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The Wikipedia Signpost

The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By David Mestel, 24 September, 2007

The Arbitration Committee accepted no new cases this week, and closed one case. However, there has been considerable controversy on the Attack Sites case (below).

Closed case

  • COFS: A case initiated by Durova based on a discussion at the community sanctions noticeboard. The case involves allegations of tendentious editing by various editors, sockpuppetry, conflicts of interest, and other user conduct issues on Scientology related articles. As a result of the case, COFS (short for Church of Scientology) was instructed to select a new username, as well as asked to refrain from recruiting editors to Scientology-related topics; Anynobody was prohibited from harassing Justanother, who was urged to avoid interesting himself in Anynobody's actions; and all Scientology-related articles were placed on article probation.

Evidence phase

  • Bharatveer: A case involving alleged edit-warring, incivility and personal attacks by Bharatveer on India-related articles.
  • Digwuren: A case involving alleged POV-pushing and incivility by Digwuren and alleged sockpuppets.

Voting phase

  • SevenOfDiamonds: A case involving alleged abusive sockpuppetry and other misconduct by SevenOfDiamonds. SevenOfDiamonds vigorously denies the allegations, and alleges that MONGO has harassed him. Kirill Lokshin has proposed remedies restricting the two parties from interacting with each other.
  • DreamGuy 2: A case involving alleged persistent incivility by DreamGuy. Kirill Lokshin has proposed a remedy restricting DreamGuy's editing.
  • The Troubles: A case involving a large number of editors on articles related to The Troubles. Some editors attempted to withdraw from the case when its scope was widened at the request of an arbitrator to cover the entire area rather than only the behaviour of Vintagekits, but in accordance with arbitration policy, these attempts, along with other changes to statements after the case opened, were reverted by the clerk. Remedies placing a group of editors on probation have the support of two arbitrators.
  • Attack sites: A case involving disputes over whether the attack sites section of WP:NPA should prohibit links from articles in the mainspace to websites which include pages attacking Wikipedia editors. Fred Bauder has proposed a principle stating that "In contrast to the subjects of articles, Wikipedia users and administrators are generally of markedly lower social status", and remedies desysopping Cyde Weys, and, bizarrely, providing that articles on the owners of attack sites may be redirected to Clown. These, along with other controversial proposals, have led to calls by some for him to stand down from the committee, or at least to recuse from the case. Newyorkbrad has made proposals, copied to the Proposed Decision page, which prohibit links to web pages engaged in outing editors, and which discourage links to websites which routinely out editors, but which state that neither isolated disputes nor criticism or satire should prevent linking. These have the support of two arbitrators, and, in an unprecedented move, Newyorkbrad has been granted permission to edit them on the proposed decision page.
  • THF-DavidShankBone: A case involving alleged POV editing by THF relating to Michael Moore, and alleged harassment by DavidShankBone. A motion banning THF from politically charged topics has the support of two arbitrators, but is opposed by Fred Bauder.
  • Artaxerex: A case involving alleged POV-pushing, incivility and sockpuppetry by Artaxerex. Artaxerex denies the allegations, and alleges that Shervink and others are focusing on getting him blocked, and that certain editors push an Iranian nationalist POV. Remedies banning Artaxerex and reminding parties of the need to adhere closely to WP:NPOV have the support of three arbitrators.
  • Jmfangio-Chrisjnelson: A case involving alleged edit warring, hostility and incivility between Jmfangio and Chrisjnelson. Jmfangio has been indefinitely blocked after checkuser confirmed that this account is the reincarnation of a community banned editor. Voting on most proposals is split, but a remedy restricting Chrisjnelson's editing has the support of five arbitrators.
  • Allegations of apartheid: This case concerns the conduct of various editors in connection with a group of articles whose titles include the words "Allegations of apartheid". It has been alleged that these articles were created in violation of Wikipedia:Do not disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point, after several deletion debates concerning Allegations of Israeli apartheid resulted in that article being kept. Issues have also been raised concerning comments made in deletion discussions and reviews. Several users who have created and edited the "Allegations of apartheid" articles have strongly denied any inappropriate conduct. Voting on most proposals is split, but an amnesty for past actions currently has a majority.

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