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The Wikipedia Signpost

An interview with the candidates

By Ral315, 25 June, 2007
The Wikipedia Signpost
2007 Board of Trustees elections
A Wikipedia Signpost series
June 11 Candidacies open
June 18 Election information
June 25 Candidate interviews
July 2 Elections open
July 9 Elections closed
July 16 Election results

This week, the Signpost interviews the candidates running for the Board of Trustees.

As a service to the community, we've asked each of the candidates running in this year's elections for the Board of Trustees this year a series of questions that we hope will be informative and beneficial as you make your choices for this year's elections. These questions have been answered by some, but not all, of the board candidates; we hope that by the time ballots open this Thursday, that most or all of the candidates will have responded. You may wish to place the question-and-answer page on your watchlist to keep abreast of new responses.

The questions and answers can be found here.

Thanks to all the users who have translated these questions into various languages. These interviews will soon be available in at least some of the following languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

In other news, the elections will start on Thursday, June 28, and end on Saturday, July 7, with results to be announced shortly thereafter. Users are allowed to change their votes as many times as they want until the close of the voting period, with only the last set of votes counting.

Last week, five new users entered the race: Frieda Brioschi (Frieda), Dan Reif (Jouster), Stephen Kennedy, Sean Heron, and Michael "Chad" Horohoe (^demon). This increased the number of candidates running to eighteen; however, Reif, Heron, and Garrett Fitzgerald (SarekOfVulcan) were removed, for lack of 12 endorsements, a requirement to participate in the elections. 15 users will therefore stand in this year's board elections.

The software to be used for voting has not yet been announced publicly, nor has the third-party organization who will be handling the results of the election.

Next week: The Signpost will report ongoing news relating to the election, following the beginning of voting on Thursday.

Also this week: Board elections

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