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The Wikipedia Signpost

Attempt to feature notorious article causes controversy

By Spangineer, 8 August 2005

In the featured article process last week, the article Gay Nigger Association of America (GNAA) again was the subject of controversy, while eight users were given admin powers and five articles, four lists, and five pictures reached featured status.

GNAA nomination

After surviving six VfD's (with a pool open on reaching ten) and being the subject of a policy proposal, the article covering the GNAA once again was the cause of intense debate, this time as a featured article candidate.

The partial self-nomination by Ta bu shi da yu quickly led to heated discussion over what types of objections were actionable and whether or not the article could be featured. FAC guidelines state that "each objection must provide a specific rationale that can be addressed", but the exact implications of that requirement were unclear. While some objections were purely symbolic, others objected by claiming that the article was "unstable" or "not comprehensive" and thus not in compliance with the featured article criteria.

While Ta bu shi da yu, Zscout370, and others made improvements to the article during the nomination process, some users argued that the article lacked depth, saying that more information on the association's background, members and goals was necessary. Others argued that such objections were not actionable and thus should not be considered, suggesting that such information was not documented anywhere and that including it would amount to original research.

After six days and 52 kilobytes of debate, featured article director Raul654 closed the nomination as failed. Soon after, Zscout370 requested a peer review, hoping to gain further input on how the article can be improved.


Eight users were granted admin status last week—Dan100 (nom), Ragib (nom), MarkSweep (nom), Jondel (nom), Kmccoy (nom), Humblefool (nom), Longhair (nom), Thunderbrand (nom), and Madchester (nom).

Featured content

Five articles were promoted to featured status: Restoration spectacular, Blaise Pascal, Astrophysics Data System, History of South Carolina, and Canadian Heraldic Authority

The lists List of signatories of the United States Constitution, New Zealand national cricket captains, United Nations member states, and List of members of the Commonwealth of Nations by date joined each reached featured lists status this week.

Five featured picture candidates were promoted this week, and two nominations for removal, Painted Bunting and Mackerel Sky, were kept after higher resolution images were found.

Also this week: Editor's note

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