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The Wikipedia Signpost

In the news

By Enochlau, 9 May, 2008

Recent mentions in the online press include:

  • Wikipedia to hit bookstores in Germany — wait, what? – The print edition of the German encyclopedia, if marketed as a yearbook, could satisfy a desire for permanence that the online edition cannot.
  • Is Wikipedia wicked porn? – Various groups have claimed that Wikipedia is engaging in the business of pornography, but the Wikimedia Foundation has countered by saying that the encyclopedia's content is not censored.
  • US Department of Justice banned from Wikipedia – A US Department of Justice IP address was blocked after edits were made that removed certain sections from an article about a pro-Israel group; meanwhile, there have been claims that Wikipedia's response to the threats posed by this group, such as from banning editors from editing certain topics, have been made with insufficient evidence.
  • Wiki-Whacked by Political Bias – Wikipedia is billed as the world's largest encyclopedia, but is it also the world's largest propaganda tool for smearing conservatives and promoting leftist views?

Also this week:

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