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The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By David Mestel, 7 January, 2008

The Arbitration Committee opened five new cases this week, and did not close any cases, leaving eight currently open.

New cases

  • John Gohde 2: A case involving alleged misconduct by John Gohde, which he denies. Kirill Lokshin has proposed a remedy, with the support of two other arbitrators, banning Gohde for one year.
  • Jim62sch: A case involving alleged off-wiki harrasment by Jim62sch, possibly involving reporting of potential on-wiki violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. A remedy instructing Jim62sch to "refrain from making any comments to another user that could reasonably be construed as harassing, threatening, or bullying" has the support of seven arbitrators.
  • Zeraeph: A case involving alleged misconduct by Zeraeph, in response to what she sees as harrasment by SandyGeorgia. A remedy banning Zeraeph for one year has the support of three arbitrators.

Voting phase

  • IRC: A case involving an alleged personal attack by Tony Sidaway on Bishonen on #wikipedia-en-admins, which led to an edit war on WP:WEA, involving page protection and unprotection by David Gerard, Geogre and others, and a block of Giano II, which was quickly undone. Various findings of fact have been proposed relating to the editors in dispute, but no remedies have yet been proposed by arbitrators.
  • John Buscema: A case involving editing of the John Buscema article by editors including Tenebrae and Skyelarke. A variety of proposals restricting both parties' editing of the article have the support of one to seven arbitrators.
  • Dbachmann: A case involving alleged misconduct on the part of administrator Dbachmann and editing by other users on several race-related articles. Arbitrator Kirill Lokshin has proposed remedies banning Bakasuprman and Deeceevoice, admonishing Dbachmann not to use administrator tools in editing disputes, and placing Afrocentrism on article probation. These remedies have the support of four to eight arbitrators.

Case suspended

  • Matthew Hoffman: A case involving controversial blocks of MatthewHoffman by a vanished user. Various remedies were proposed including either desysopping or admonishing the vanished user and annotating Matthew Hoffman's block log to reflect the arbitrators' view that the blocks were unjustified. A motion has been passed suspending the case for 30 days (until approximately 20 January , 2008) to allow for community input at a request for comment.

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