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Norwegian Wikipedian awarded scholarship

By Jon Harald Søby, 7 May 2007

On April 28, long-time contributor to the Wikipedia in Nynorsk, Ranveig Mossige Thattai (known as Ranveig), was awarded a scholarship of 50 000 NOK (approx. 8 170 USD) for writing articles on the Nynorsk Wikipedia. The scholarship was awarded by Noregs Mållag, an organization aiming to promote the use of Nynorsk as a written language in every field of Norwegian society.

Ranveig has been a contributor to the Nynorsk Wikipedia since October 9, 2004, and has more than 26,000 contributions. She has been an administrator since October 27, 2004, and a bureaucrat since August 26, 2006. She is currently living in England, studying history.

The Nynorsk Wikipedia was started as a fork of the Norwegian Wikipedia (later to become the Bokmål Wikipedia) on July 31, 2004. It is the first encyclopædia in Nynorsk to be written since the publishing of the 10-volume Norsk Allkunnebok between 1948 and 1964. The Nynorsk Wikipedia currently has more than 22,000 articles.

This marks the first time a Norwegian Wikipedian has been awarded a scholarship to work on Wikipedia. Ranveig has said she wants to write articles that can be useful for children looking for information online.

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