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This page is for recording LGBT-related content created or improved during Wiki Loves Pride 2018.

" Women in Red logo.svg " symbols designate Women in Red contributions.

New and improved content

This section includes new LGBT-related content, including articles and lists, categories, "Did you know?" hooks, drafts, and templates.


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  1. 30th Lambda Literary Awards, improved
  2. A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story, improved
  3. Aja (drag queen), improved
  4. Alexis Michelle, new
  5. "All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)", new
  6. American Horror Story: Asylum, improved
  7. And the Band Played On (film), improved
  8. Angels in America (miniseries), improved
  9. Any Mother's Son, improved
  10. Aquaria (drag queen), new
  11. Asexuality, improved
  12. Asia O'Hara, improved
  13. Women in Red logo.svg Ángeles Álvarez, new
  14. Kyle Patrick Alvarez, new
  15. Jill Andrew, new
  16. Derrick Barry, new
  17. Bradford Shellhammer, new
  18. BeBe Zahara Benet, improved
  19. Behind the Candelabra, improved
  20. Believer (2018 American film), new
  21. Women in Red logo.svg Johnstone Bennett, new
  22. Ruth Bernhard, improved
  23. Bessie (film), improved
  24. Women in Red logo.svg Big Chicks, new
  25. Bisexual Awareness Week, new
  26. Black Eagle (Montreal), new
  27. Blue Oyster (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), new
  28. Bob the Drag Queen, improved
  29. Women in Red logo.svg Alejandra Borrero, new
  30. Marci Bowers, improved
  31. Celia Brackenridge, new
  32. Matt Cain (writer), new
  33. Capital Pride (Ottawa), improved
  34. Women in Red logo.svg Olivia Chaumont, new
  35. Ching-In Chen, new
  36. Women in Red logo.svg Chicago Lesbian Liberation, new
  37. Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame
  38. Christodora (novel)
  39. Cien días para enamorarse, new
  40. Cinema Verite (2011 film), improved
  41. Clarence (U.S. TV series), improved
  42. Coco Montrese, improved
  43. Coman and Others v Inspectoratul General pentru Imigrări and Ministerul Afacerilor Interne, new
  44. Women in Red logo.svg Marie Conmee, new
  45. Cruising for sex, improved
  46. Cruising Pavilion, new
  47. Cuff Complex, improved
  48. Richard Cullen (artist), improved
  49. Women in Red logo.svg Marie-Louise Damien, improved
  50. Jason-Antigone Dane, new
  51. DC Gay Flag Football League, new
  52. Women in Red logo.svg Elsie de Wolfe, improved
  53. Death of Sean Kennedy, improved
  54. Dehradun Pride Parade, new
  55. Delhi International Queer Theater and Film Festival, new
  56. Delta App, new
  57. Dissent from Catholic teaching on homosexuality, new
  58. The DL Chronicles, improved
  59. Women in Red logo.svg Nisa Donnelly, new
  60. Jorge José Emiliano dos Santos, improved
  61. Drummer (magazine), improved
  62. Jeremy Dutcher, new
  63. Dykes on Bikes, improved
  64. EAGLES Academy, new
  65. East Side Story (2006 film), improved
  66. Eshel (organization), new
  67. Eugene/Springfield Pride Festival, new
  68. Eureka O'Hara, improved
  69. European Lesbian* Conference, new #sanspagEs Women in Red logo.svg
  70. Women in Red logo.svg Jordan Evans (politician), new
  71. Excommunication (album), revived blanked page
  72. Execution of Justice, improved
  73. Eyewitness (U.S. TV series), improved
  74. Joshua M. Ferguson, new
  75. Diane Flacks, improved
  76. F(l)ag Football, new
  77. Forbidden (Todrick Hall album), improved
  78. Friendsgiving, new
  79. Marina Galanou, new
  80. Bella Galhos, new
  81. Gamofites, improved
  82. Gay Uncles Day new
  83. Women in Red logo.svg Good article Vera Gedroits, improved
  84. Gender identity under Title IX, improved
  85. Gia Gunn, new
  86. Ginger Minj, new
  87. Michel Girouard, new
  88. GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book, new
  89. GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding TV Movie or Limited Series, improved
  90. Golden Crown Literary Society, improved
  91. Women in Red logo.svg Sophie Gradon, improved
  92. Fernando Grande-Marlaska, new
  93. Women in Red logo.svg Vernita Gray, new
  94. Jennicet Gutiérrez, improved
  95. Women in Red logo.svg Nina Hamnett, improved
  96. Women in Red logo.svg Renee C. Hanover, new
  97. Harmless Hugs, new
  98. Women in Red logo.svg Dema Harshbarger, new
  99. Michael Hendricks, new
  100. Hively v. Ivy Tech, new
  101. Homosexuality in modern sports, improved
  102. Honey G (rapper), improved
  103. Màxim Huerta, new
  104. Laud Humphreys, improved
  105. If These Walls Could Talk 2, improved
  106. IGLFA Unity Cup, new
  107. Insomniac City, new
  108. International Drag Day, new
  109. International Lesbian Information Service, improved
  110. Jack (2004 film), improved
  111. Dominique Jackson (model), new
  112. Jake Shears (album), improved
  113. Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies, improved
  114. Andrea Jenkins, improved
  115. Chase Johnsey, new
  116. Jude and Zero, new
  117. Akhil Katyal, new
  118. Women in Red logo.svg Kersti Juva, new
  119. Gus Kenworthy, improved
  120. Kept Man (2014 film), new
  121. Terence Kernaghan, new
  122. King Princess, new
  123. Women in Red logo.svg Ilse Kokula, new
  124. Kreivės / Vilnius Queer Festival, new
  125. Lambda Literary Award for Drama, improved
  126. Lambda Literary Award for Gay Fiction, improved
  127. Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry, new
  128. Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Fiction, improved
  129. Women in Red logo.svg Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Poetry, new
  130. The Laramie Project (film), improved
  131. Latrice Royale, improved
  132. Leather Pride flag, improved
  133. Leather subculture, improved
  134. Ida Leeson, improved
  135. Dick Leitsch, improved
  136. Rose Lemberg, new
  137. Les Petites Bon-Bons, new
  138. Lisa-Jayne Lewis, new
  139. LGBT people in science, new
  140. LGBT rights in Guyana, improved
  141. LGBT summer camp, new
  142. LGBTQ and Leather Cultural District, new
  143. Women in Red logo.svg Judith Light, improved
  144. List of Lambda Literary Awards winners and nominees for science fiction, fantasy and horror, improved
  145. List of LGBT events, improved
  146. List of LGBT Jews, improved
  147. List of LGBT monuments and memorials, improved
  148. List of LGBT writers, improved
  149. List of non-binary writers, new
  150. List of RuPaul's Drag Race contestants, improved
  151. Los Angeles Pride, improved
  152. Love, Simon, improved
  153. Bruno Lozano, new
  154. Maacher Jhol - The fish curry, new
  155. Madison Pub, new
  156. Clara Mairs, improved
  157. Women in Red logo.svg Good article Nancy Marcus, improved
  158. Women in Red logo.svg Paula Martinac, new
  159. Mattachine Steps, new
  160. Victoria McCloud, new
  161. Brenton Metzler, new
  162. Women in Red logo.svg Alice Moderno, new
  163. Monét X Change, new
  164. My House (2018 TV series), improved
  165. Nancy (podcast), new
  166. Michael E. Newcomb, new
  167. Natalia Pliacam, improved
  168. Women in Red logo.svg National Gay Flag Football League, new
  169. Ashley Nee, improved
  170. New York City AIDS Memorial, improved
  171. Women in Red logo.svg Countess Maria Nirod, new
  172. Njan Marykutty, new
  173. The Normal Heart (film), improved
  174. Olivia Records, improved
  175. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit (TV serial), improved
  176. Gina Ortiz Jones, improved
  177. Our Lady J, improved
  178. Out On Screen, improved
  179. Pastoral care for gay Catholics, new
  180. Raphael Perez, new
  181. Phi Phi O'Hara, improved
  182. Pike Street (Seattle), new
  183. Political activity of the Catholic Church on LGBT issues, new
  184. Pose (TV series), improved
  185. Postcards from London, new
  186. Prayers for Bobby, improved
  187. Pumpjack Pub, new
  188. Women in Red logo.svg María Rachid, new
  189. "Pilot" (Pose), new
  190. Quatrefoil Library, improved
  191. Rainbow Riots, new
  192. Women in Red logo.svg Zelma Rawlston, new
  193. Women in Red logo.svg Eva Rieger, new
  194. Rites (magazine), improved
  195. Mary M. Rowland, new
  196. Women in Red logo.svg RuPaul improved
  197. RuPaul's Drag Race, improved
  198. RuPaul's Drag Race (season 10), improved
  199. RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars, improved
  200. Jesse Saint John, new
  201. Sakima (singer), new
  202. Same-sex marriage in Canada, improved
  203. Same-sex marriage in Ontario, improved
  204. San Francisco South of Market Leather History Alley, new
  205. Women in Red logo.svg Margarita Sánchez De León, new
  206. Women in Red logo.svg Felice Schragenheim, improved
  207. Seattle Eagle, new
  208. Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story, improved
  209. Shea Couleé, improved
  210. Aliza Shvarts, new
  211. Women in Red logo.svg Sisters for Homophile Equality, new
  212. Women in Red logo.svg Gab Sorère, new
  213. Stag PDX, improved
  214. Stark Street, new
  215. Stonewall National Monument, improved
  216. Super Bowl LI halftime show, improved
  217. Tales of the City (1993 miniseries), improved
  218. Women in Red logo.svg Kátia Tapety, new
  219. Tatianna, new
  220. The Vixen (drag queen), new
  221. Timeline of pansexual history, new
  222. Paul Toupin, new
  223. Trixie Mattel, improved
  224. Two Mothers for Zachary, improved
  225. Valentina (drag queen), new
  226. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, improved
  227. Vanguard (gay liberation organization), new
  228. Gerald Vernon-Jackson, new
  229. Women in Red logo.svg VH1 Trailblazer Honors, new
  230. Women in Red logo.svg Frances Wasserlein, new
  231. Rachel Weisz, improved
  232. Women in Red logo.svg Lilian Welsh, new
  233. What Makes a Family, improved
  234. When We Rise, improved
  235. Cameron Whitten, improved
  236. Women in Red logo.svg Sue Wills, new
  237. The Women of Brewster Place (miniseries), improved
  238. Womyn's land, improved
  239. Women in Red logo.svg Lilly Wust, improved
  240. Gautam Yadav, new
  241. Andraya Yearwood, new
  242. Women in Red logo.svg Josée Yvon, new

Articles translated in other languages

  1. Drag show, translated into French #sanspagEs Women in Red logo.svg
  2. Ssion, translated into French #sanspagEs Women in Red logo.svg


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