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Technology report

Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News

Last week in MediaWiki software

New functionality

  • RSS/atom feeds added for the last few entries in page histories. (Brion Vibber)
  • Patrolled status indicated on watchlists; allow users to mark changes as patrolled using diff links there (only works on patrolled wikis). (Rob Church)
  • Suppressing of error messages allowed for thumbnail rendering issues to prevent transient errors being cached. (Brion Vibber)
  • Selected namespaces can now be exempted from the rel="nofollow" behaviour on external links. This allows the English Wikipedia, which had been the only one not using nofollow, to implement it outside the article namespace. Brion Vibber indicated that he ultimately intends to enable it everywhere, although this might be in conjunction with a whitelisting option. (Brion Vibber)

Interface tweaks

  • MediaWiki:Passwordremindertext now includes a parameter for the website's URL. (Rob Church)
  • "licenses" now regarded as a message, shown in Special:Allmessages. (Rob Church)
  • Fix hardcoded "done" when removing watchlist entries. (Anders Wegge Jakobsen)
  • Self-links wrapped in a "selflink" CSS class. (Rob Church)
  • "id" CSS attribute added to the undeletion form element. (Ashar Voultoiz)

Bug fixes

  • HTML/JavaScript injection bug in variable handler fixed. (Brion Vibber)
  • Thumbnailing of animated GIF files fixed. (Jens Franck)
  • Code added to help fix incorrect thumbnail rendering. (Brion Vibber)
  • Escaping fixed in edit toolbar JavaScript. (Brion Vibber)
  • Squid purging of off-site upload URLs fixed. (Brion Vibber)
  • {{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} magic word added. (Rob Church)
  • Logic error in {{BASEPAGENAME}} fixed. (Rob Church)
  • HTML-encoded character entities in URLs normalized. (Brion Vibber)
  • URL-encoding of usernames in links on Special:Ipblocklist fixed. (Rob Church)

Last week in servers

  • $wgAllowTitlesInSVG switched to 'true', allowing titles in .svg files.
  • enwiki database disappears from multiple servers due to configuration issues.
  • Mail issues on bart fixed.