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The Wikipedia Signpost

Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News

By Ral315, 15 May 2006

Last week in MediaWiki software

New functionality

  • Password request throttling added, allowing wikis to limit the number of password e-mails sent. This is in response to common complaints about vandals and problem users requesting passwords at high rates to annoy users. (Rob Church)
  • Numerous internationalization/language improvements added.
  • New magic words {{BASEPAGENAME}} and {{BASEPAGENAMEE}} were introduced, which provide the first-level "directory" of a page (this article's values, for example, would be "Wikipedia Signpost/2006-05-15" and "Wikipedia_Signpost/2006-05-15", respectively) (Rob Church)
  • New magic words {{NUMBEROFPAGES}} and {{CURRENTVERSION}} were introduced. The former provides the current number of pages (not articles), while the latter provides the current version number of MediaWiki. (Rob Church)
  • Special:Wantedpages now ignores user and user talk namespaces, and uses optional stub link coloring as defined in user preferences. (Rob Church)

Interface tweaks

  • Conversion of special pages to use Template:Plural, rather than having different messages for singular and plural usages. (Niklas Laxström)
  • Wiki-text now enabled on MediaWiki:Filewasdeleted (Rob Church)

Bug fixes

  • Gallery links now register in link tables (Rob Church)
  • Link autonumbering fixed for all recognised protocols (Ashar Voultoiz)
  • Add extra input checking and validation when setting preferences and fix injection vectors (Brion Vibber)

Last week in servers

Brion Vibber made some changes to the database dump code to make it "almost self-correcting".

Other server-related events, problems, and changes included:

Also this week: Baidu Baike

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