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The Wikipedia Signpost

The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By Ral315, 2 April, 2007

The Arbitration Committee opened one case this week, and closed two cases.

Closed cases

  • Barrett v. Rosenthal: A case brought by Peter M. Dodge involving the actions of Ilena and Fyslee. According to Dodge, Ilena was initially reported to AN/I for "posting links to sites that some considered to be attack sites". Various users attempted to assist Ilena, but "This was sabotaged...when Fyslee posted a link to a site that attacked Ilena in a personal manner". The title of the case refers to Barrett v. Rosenthal, a decision of the Supreme Court of California, which ruled that internet users and providers were not liable for the republication of defamatory statements, which some editors believe provides protection for Wikipedia. It has been alleged that some editors were involved in the real-life litigation of the case. As a result of the case, Ilena was banned for one year, and indefinitely banned from editing articles relating to alternative medicine.

New case

  • Betacommand: A case involving the actions of Betacommand. Some of Betacommand's blocks have been questioned, and his bot-related actions have led to his removal from the bot approvals group. Betacommand has noted that he makes numerous username-related blocks, and that most of his blocks were appropriate.

Evidence phase

  • Freedom skies: A case involving the actions of Freedom skies. JFD and others allege that he has edit warred to push his point of view. He denies the allegations.
  • Falun Gong: A case regarding the conduct of various editors on the Falun Gong article. Olaf Stephanos and Asdfg12345 allege that Samuel Luo has edit-warred in removing pro-Falun Gong material from the article, while Luo, Tomananda and others allege that Stephanos, Asdfg and others have edit-warred (including page blanking) in removing anti-Falun Gong material.

Voting phase

  • Darwinek: A case involving the actions of Darwinek. Thatcher131 alleges that he has misused blocks and rollback, and has edit warred and been incivil. Darwinek promises that "I will never abuse that powers (sic) again in the future." A remedy proposed by Paul August would result in Darwinek's desysopping; no other arbitrators have voted on the case.
  • Lukas19-LSLM: A case involving the conduct of Lukas19 and LSLM. Both parties allege incivility. Remedies supported by five users would ban both parties for one year.
  • Armenia-Azerbaijan: A case, brought by ex-arbitrator Dmcdevit, regarding a dispute between Armenian and Azerbaijani editors on a large number of articles. Remedies supported by 4 to 5 arbitrators would impose a variety of bans and paroles on various editors.

Motion to close

  • InShaneee: A case involving the actions of Inshaneee. (formerly Worldtraveller) alleges that InShaneee inappropriately blocked him in a dispute in which he was involved in violation of WP:BP, and that he responded agressively to criticism. InShaneee in his statement points to an apology admitting the block was premature, and denying any aggressive response. Remedies would pass, desysopping him for ten days and admonishing him.

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