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The Wikipedia Asian Month 2015 has ended. Participants were still permitted to attribute their contributions made in November, 2015 (UTC) until December 3, 2015 (UTC)
Use this format to sign up and report your contribution at each section: # {{WAM user|Example 3}}: [[Your Contribution]]
Organizers will mark the following letters after reviewing each article; please don't add them by yourself:

  • Yes check.svg means yes, that the article fulfils the requirement
  • Red XN means no, that the article does not fulfil the requirement
  • Symbol opinion vote.svg- means pending, that the article fulfils the requirement but has some small issue. It would count as yes if the user has only four articles by the end of the event, and means nothing except in this situation.
    • Small issues include: Expanded articles needing to count the edit before November to fulfil the requirement;
    • Expanded articles that have not been expanded by 2000 Bytes and roughly 300 words but meet all other requirements.

You can remove the Red XN or Symbol opinion vote.svg- as a way to re-submit the article.

The comment is generated by tool, so you can check the reason why some articles do not meet the requirements.

# – A[edit]

  1. 永続繁栄 (talk): Pocky & Pretz DayRed XN
  2. 97198 (talk): Toshiko YuasaYes check.svg, Kono YasuiYes check.svg, Tsuruko HaraguchiYes check.svg, Chika KurodaYes check.svg, Michiyo TsujimuraYes check.svg, Yueh-Lin LooRed XN
  3. 4meter4 (talk): Zhou XiaoyanYes check.svg, Liao ChangyongYes check.svg, Ying FangYes check.svg, Guanqun YuYes check.svg, Ao LiYes check.svg
  4. Abhilash Mhaisne (talk): Vitthal WaghYes check.svg, Adille SumariwallaYes check.svg, Arun PudurRed XN
  5. Abiswas25 (talk): Indian Super LeagueRed XN, 2015 Indian Super League seasonRed XN, Atlético de KolkataRed XN, 2015 Atlético de Kolkata seasonRed XN
  6. Ahimsa78 (talk): Education in AsiaYes check.svg
  7. AKS.9955 (talk): Atrauli (Assembly constituency)Symbol opinion vote.svg-, Banshi SinghRed XN, BenipurRed XN, Bhagwan SharmaRed XN, Chharra (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Chhata (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Debai (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Devendra AgrawalRed XN, Faculty of Sanskrit Vidya Dharma VigyanSymbol opinion vote.svg-, Genda Lal ChaudharyRed XN, Hathras (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Kashi Railway stationRed XN, Khurja (Assembly constituency)Symbol opinion vote.svg-, Koil (Assembly constituency)Red XN, MaruadihRed XN, Mukesh SharmaRed XN, Rakesh Kumar (politician)Red XN, Ramveer UpadhyayRed XN, Sadabad (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Shikarpur (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Sikandra Rao (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Sir GobardhanRed XN, SusuwahiRed XN, SuzabadRed XN, Tejpal SinghRed XN, The Gateway Hotels & ResortsYes check.svg, Tirth PatRed XN, Tomb of Sikandar LodiYes check.svg, Varanasi cantonmentRed XN, Viresh YadavRed XN, Wills Navy CutYes check.svg, Zameer Ullah KhanRed XN, Mant (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Shyam Sunder SharmaRed XN, SalarpurRed XN, Speciality Restaurants LimitedRed XN, Goverdhan (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Rajkumar RawatRed XN, Mathura (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Pradeep MathurRed XN, Baldev (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Pooran PrakashRed XN, Babu Shivnath Agrawal CollegeRed XN BirbhanpurRed XN, Etmadpur (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Dharampal SinghRed XN, Second Legislative Assembly of Uttar PradeshRed XN, Vidhan BhawanYes check.svg, Fatehpur Sikri (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Surajpal SinghRed XN, Harpal PurRed XN, Kheragarh (Assembly constituency)Red XN, Bhagvan Singh KushwahaRed XN, Uttar Pradesh TourismYes check.svg, Underground Great Wall of ChinaRed XN[1]
  8. Andr-opole (talk): VijayaRed XN, Ummadha CittaRed XN, PaduvasdevaRed XN,Uparissa z Upatissa NuwaraRed XN
  9. Andrew Davidson (talk): Methodist Girls' School, IpohRed XN
  10. Another Believer (talk): Wei TingtingYes check.svg
  11. Aryan hindustan (talk): State MuseumRed XN, Abul Kalam AzadYes check.svg, Gomti ChakraRed XN, Mohan Bhandari (writer)Red XN
  12. Asksachinsaini (talk): National Metallurgists’ Day (NMD) AwardsSymbol opinion vote.svg-, Housing_and_Urban_Development_Corporation_LimitedRed XN, Gauvansh samrakshana and gausamvardhan bill 2015Red XN
  13. Athomeinkobe (talk): Kohei ShibataYes check.svg, Michael KatsuhisaYes check.svg, Hideto AsamuraYes check.svg, Naoya EmuraYes check.svg, Ryuya MatsumotoYes check.svg, Eimei High SchoolYes check.svg, Takashi Shimizu (baseball)Yes check.svg, Osaka Restoration Association (1st)Yes check.svg
  14. Ashorocetus (talk): ParafaveoloolithusYes check.svg, StyloolithusYes check.svg, ProtoceratopsidovumYes check.svg, MacroelongatoolithusYes check.svg
  15. Abyjohn1991 (talk): Sukma AyuYes check.svg, Daughters of the SunYes check.svg, Someone to Run WithYes check.svg, The Pear TreeYes check.svg, Temptation of a MonkYes check.svg, ChaurahenYes check.svg
  16. AGreatPhoenixSunsFan (talk): Zhou QiYes check.svg
  17. Alarichall (talk): DaṇḍinRed XN, Arib al-Ma'muniyyaYes check.svg, ‘Ulayya bint al-MahdīYes check.svg, Rādhikā-sāntvanamYes check.svg, MuddupalaniYes check.svg, RaghunathabhyudayamYes check.svg, ShāriyahYes check.svg, Edward John BolusRed XN[2]
  18. Aeron Valderrama (talk): UAAP Season 78Symbol opinion vote.svg-

B – D[edit]

  1. Bharatiya29 (talk): Imran Khan (web developer)Yes check.svg
  2. Billytanghh (talk): Singapore–Vietnam relationsYes check.svg
  3. CarlaAllison0787 (talk): Monasterio de TarlacRed XN
  4. Carlojoseph14 (talk): The KudanYes check.svg, Bacnotan ChurchYes check.svg, Capul ChurchYes check.svg, Project NOAH (Philippines)Yes check.svg, Mahar LagmayYes check.svg
  5. Catlemur (talk): Ayutthayan–Cambodian War (1591–1594)Yes check.svg, Burmese–Siamese War (1568-1569)Yes check.svg, Bukhara operation (1920)Yes check.svg
  6. Cattusalbus (talk): Line 3, Xi'an MetroYes check.svg
  7. Chhandama (talk): Gejia peopleYes check.svg, Acmella nanaYes check.svg, MapuiYes check.svg, Soi Dog FoundationYes check.svg, Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud ratYes check.svg, Ge people (China)Yes check.svg, Griffin's leaf-nosed batYes check.svg, Dendrelaphis nigroserratusYes check.svg, Wang Yan (activist)Yes check.svg, Science Council of JapanYes check.svg, Batomys uragonYes check.svg, Prevention of Animal Cruelty and Provision of Animal Welfare ActYes check.svg, Phryganistria tamdaoensisYes check.svg, Government Kolasib CollegeYes check.svg
  8. Chongkian (talk): Baishajia LighthouseRed XN, Beitun Wenchang TempleRed XN, Birch Memorial Clock TowerRed XN, Bitoujiao LighthouseRed XN, Bruce LinghuRed XN, Bureau of Mines (Republic of China)Red XN, Central Geological SurveyRed XN, Central Taiwan Science ParkRed XN, Chang Yu-sheng Memorial MuseumRed XN, Chen Ter-shingRed XN, Chien Chung-liangRed XN, Crime in TaiwanRed XN, Dajia Jenn Jann TempleRed XN, Emerald Pacific AirlinesRed XN, Fanglan MansionRed XN, Former Dinglinzihbian Police StationRed XN, Former Meinong Police StationRed XN, Former Sanhe BankRed XN, Hinoki VillageRed XN, Hou Chong-wenRed XN, House of Citizen-Memorial Hall of AttendanceRed XN, Huang Tien-muRed XN, Huilai Monument Archaeology ParkRed XN, Joseph ChenRed XN, Lost World of TambunRed XN, Lukang Rimao HangRed XN, Lu Tien-lingRed XN, Magong HarborRed XN, Medical Affairs BureauRed XN, Nantou County Culture ParkRed XN, National Applied Research LaboratoriesRed XN, Penghu AquariumRed XN, Pengjia LighthouseRed XN, Pine GardenRed XN, Sankuaicuo Train StationRed XN, ShinfoxRed XN, Shyu Jong-shyongRed XN, State-owned Enterprises CommissionRed XN, Sword WellRed XN, Taichung Broadcasting BureauRed XN, Taichung Jazz FestivalRed XN, Taichung Metropolitan ParkRed XN, Tainan Astronomical Education AreaRed XN, Taiwan Blackfoot Disease Socio-Medical Service Memorial HouseRed XN, Taiwan FertilizerRed XN, Tamsui ChurchRed XN, Tamsui Customs WharfRed XN, Wangan Green Turtle Tourism and Conservation CenterRed XN, Water Source Water Meter RoomRed XN, Wen Ying HallRed XN, Xinhua Old StreetRed XN, Yang Kui Literature Memorial MuseumRed XN, Yilan Brick KilnRed XN, Yuwengdao LighthouseRed XN, Zhudong Timber Industry Exhibition HallRed XN
  9. Cwmhiraeth (talk): Karian Shola National ParkYes check.svg, Central Karakoram National ParkYes check.svg, Robin accentorYes check.svg, Indus River Delta-Arabian Sea mangrovesYes check.svg, South Button Island National ParkYes check.svg, Sulawesi stripe-faced fruit bat‎Yes check.svg, Govind Pashu Vihar National Park and SanctuaryYes check.svg, Hodgson's giant flying squirrelYes check.svg, Middle Button Island National ParkRed XN, Himalayan field ratYes check.svg, Malayan field ratYes check.svg, Sikkim mountain voleRed XN, Chinese scrub voleYes check.svg, Shansei voleYes check.svg, Blyth's voleYes check.svg, Duke of Bedford's voleYes check.svg, Chinese striped hamsterYes check.svg, Long-tailed dwarf hamsterYes check.svg, Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature ReserveYes check.svg, Gray dwarf hamsterYes check.svg, Tibetan dwarf hamsterYes check.svg, Wallace's tarsierYes check.svg, Bogd Khan Uul Biosphere ReserveYes check.svg, Dornod Mongol Biosphere ReserveYes check.svg, Wildlife of TurkeyYes check.svg, Anatolian diagonalYes check.svg, Wildlife of YemenYes check.svg, Yemen warblerYes check.svg, Wildlife of Saudi ArabiaYes check.svg, Wadi Turabah Nature ReserveYes check.svg, Arabian woodpeckerYes check.svg, Sulawesi white-handed shrewYes check.svg, Sulawesi shrewYes check.svg, 'Uruq Bani Ma'aridYes check.svg, Jabal Aja Protected AreaYes check.svg, Black-footed shrewYes check.svg, Gulf of BahrainYes check.svg, Gulf of SalwahYes check.svg, Wildlife of BahrainYes check.svg, Arabian warblerYes check.svg, Zygophyllum qatarenseYes check.svg, Hotson's jerboaYes check.svg, Blanford's jerboaYes check.svg, Blanford's batYes check.svg, Chinese jumping mouseYes check.svg, Wildlife of the United Arab EmiratesYes check.svg, Chinese zokorYes check.svg
  10. CAPTAIN RAJU (talk): Patrick MamboRed XN, Shiv MehraRed XN, Ross McLeanRed XN
  11. Curly Turkey (talk): Harada NaojirōSymbol opinion vote.svg-, Kanō MichinobuYes check.svg, Kusaka GenzuiYes check.svg, Kanō NaonobuYes check.svg, Kanō TakanobuYes check.svg, Kanō YasunobuYes check.svg
  12. Dan arndt (talk): Hamilton CanalYes check.svg, Mount Lavinia HotelYes check.svg, Nuwara Eliya Post OfficeRed XN, Old Nupe MarketYes check.svg, Holy Trinity Church, Nuwara EliyaYes check.svg, Clan House, GalleYes check.svg
  13. Dave07jeje (talk): Monique WilsonRed XN, Tenny ManaloRed XN
  14. Dee03 (talk): Sunil SubramaniamRed XN, Pradeep SunderamRed XN, Vedam HariharanRed XN, Sanath KumarRed XN, V. VenkatramRed XN
  15. Dino nam (talk): Battle of Lao CaiYes check.svg, Battle of Lang Son (1979)Yes check.svg
  16. Djauhari136 (talk): PanglimaYes check.svg
  17. Dksats (talk): BudhakholYes check.svg, Chatar jatraYes check.svg, Sala BudhaYes check.svg, Durga AshtamiYes check.svg, Gajapati Palace of ParalakhemundiYes check.svg, Manabasa GurubaraRed XN
  18. Draconicfire (talk): Korean Government Scholarship ProgramSymbol opinion vote.svg-, Super Hero GenerationYes check.svg, PyeongChang WINNERSYes check.svg, StarCraft II StarLeagueYes check.svg, StarCraft II ProleagueYes check.svg
  19. Dr. Manavpreet Kaur (talk) ਹੈਨਰੀ ਲੀRed XN

E – I[edit]

  1. Earth Resident (talk): Zhu Jin (astronomer)Yes check.svg
  2. Edwardx (talk): East MoneyRed XN, Qi ShiRed XN, Walid JuffaliYes check.svg, Ezra DangoorRed XN, Ezra ZilkhaRed XN, Michael ZilkhaRed XN
  3. Fauzan (talk): Genesis MotorsYes check.svg
  4. Friend.hey (talk): SERVIR Mekong ProjectYes check.svg, Azerbaijan-India relationsYes check.svg, Titanium Sponge Plant in IndiaYes check.svg, Accessible India CampaignYes check.svg, Battle of ChachYes check.svg, Sunshine countriesYes check.svg, Amogha missileYes check.svg, Harjit SajjanRed XN
  5. FWd82 (talk): ManglawarYes check.svg, Babuzai (Pashtun tribe)Yes check.svg, Muhammad Parvesh ShaheenYes check.svg, Buddhist Rock Carvings in ManglawarYes check.svg, Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital SwatYes check.svg
  6. Gh. H Blogger (talk): Jae DeenYes check.svg, Zara PeerzadaYes check.svg, Nimra KhanYes check.svg, Farah ShahYes check.svg, Pindi ManaYes check.svg, Chaklala Railway StationYes check.svg, Raja BazaarYes check.svg, Railway Housing Scheme 1-A ChaklalaYes check.svg, Gwadar Development AuthorityYes check.svg, Rawalpindi Development AuthorityYes check.svg, Water And Sanitation Agency (WASA)Yes check.svg
  7. GSS-1987 (talk): Apra, PunjabYes check.svg, Chak SahbuYes check.svg
  8. Geopoet (talk): San Jose, Camarines SurYes check.svg, MampiraoYes check.svg
  9. Gobonobo (talk): Winefreda GeonzonYes check.svg, Misako EnokiYes check.svg, SekirankaiYes check.svg, Outlawed in PakistanYes check.svg, Ayşe ErzanYes check.svg, Lihadh Al-GazaliYes check.svg, Chung-Pei MaYes check.svg
  10. iamharishjoshi (talk): Thakur Shri Saty Narayan JiRed XN
  11. H. Humbert (talk): Western Hills GroupYes check.svg, Zhenjiang dialectYes check.svg, Ju ZhengYes check.svg, Karakhan ManifestoYes check.svg, Four Books for WomenYes check.svg
  12. Harish.pentapalli (talk): Tourism in VizianagaramYes check.svg, Tourism in AnantapurYes check.svg, Tourism in NelloreYes check.svg, Tourism in East GodavariRed XN, Tourism in GunturYes check.svg
  13. Hongqilim (talk): 2000 Sukma GamesYes check.svg
  14. Hurricanehink (talk): 1996 Oman cycloneYes check.svg, 1996 Andhra Pradesh cycloneYes check.svg, October 1996 India cycloneYes check.svg, 1996 North Indian Ocean cyclone seasonYes check.svg, 1995 North Indian Ocean cyclone seasonYes check.svg
  15. Human3015 (talk): India—Laos relationsYes check.svg, Tourism in BruneiYes check.svg, Angkor Wat MarathonYes check.svg, Alcohol in IndonesiaYes check.svg, Alcohol in AfghanistanYes check.svg, Colombo MarathonYes check.svg, Tourism in YemenYes check.svg, Tourism in SyriaYes check.svg, Tourism in KazakhstanYes check.svg, Tourism in IraqYes check.svg, Jakarta MarathonYes check.svg, Bangkok MarathonYes check.svg, Manav Vikas MissionYes check.svg, Constitution Day (India)Yes check.svg
  16. HyperGaruda (talk): Saketi-Bayah railwayYes check.svg
  17. I JethroBT (talk): Den TagayasuYes check.svg, FurikakeYes check.svg, Shinjō MatsuriYes check.svg, RahmensYes check.svg, Nippon Taiko FoundationYes check.svg
  18. ImNavJohn (talk): Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage‎Red XN, International Council on Monuments and SitesRed XN
  19. InspireTheWorld (talk): Cricket Club, Aligarh Muslim UniversityYes check.svg, Baharul Islam (actor)Yes check.svg, Caste on the Menu CardYes check.svg, John Berry WhiteYes check.svg, Muslim University Riding ClubRed XN
  20. Irregulargalaxies (talk): Korean VLBI NetworkYes check.svg, Almaty MarathonRed XN
  21. Irvin calicut (talk): Puntius madhusoodaniYes check.svg, Puntius nelsoniYes check.svg, Puntius nigronotusYes check.svg, Danio annulosusYes check.svg, Puntius khohiYes check.svg
  22. Ita140188 (talk): Geothermal power in JapanYes check.svg, Okawachi Pumped Storage Power StationYes check.svg, Energy in NepalYes check.svg, Hatchobaru Geothermal Power PlantYes check.svg, Energy in MyanmarYes check.svg

J – L[edit]

  1. Jahuwuhire (talk): Daoxian massacreYes check.svg, 1972 Hong Kong rainstorm disastersYes check.svg, Black dragon fireYes check.svg, 1303 Hongdong EarthquakeYes check.svg, Tengchong volcanic fieldYes check.svg
  2. Jogi don (talk): sd:مرزا ترسون زاداRed XN, sd:ثلاءRed XN, sd:اليڪساندرڪوپرنRed XN, sd:چيني ٻوليRed XN, sd:چيني رسم الخطRed XN[3]
  3. Johnbod (talk): Rock reliefRed XN
  4. Jojit fb (talk): Yes! (Philippine magazine)Yes check.svg
  5. Josu4u (talk): Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical College, KolencheryYes check.svg
  6. Kartiktiwary (talk): Gauri NigudkarRed XN, Vandevi TempleRed XN,Shweta NandaRed XN
  7. Krishnachandranvn (talk): Tamil ThaiYes check.svg, Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on TranslationSymbol opinion vote.svg-, Li Shanlan identityYes check.svg, Kanippayyur Shankaran NamboodiripadYes check.svg, Ashtamangala prasnamYes check.svg, Padmanabhaswamy Temple treasureYes check.svg
  8. KTo288 (talk): The Legendary RangerYes check.svg, PLL-05Yes check.svg, Naked Ambition (2003 film)Yes check.svg
  9. Lakun.patra (talk): Defence industry of IndiaRed XN, Someswarapuram, ThanjavurRed XN, Jalal Baba NagarRed XN
  10. Lionratz (talk): Chiayi AirportYes check.svg
  11. L Manju (talk): Thonigala Rock Inscription, AnamaduwaYes check.svg, Naigala Raja Maha ViharaYes check.svg, Valaichchenai Paper MillYes check.svg, Rambakan Oya DamYes check.svg, Lankatilaka ViharaYes check.svg
  12. KisekiLacroix (talk): Phon SangsingkeoYes check.svg, Somdet Chaopraya Institute of PsychiatryRed XN, Nilawan PintongRed XN, Sithiporn KridakaraYes check.svg, Prayoon ChanyavongsYes check.svg

M - N[edit]

  1. Magentic Manifestations (talk): Ukkadam LakeYes check.svg, Singanallur LakeYes check.svg, Coimbatore District Small Industries AssociationYes check.svg, Sugarcane Breeding Research InstituteYes check.svg, Trishul (missile)Yes check.svg
  2. Mehk63 (talk): Turkey–Kurdistan relationsRed XN
  3. Meher Mansion (talk): Mohan ManorajYes check.svg, Gabriele DietrichRed XN, Chetti DevasahayamYes check.svg, H. S. WilsonYes check.svg, Chetti DanielRed XN, Kallarakkal Abraham GeorgeRed XN, Roger GaikwadYes check.svg, Chetti BhanumurthyYes check.svg, Max Hunter HarrisonRed XN, Basil ReberaSymbol opinion vote.svg-, Timotheas HembromYes check.svg, J. S. S. MaleluYes check.svg, Thomas Gabriel (missionary)Red XN, J. T. KroghYes check.svg, D. DhanarajRed XN, Sydney SalinsRed XN, F. AnilkumarYes check.svg, Church's Auxiliary for Social ActionRed XN, Daniel SadanandaYes check.svg, National Council of Churches in IndiaRed XN, D. I. HansYes check.svg, CBM Christian Medical CentreRed XN, CBM Star of Hope HospitalRed XN, Jessie RosserRed XN, Ruth FletcherRed XN, Mildred LawRed XN, Mattie CurryRed XN, Winnifred Eaton (missionary)Red XN, Winnifred PaskallRed XN
  4. MehulDharkar (talk): VsunRed XN
  5. Megalibrarygirl (talk): Myeong-Hee YuYes check.svg, Lee Yong-soo (activist)Yes check.svg, Kwon In SukYes check.svg, Helen KimYes check.svg, Korean Women's Associations UnitedYes check.svg, Korean Women Workers AssociationYes check.svg, Zhao YufenYes check.svg,Jian XuRed XN, Li Tao (psychologist)Red XN, Yi ZuoYes check.svg, Lü Zhi (conservationist)Yes check.svg
  6. Micromesistius (talk): Achalinus formosanusYes check.svg, Pelophryne miseraYes check.svg, Raorchestes coonoorensisYes check.svg, Megophrys liniYes check.svg, Sinocyclocheilus donglanensisRed XN, Boiga kraepeliniYes check.svg
  7. MirkoS18 (talk): Turkey–Turkmenistan relationsRed XN,
  8. Miyagawa (talk): Gaggan (restaurant)Yes check.svg, André ChiangYes check.svg, Liu Hong (astronomer)Yes check.svg, Vicky LauYes check.svg, Wat Pa Maha Chedi KaewYes check.svg
  9. Mkdw (talk): Hee SeoYes check.svg
  10. Mr.vivek0305 (talk): Surya Roshni LimitedRed XN, Prestige Public SchoolRed XN, Smart City IndoreRed XN, List of tallest buildings in IndoreRed XN
  11. MrLinkinPark333 (talk): Patriarch Peter VII of AlexandriaYes check.svg, Safarali KenjayevYes check.svg, Aniceto Guterres LopesYes check.svg, Govruud HuuchinhuuYes check.svg, Tshering TobgayYes check.svg
  12. mrpresidentfaris (talk): Malaysian Super Six Schools RugbyRed XN, Arab City MelakaSymbol opinion vote.svg-, Melaka AerorailYes check.svg, KIL (film)Yes check.svg
  13. Muffin Wizard (talk): Malacca CityYes check.svg
  14. Musa Raza (talk): Talal QureshiRed XN, Dildar Pervaiz BhattiRed XN
  15. Nauriya (talk): Allahabad AddressYes check.svg, Asim RazaYes check.svg
  16. Naveencm (talk): Samsung Galaxy J7Red XN, Onnum MindatheRed XN, Thinkal Muthal Velli VareRed XN, Villali VeeranRed XN, Vallatha PahayanRed XN
  17. NearEMPTiness (talk): Siam ChemicalsYes check.svg, Chira RatanaratYes check.svg, Petroleum Institute of ThailandRed XN, Thongtip RatanaratYes check.svg, Jiayang Coal RailwayYes check.svg, Sakuradani Light RailwayRed XN, PTT Global Chemical Public Company LimitedYes check.svg
  18. Nvvchar (talk): Baolis of MehrauliYes check.svg, St. Sebastian’s Church, NegomboYes check.svg, St. Mary’s Church, NegomboYes check.svg, Saint Stephen’s Church, NegomboYes check.svg, Paramjit KhuranaYes check.svg, Mariamman Temple, BangkokYes check.svg, Wat IntharawihanYes check.svg, Chau Say TevodaYes check.svg, National Museum of Vietnamese HistoryYes check.svg, Phát Diệm CathedralYes check.svg, PahtodawgyiYes check.svg, Simtokha DzongYes check.svg,Shwezigon PagodaYes check.svg, Lukut Fort and MuseumYes check.svg, Hanlin, BurmaYes check.svg, Mai PokhariYes check.svg, ChamarelYes check.svg, Malé Friday MosqueYes check.svg, Mining industry of LaosYes check.svg, Fishing industry in LaosYes check.svg, Almond production in AfghanistanYes check.svg, Dahla DamYes check.svg, Qargha ReservoirYes check.svg, Cotton production in PakistanYes check.svg, Karimabad, PakistanYes check.svg, Fortifications of Xi'anYes check.svg, Cotton production in ChinaYes check.svg, Bonifacio MonumentYes check.svg, Kabuli Bagh MosqueYes check.svg, Magellan ShrineYes check.svg, Khongoryn ElsYes check.svg, Hrazdan RiverYes check.svg, GndevankYes check.svg, Burkhan KhaldunYes check.svg, OrdubadYes check.svg, Bawomataluo SiteYes check.svg, Yedigöller National ParkYes check.svg, Mozu kofungunYes check.svg, Royal Regalia Building MuseumYes check.svg, Brunei MuseumYes check.svg, Sharyn CanyonYes check.svg, Tusheti National ParkYes check.svg, Saimaluu TashYes check.svg, Limassol Carnival FestivalYes check.svg, Mining industry of CyprusYes check.svg, Lake MilhYes check.svg, Neor LakeYes check.svg, Negev incense routeYes check.svg, Al-MaghtasYes check.svg, Daecheong DamYes check.svg, Wildlife of RussiaYes check.svg, Armenian Monastic Ensembles of IranYes check.svg, Mining industry of YemenYes check.svg, Baekje Historic AreasYes check.svg, KaunakesYes check.svg
  19. Nannadeem (talk): Arabic-Persian literacy relationYes check.svg, Mercantile Marine DepartmentYes check.svg, Hussaini BarahminsRed XN, Smart villages in AsiaYes check.svg, Kunda System in KarachiYes check.svg, Government Shipping OfficeYes check.svg, Seaman Service BookYes check.svg

O - R[edit]

  1. oaktree_b (talk): Domaine de Marie (Da Lat)Symbol opinion vote.svg-, Institut Pasteur de DalatYes check.svg
  2. Omotecho (talk): Arimatsu HideyoshiYes check.svg, Tokugawa AkitakeYes check.svg, Kyoto machi-bugyōRed XN, Moomin World Red XN, Order of the Rising SunRed XN
  3. Pasanbhathiya2 (talk): Maha Saman DevalayaYes check.svg
  4. Paul Castro (talk): Walfrido AntãoYes check.svg, Epitácio PaisYes check.svg, Maria Elsa da RochaYes check.svg, Ananta Rau Sar DessaiYes check.svg, Augusto do Rosário RodriguesYes check.svg
  5. Piotrus (talk): Korean textbook controversyYes check.svg
  6. Polypone (talk): Astana operaYes check.svg, Abai (opera)Yes check.svg, Free port of VladivostokYes check.svg, Burabay National ParkYes check.svg, Birzhan and SaraYes check.svg
  7. Pratyya Ghosh (talk): 2007 ICC World Twenty20 FinalYes check.svg, 2014 ICC World Twenty20 FinalYes check.svg, 2009 ICC World Twenty20 FinalYes check.svg, 2012 ICC World Twenty20 FinalYes check.svg, 2013 ICC Champions Trophy FinalYes check.svg
  8. Rahuljeswin (talk): Sivasailam RoadRed XN, SambankulamRed XN, KaruthapillaiyurRed XN, Kizha Ambur Railway StationRed XN, KovankulamRed XN, SivasailamRed XN, PoovankurichiRed XN
  9. Rochelimit (talk): Balinese traditional houseYes check.svg, RangkiangYes check.svg, Indies Empire styleYes check.svg, Sumbanese traditional houseYes check.svg, Batavia CastleYes check.svg, Wapauwe Old MosqueYes check.svg, Great Mosque of SurakartaYes check.svg, Fort Oranje (Ternate)Yes check.svg, Great Mosque of SumenepYes check.svg, Fort RotterdamYes check.svg, Grand Mosque of West SumatraYes check.svg, Fort BelgicaYes check.svg, Great Mosque of PalembangYes check.svg, Fort TolukkoYes check.svg, Sultan of Ternate MosqueYes check.svg, Fort VastenburgYes check.svg, Kasunyatan MosqueYes check.svg, Grand Mosque of BandungYes check.svg, Old BantenYes check.svg, Wetu TeluYes check.svg, Fort Willem II, UngaranYes check.svg, Fort Somba OpuYes check.svg, Fort Willem I, AmbarawaYes check.svg, Azizi MosqueYes check.svg, Bahal templeYes check.svg, Fort van der CapellenYes check.svg
  10. Ronakshah1990 (talk): Achaleshwar Mahadev TempleRed XN, PadmaraniRed XN, Phugtal MonasteryRed XN, Phuktal Monastic SchoolRed XN, Jangsem Sherap ZangpoRed XN
  11. Royroydeb (talk): Mughal war of succession (1707)Yes check.svg
  12. ParizadBaria (talk): Bimal PatelRed XN

S – T[edit]

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