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Wikimedia Strategy 2018–20
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Between January 20th and February 21st, we are reviewing and discussing 13 recommendations for systemic changes that are needed to advance the vision of the Wikimedia movement of becoming the essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge by 2030.

Since 2018, we have analyzed, discussed, and distilled ideas for our future into recommendations for how to bring this vision to life. These outline how we can grow sustainably and inclusively. They introduce ways we can make the most of new opportunities and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. And how we can strive for knowledge equity and knowledge as a service. So that everyone – those already within our movement and anyone who wishes to join – can play an effective role in capturing, sharing, and enabling access to free knowledge.

The strategy document comprises 13 recommendations for change, principles that underlie them, and an outline of how these recommendations connect and are designed as a whole. To understand how the recommendations all connect, we suggest reading the Narrative of Change first.


Read the Narrative of Change

Then, learn the details on dedicated pages:

  1. Promote Sustainability and Resilience (talk)
  2. Create Cultural Change for Inclusive Communities (talk)
  3. Improve User Experience (talk)
  4. Provide for Safety and Security (talk)
  5. Ensure Equity in Decision-Making (talk)
  6. Foster and Develop Distributed Leadership (talk)
  7. Invest in Skills Development (talk)
  8. Manage Internal Knowledge (talk)
  9. Coordinate Across Stakeholders (talk)
  10. Prioritize Topics for Impact (talk)
  11. Innovate in Free Knowledge (talk)
  12. Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt (talk)
  13. Plan Infrastructure Scalability (talk)


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