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The Wikipedia Signpost

New features proposed, record number of articles promoted

By the wub, 22 August 2005

Two new ideas for highlighting featured content were proposed recently. Meanwhile a record 19 new featured articles were promoted, as well as 3 new featured lists and 1 new featured picture. 8 users also became admins.

Featured topics and sounds

Following the success of featured lists, Violetriga suggested a set of featured topics to highlight groups of related articles of high quality. Although there seems to be strong support for such an idea, the details are still being worked out on the talk page, along with a few suggestions for the first candidates.

Another proposal over at the village pump was to establish a process for selecting featured sounds, similar to featured pictures, that add significantly to articles. Though there was concern there may not currently be enough sound files on Wikipedia to make it viable, it was thought that introducing a featured status would encourage more editors to contribute sounds.


Eight users were granted admin status this week - Changlc (nom), RHaworth (nom), Ngb (nom), Jitse Niesen (nom), K1Bond007 (nom), Carnildo (nom), Dragons flight (nom), Fernando Rizo (nom), Ground Zero (nom) and Rick Block (nom). The RfA procedure also changed slightly: self-nominations are no longer separated from nominations by other users.

Featured content

Hot on the heels of the record breaking week on RfA (see previous story) comes a barrage of featured articles. Nineteen were promoted - Anarcho-capitalism, Chennai, Ted Radcliffe, Flag of Hong Kong, Holkham Hall, Supreme Court of the United States, Templon, Zambezi, Nirvana (band), Wario, Single Transferable Vote, Sealand, Surtsey, Jarmann M1884, Sylvia (ballet), Cat, Economy of India, Names of the Greeks and Sunset Boulevard (film) - beating the previous best of sixteen.

Of the featured list candidates, List of Indian state and union territory capitals, List of members of the Baseball Hall of Fame (chronological) and List of Test cricket records were promoted.

One featured picture candidate was promoted this week. Dze27 also created an RSS feed for the picture of the day.

Also this week: WikiProject VfD

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