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This gallery contains the national finalists of the 2019 Wiki Science Competition in the United States. The jury selected 36 finalists across six categories from 1,144 submissions. These images represented the United States at the international level. For more information see the main results page.

People in science[edit]



Non-photographic media[edit]


Image sets[edit]

Polarization microscopy of black ink by Erin Rod.

Electron microscopy of plants by Marissa Dessellier. Scanning electron microscope images of acorns, grass, and a flower.

P. miniata journey to metamorphosis by Natalie Carrigan. The growth of Patiria miniata from fertilization to the late brachiolaria stage of development, taken using differential interference contrast microscopy at 20x, 10x, and 5x magnification.

MRISAR robotics R&D team by Victoria Lee Croasdell. Activities of MRISAR, a family-owned robotics business in North Dakota. Everything from MRISAR is designed and prototyped by two generations of 4 family members.

Fluorescence microsopy of cells by Erin Rod. Images of bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells and mouse kidney section, as well as E. coli expressing the small Ultra-Red Fluorescent Protein.