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These are the rules and guidelines for the Wikipedia Loves Art project at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

Honolulu Academy of Arts Information[edit]

General Guidelines[edit]

Shoot on your own or create a small team (10 people, tops) and sign-up online. Use the scavenger hunt list posted here to take shots and cross off as many subjects on the list as possible. Upload shots to the Wikipedia Loves Art group on Flickr with the correct Creative Commons license required by Wikipedia (either Attribution Creative Commons or Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons, see here for details) and we will tally the scores. Images uploaded to the Wikipedia Loves Art Flickr group be used to illustrate Wikipedia articles and you'll get full credit when an image is used. Teams with the most points at the end of the month will get a prize. Shots must be taken and uploaded during February 2009.

Specific Guidelines for Shooting at the Honolulu Academy of Arts[edit]

Get This Number, Label Accession Number: "Every object in our galleries has a label where you'll find that object's accession number. Please make sure the number is clearly printed on the index card."
First Shot, Shot With Index: "First time photograph the object with an index card in the frame that displays the object's accession number, your team name, and category name so we can assign points. Please make sure the information on the card is clearly written; use an HB or darker pencil. Please note that when shooting with the index card, the card must be held and not set or attached to the wall or work of art's case or stand."
Second Shot, Clean Shot: "Second time shoot the object again, but this time without the card."

Shots must be taken in existing light only (no flash) and tripods cannot be used.

  • Photography of the Academy's permanent collection is permitted. Any work that is on loan or created after 1870 is not permitted for photography and will not be included as a part of the scavenger hunt. No photography is allowed in galleries 9, 10, 12, 27, 28, Central Courtyard, Kinau Courtyard and the Luce Pavilion Complex.
  • Please take photographs in existing light (no flash). No auxiliary flash, lighting equipment, tripods, or video cameras are permitted due to the potential damage to works of art.

What you will need: camera, index cards, and pencils (pens are not allowed in the galleries).

Directions: Shoot each work twice. First time shoot the object with an index card in the frame that displays the object's accession number, your team name, and category name so we can assign points. The index card must be held and not set or attached to the wall or work of art. Second time shoot the object without the card. Submit both shots to this Flickr group. HAA staff may use the information on the index card to properly caption the image with the correct object information and credit line and the second, clean shot will then be used for Wikipedia.

Shots must be tagged HAA and and so we can easily sort them. HAA staff may add other tags as needed to help keep track during the hunt.

For questions please contact Sabrina Velazquez,

Qualification Notes[edit]

1) Shots submitted must be licensed with the correct creative commons license required by Wikipedia. That's got to be either "Attribution Creative Commons" or "Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons". There is no resolution requirement.

2) You can only shoot works of art in the public domain, so as a general rule, only works of art created prior to 1923 will be able to qualify. However, copyright law will differ from country to country and there is no hard and fast rule. We recommend you contact the HAA if you have questions. Please note, if you happen to capture something that is not in the public domain you may be asked to remove it.

3) Images must be your own work, submitted by you.

4) You must register by signing up online.

5) In order to properly score everyone's entries administrators will be adding machine tags [they:look="like this"] to your photographs. So, please don't delete these tags, even if they look a little weird. Also, this means you need to have tagging turned ON in your Flickr account in order to qualify. To do this, go to your account settings, the privacy & permissions tab, and make sure "Add notes and tags:" is set to "Any Flickr user".

6) In order to properly score entries, the clean shot must be "public" on Flickr and in the Wikipedia Loves Art group. See this thread for more info.

Point Scoring[edit]

Score 1 point for each photograph submitted to a category. Multiple photographs can be submitted to a category as long as they represent different works of art (each photograph will earn you 1 point). At the close of the competition, User:Cary_Bass, from the Wikipedia Foundation, will assign bonus points for each photograph that he thinks is awesome. Remember, Wikipedia is looking for quantity and quality. See this thread for clarification.


The winning team who shot at the Honolulu Academy of Arts receives:

  • Robert Frank's The Americans photography book, 2 Friends of Film Friday memberships, and 4 passes to ARTafterDARK

Honolulu Academy of Arts Scavenger Hunt List[edit]

Wikipedia:Wikipedia Loves Art/Honolulu Academy of Arts rules/list

List of participating Wikipedians[edit]

Wikipedia editors who will participate in this event can additionally sign below: