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Worldwide laws regarding homosexual
relationships and expression
     Marriage      Restricted freedom of expression
     Civil union, registered partnership or unregistered cohabitation      Unenforced penalty
     Marriage recognized but not performed      Imprisonment
     Same-sex unions not recognized      Up to life in prison
     Death penalty
Click on map to view an enlarged version where rings in various locations become visible. These indicate places with local or case-by-case applications of law.
LGBT rights at the United Nations
     Support Countries which have signed a General Assembly declaration of LGBT rights and/or sponsored the Human Rights Council's 2011 resolution on LGBT rights (94 members).
     Oppose Countries which signed a 2008 statement opposing LGBT rights (initially 57 members, now 54 members).
     Neither Countries which, as regards the UN, have expressed neither official support nor opposition to LGBT rights (46 members).

Following initial outreach, campaign organizers received messages from multiple people around the world who expressed a desire, but also an inability, to publicly organize a LGBT events in their city or country. For this reason, a page for Remote Participation was created as a hub for online activity.

Here, you may ask questions, request assistance, voice concerns and collaborate with other online participants around the world. We welcome and encourage you to share the results of your work throughout the month of June here.


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Online participants

Proud to support Wiki Loves Pride, but unable to attend an in-person meetup?

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