relevant, reliable books, journal articles, or other sources. Post that bibliography in your sandbox. Make sure to check in on the Talk page to see if anyone has advice on your bibliography. 

Don't forget to post!

  • Once your drafts on your sandbox are complete, make your additions live on the main pages.
  • Due by December 2

Resources: Editing Wikipedia pages 7–9


Everyone has begun writing their article drafts.

Week 3

Course meetings
Monday, 16 October 2017

Week 4

Course meetings
Monday, 23 October 2017

Week 5

Course meetings
Monday, 30 October 2017

Week 6

Course meetings
Monday, 6 November 2017

Week 7

Course meetings
Monday, 13 November 2017

Week 8

Course meetings
Monday, 20 November 2017