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Welcome to   Wiki Loves Monuments
the photo competition for monuments in Kenya
  • Wiki Loves Monuments was a photo competition/scavenger hunt that took place throughout the Netherlands between September 1 and September 30, 2010. In 2011 the photo contest drew 172,305 entries from over 5,000 participants in 18 European countries which is now global in 2012.

The contest gives everyone the opportunity to discover and showcase our country’s rich heritage at the same time get a chance to win prizes and compete with the world’s best in the International Round of the competition.

  • Anyone who has a digital camera (including cellphone or tablet cameras) can participate in the world’s largest photo contest. With hundreds of sites listed and scattered all over the country, all it takes is to capture images and upload it at the event website.

Some pictures from Kenya on Wikimedia commons[edit]

Fort Jesus Pillar of Vasco da Gama Tom Mboya Monument
Fort Jesus
in Mombasa
Pillar of Vasco da Gama
in Mombasa
Tom Mboya
in Nairobi

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