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Consider organizing a photography project to illustrate LGBT culture and history in your region. Projects could take the form of a group photo hunt, or simply showcasing LGBT-related images uploaded during the month of June. Be sure to add your images to relevant articles!

Uploading Images to Commons[edit]

  • Option 1: Upload your photographs to Wikimedia Commons. To contribute you can use the Commons Upload wizard tool.
  • Option 2: Upload your photographs to Flickr with a public domain, Creative Commons (CC0 license).
  • Email: <> and let us know where your photographs are so we can add them to Wikipedia pages, and our image galleries.

If you have questions about any aspects of this process please get in touch!


  • The Upload Wizard is the easiest way to upload photographs to Wikimedia Commons: Upload Wizard
  • Remember that Wikimedia Commons asks for a source and author, and for the author to donate the images to the public domain.
  • A video tutorial on how to upload images created by the Art+Feminism campaign: Video.

Photography Tips[edit]

  • Use a camera that has high resolution - camera photos are preferred, but cell phone photos are acceptable.