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WikiProject Report: India

By Arknascar44, 26 December, 2007

WikiProject India is a WikiProject dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of all topics related to the Republic of India. Started on 11 July 2006, the project has steadily grown, and currently has 250 active members and 24 inactive members.


The India WikiProject has six departments to help share and distribute its workload.

  • The outreach department strengthens the project's sense of community. Members that are involved in the department welcome new members to the project, help other editors in the project, manage the project newsletters and keep the project members in touch.
  • The assessment department assesses the quality of Wikipedia's Indian articles. While much of the work is done in conjunction with the WP:1.0 program, the article ratings are also used within the project itself to recognize articles of high quality and point out those that need more work.
  • The Indian Collaboration of the week finds an article in need of project-wide help, and attempts to improve it to Featured article status in one week.
  • The peer review department conducts peer reviews of India-related articles on request to obtain ideas for further improvement by having contributors who may not have previously worked on particular articles examine them.
  • The photography department aims to provide a collection of high-quality photographs and images for use in India articles.
  • The cartography department aims to create a collection of high-quality maps for use in India articles. The department gathers existing public domain and free-license maps as well as creating new ones from other materials where no suitable maps can be found.

Descendant projects

The India WikiProject has several subprojects to focus on certain areas of its scope.

How to help

If you are interested in assisting the project, you can join it by adding your name to its members list.

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