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The Wikipedia Signpost

Features and admins

By the wub, September 19 2005

12 users became admins this week. Meanwhile five articles, two lists and six pictures gained featured status.


Twelve users were granted admin status this week - The Singing Badger (nom), Rx StrangeLove (nom), Lectonar (nom), Android79 (nom), Nv8200p (nom), Katefan0 (nom), dave souza (nom), Drini (nom), Nandesuka (nom), Trevor macinnis (nom), Bmicomp (nom) and Bhadani (nom). Meanwhile a discussion on inactive administrators and whether they should have their sysop status removed has begun.

Featured content

On featured article candidates this week five articles were promoted - Sun Yat-sen, Blade Runner, Suburbs of Johannesburg, Bhutan and Iowa class battleship. Fractal had its featured article status removed.

There were two new featured lists this week - High Courts of India and List of particles.

There were six new featured pictures this week.

Also this week: New CSD criterion

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