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WikiPolice Department
Abbreviation WPD
Agency overview
Formed 2001
Employees Undisclosed
Annual budget None
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
General nature
Operational structure

The WikiPolice are the unofficial police force of Wikipedia. They have no official powers, nor are they above WikiLaw. The Police are often editors versed in Wikipedia's many policies and guidelines, and do their best to revert, apprehend and arrest the perpetrators. They then hand the case over to the administrators for sentencing, many a 'Pedian has been found guilty, owing to the fact the police have a large amount of evidence at their disposal.
Have you been breaking the Wikilaw?

The Police's ranks[edit]

A Constable of the Wikipedia Police is an editor who patrols Wikipedia searching for acts of vandalism or any other violation of the Wikipedia Laws. The offenders are presented at court after duly cautioning the editor. The punishment is left to Sergeants (see below), so the Constable can resume patrol quickly, satisfied the matter will be resolved. Sometimes, if the matter is serious, it is referred to the Crown Court, the highest court in all of WikiLand.

There is also a higher body of WikiPolice - these are the Sergeants. They are administrators who enjoy using their power to enforce the Laws on the offender and report them for prosecution or charge them with the offence. They routinely sentence criminals to long custodial sentences at the local nick.

The Inspectors are pretty much the same as Sergeants, except they are bureaucrats instead of administrators. As well as managing divisional transfers, they also help out in the promotion of new Sergeants, and authorizing new rapid-response vehicles for service.

Corrupt Police[edit]

There are some police officers who often have some kind of personal agenda or grudge and will try to bend the laws to their own agenda, or to put things in line with their own political views. They may select certain editors to target or, in some cases, attack the whole of the kingdom.

Remember, members of the WikiPolice, regardless of rank, carry no special authority. If you think they have broken a law, report them! But remember that polite discussion is sometimes better than Draconian prosecution. Even Sergeants and Inspectors can be demoted, either by the Crown Court, or the Chief of Police. Evidence of the Court or the Chief exercising their power to do so can be found here.


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