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The Wikipedia Signpost

From the editor: Filling in with a new feature

By Michael Snow, 16 July, 2007

Actually, I'm only temporarily the editor this week as Ral315 has been called away on a business trip. This may cause a slight delay, a few hours for posting on the wiki or possibly a few days for readers who wait for one of our delivery methods.

Meanwhile, we introduce something new and a little different this week. As the Signpost evolves, we get a chance to try out some of the elements you may find in other newspapers that supplement the basic news reporting. We've been running a weekly comic for a while, and now we have the opportunity to present a book review, covering a recent book that deals in part with Wikipedia and has provoked a lot of debate. While venturing into content that reflects personal views is rare for us, I hope you'll find Thespian has tried to present a balanced review.

As always, we appreciate your feedback about these features on Wikipedia talk:Wikipedia Signpost, and would also be happy to consider ideas from people who want to develop new reporting or features. We realize that not every experiment here will be to everyone's tastes, but we hope everyone can still find something useful in the Signpost every week.

--Michael Snow

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