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The Wikipedia Signpost

The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By David Mestel, 26 November, 2007

The arbitration committee opened five cases this week, and closed two cases.

Closed cases

New cases

  • Durova and Jehochman: A case involving the actions of Durova and Jehochman, and in particular a controversial block by Durova of !! as a sockpuppet, based on evidence she refused to reveal on-wiki, saying that she was concerned that to do so could give puppetmasters too much information on her investigative techniques. This evidence was provided to some administrators, and was later leaked, with some users, including the Arbitration Committee, arguing that the evidence was insufficient for blocking !!. Durova has resigned her adminship, and, in what appears to be an exceptionally quick resolution of the case, remedies have been proposed, admonishing Durova to exercise greater care when issuing blocks, admonishing all participants to act with proper decorum, and noting that Durova must go through normal channels to regain adminship.
  • Privatemusings: A case involving alleged sockpuppetry and BLP violations by Privatemusings. Remedies limiting Privatemusings to one account, prohibiting him from editing biographies of living persons, and banning him for either three months or one year have the support of five to seven arbitrators.
  • Anonimu: A case involving alleged revert warring and incivility by Anonimu, who has not yet commented in the case. Some others also allege that Sceptre, who brought the case has stalked Anonimu.
  • Episodes and characters: A case involving alleged misconduct with regard to the notability of episodes and characters from television series.
  • Winter Soldier 2: A case involving alleged misconduct on Winter Soldier-related articles.

Voting phase

Motion to close

  • Eyrian: A case involving checkuser-confirmed sockpuppetry by admin Eyrian. If closed, Eyrian would be desysopped, and banned until he explains himself to the committee.

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