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The Wikipedia Signpost

Outside sources monitoring featured articles

By Spangineer and Michael Snow, 1 August 2005

Observers following the featured article process have recently found it a useful academic research subject, and the featured articles have garnered some outside publicity as well. There were also 5 new admins, 11 new featured articles, 2 new featured lists, and 5 new featured pictures this week.

Featured article IQ

A group of students in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois has published a paper entitled "Information Quality Discussions in Wikipedia" (PDF format). The focus of the paper was on assessing the IQ of Wikipedia featured articles — in this case, IQ stands for "information quality" — when compared to other samples from the project, including featured article removal candidates, pages marked as NPOV disputes, and a selection of random pages.

According to the paper, the study showed how seriously the Wikipedia project views issues of article quality. The authors concluded that as a quality standard, the featured article process "is not ideal, but it does seem relatively rigorous." They also noted that the process is not as resource-intensive as other possibilities, such as blind judging.

Norman Borlaug

It seems that the selection of featured articles for the Main Page is becoming a matter of interest for people outside Wikipedia as well. Norman Borlaug was the featured article chosen for display on the Main Page for Wednesday, July 27. In anticipation of this, the scheduled appearance was mentioned on a website that apparently is run by an American farmers' advocacy group.


Five users were granted admin status last week—Canderson7 (nom), Sasquatch (nom), JamesTeterenko (nom), Sango123 (nom), and Dmcdevit (nom).

Featured content

Eleven articles were promoted to featured status: Louisville, Kentucky, Angkor Wat, Tasmanian Devil, Elias Ashmole, Porgy and Bess, Gas metal arc welding, Robert Lawson (architect), Congress of the United States, Space opera in Scientology doctrine, Italian Renaissance, and Algerian Civil War.

Two new featured lists were designated: List of Portuguese monarchs and List of elements by symbol.

In addition, five featured picture candidates were promoted this week:

Also this week: Editor's note