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Wikipedia Day

Wikipedia's January birthday celebration


Wikipedia Day is an occasion to celebrate Wikipedia's birthday. Every year on or around January 15 Wikipedia fans organize their own parties in their own communities to discuss Wikipedia and share cake. Typical activities at these events include Wikipedia editors sharing what they did in Wikipedia last year, anyone proposing to share information in Wikipedia in the coming year, Wikipedia training for newcomers, and socializing.

On January 15, 2001, Wikipedia was established and first edited. Coincidentally, also on January 15, 2001 Creative Commons registered their website. Creative Commons developed the free and open copyright system which Wikipedia uses, and Wikipedia is the most enthusiastic community of the free media which Creative Commons promotes. Yet another festive event around this time is Public Domain Day, which celebrates the media entering the public domain due to copyright expirations at the end of the previous year.

Feel free to celebrate Wikipedia Day! Celebrate Creative Commons' birthday too, if you like! Combine Wikipedia Day, Creative Commons Day, and Public Domain Day all in one January celebration of open knowledge and free media.

Host an event[edit]

Anyone can host a Wikipedia Day event! The tradition is to discuss Wikipedia with a group of other people and to have a Birthday cake. You do not need any special permission to host a party. Just do it and have fun.

Wikipedia Day 2024[edit]

If you would like to host an event, create a WP:Meetup page for your city or organization and then list it here.

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