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The Wikipedia Signpost

In the news

By Enochlau, 17 September, 2007

WikiDashboard: visualisation of edits on Wikipedia

Truth in Metadata - WikiDashboard: WikiDashboard is a new tool from PARC that allows you to visualise edits to a particular Wikipedia page. On a particular screen, you can see the amount of activity on a given Wikipedia article over time, the contributions from a particular editor over time, and some other basic statistics. Information can also be gleaned about a particular user's editing habits. Termed "Social Transparency", this human-readable information can be used by Wikipedia readers to evaluate the quality of the edits that have gone into an article.

US election candidates' articles heavily scrutinised

On Wikipedia, Debating 2008 Hopefuls' Every Facet: The Washington Post notes that there is much editing interest in the Wikipedia biographies of 2008 US presidential candidates. It notes that the content on Wikipedia is highly influential, because it tends to show up high on web searches. Campaign aides, however, say that the matters that the editors war over are inconsequential. In the debates that ensue, editors have been accused of bias by being associated with one political party or another, and in some cases, administrators have been called in to protect articles from editing.

Other mentions

Other mentions in the online media about Wikipedia in the past week include:

Also this week: From the editor

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